UnREAL Episode 5 “Truth” Recap

#LoveWins is Unreal

Last night, the episode started off with Adam choosing a woman who he would go home with for the week. We all knew what this meant…what would Rachel’s story be?Rachel, Jeremy, Adam, and Faith were headed to Mississippi. Rachel needs to get Faith admit that she is a virgin and make it an even dramatic story by trying to get Faith to lose her virginity to Adam.

Back at Everlasting, Shia is trying to get Mary to open up and start acting like she wants to be there.  Let’s just say Shia will do just about anything to get Mary to bring something more to the show.

Let’s not forget about the Quinn and Chet drama. Quinn is finally trying to sue him for stealing her idea. They are going back and forth with reasons to sue. I was just waiting to see who would crack first.

As the episode progresses, we finally get to the “Truth”. Rachel thinks Faith and her best friend Amy could possibly be more than just friends. After talking with Faith, Faith is able to realize and admit that she is in love with Amy. Rachel shows that she can care about people and  not just focus on getting a good story for the show.

I really want to praise the actors , creators, and anyone involved in this show for this episode.  This episode shows that #LoveWins and as a viewer I felt so proud of Faith, Adam, and Faith. They all played a role in realizing the truth.

If you have not been watching this show, please start watching because you will be hooked in the first 5 minutes.

You can catch up on the latest episodes here http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/unreal

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