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#Blindspot Episode 2 RECAP

Every scar makes us who we are In Episode 2, “A Stray Howl”, Jane feels like everything is out of control. Dr. Borden tries helping and starts the Rorschach test. It tests a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. He begins showing her images to bring her memory back. When she views the second image she describes seeing target.… Continue reading #Blindspot Episode 2 RECAP


Cedar Cove Season 3 Finale Part 1 Recap

Life is a Balancing Act Tonight’s episode, Getting To Know You, is all about finding balance in each of their lives and relationships. When you love someone, should you know everything about one another? At the beginning of the episode, Jack and Olivia are unpacking boxes and are officially moving in together. I feel like… Continue reading Cedar Cove Season 3 Finale Part 1 Recap


Impastor Season 1 Finale *SPOLIERS*

Bullseye! Dora is alive! I knew her archery skills would come in handy. Dora is now the hero of Ladner. Have no fear Dorambo is here! Buddy definitely needs Dorambo on his side since.Damien is coming after him. Damien coming to Ladner means on thing.. Buddy is going to Mexico! Mexico is looking really good compared to getting axed by Damien.… Continue reading Impastor Season 1 Finale *SPOLIERS*


The Final 3 Houseguests on #BB17 are..

*SPOILERS* The #BB17 dentist office is officially closed. Yes it’s true. Johnny Mac was evicted tonight from the Big Brother house. On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Steven nominated Johnny Mac and Vanessa to go up on the block. It didn’t really matter who went up on the block, but who would win the POV.… Continue reading The Final 3 Houseguests on #BB17 are..