Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 7 “Turning Point” Preview

Devious Maids comes on tonight! I’m so excited to watch tonight. I swear this season keeps getting better.

In tonight’s episode, Turning Point, we get to see more of the relationship between Jesse and Marisol. And can I say, they are one HOT couple. Will they be able to get any work done now that they are together??

Can we talk about Zoila and her sister. I mean her sister just dropping by and then basically taking over Genevieve’s house. I think this is so funny and definitely adds even more humor to this show. I’m not sure Zoila feels the same, but I think their relationship will make the show even better.

Mommy Powell? I love Evelyn Powell and I was somewhat shocked when she told Adrian that she wanted to adopt. I wonder if a child will bring them closer together?? Will Adrian agree to the adoption??

I think so many questions will be answered tonight!

Don’t forget to use #DeviousMaids when live tweeting!

I will be watching Devious Maids tonight and hope everyone watches too watch clips from tonight’s episode go to mylifetime.com/shows/devious-maids/episodes

If you want to

-Perfectly Perez


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