Sh** just got UnReal

Ok everyone I am officially obsessed with this show! I just can’t stop watching. Definitely my favorite show this summer.

So, last week’s episode definitely ended with a bang!


Mary had a little fall…ok it was a looong one that I was not expecting. For about two episodes we have seen Shia manipulate Mary and this girl is good! The way she tried to blame Rachel for Mary’s meltdown was priceless. But sorry girl, whatever happened to Mary was on you! Even though I love to hate Shia, can we all give Aline Elasmar, who plays Shia, a round of applause for being the perfect Shia. I love watching every week to see the completion between Shia and Rachel. Who is better?? Who will get the best scene??

How will the ladies and crew deal with the death of Mary? We will have to watch to find out

Please watch tonight because sh** is getting UnReal.

Tweet with the hashtag #UnRealtv and let’s get it trending tonight!

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Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 7 “Turning Point” Preview

Devious Maids comes on tonight! I’m so excited to watch tonight. I swear this season keeps getting better.

In tonight’s episode, Turning Point, we get to see more of the relationship between Jesse and Marisol. And can I say, they are one HOT couple. Will they be able to get any work done now that they are together??

Can we talk about Zoila and her sister. I mean her sister just dropping by and then basically taking over Genevieve’s house. I think this is so funny and definitely adds even more humor to this show. I’m not sure Zoila feels the same, but I think their relationship will make the show even better.

Mommy Powell? I love Evelyn Powell and I was somewhat shocked when she told Adrian that she wanted to adopt. I wonder if a child will bring them closer together?? Will Adrian agree to the adoption??

I think so many questions will be answered tonight!

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I will be watching Devious Maids tonight and hope everyone watches too watch clips from tonight’s episode go to mylifetime.com/shows/devious-maids/episodes

If you want to

-Perfectly Perez