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#Blindspot Episode 2 RECAP

Every scar makes us who we are


In Episode 2, “A Stray Howl”, Jane feels like everything is out of control. Dr. Borden tries helping and starts the Rorschach test. It tests a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. He begins showing her images to bring her memory back. When she views the second image she describes seeing target. This brings her back to the memory of shooting in the woods . Jane asks Dr. Borden if Wells and the FBI filled him in on the theory that she might be a navy seal, and he says it makes sense. We are finding more and more out about Jane.

Pancakes anyone?


We get to meet the Wellers and learn a little but about Kurt. He is focused on finding out who Jane is, but who is Kurt Weller?.

Kurt and Jane are together in a room filled with guns. Her first memory was triggered by being active, so maybe shooting guns will bring more memories back. Jane doesn’t miss. While trying to help Jane remember more about her past, Kurt notices a scar on the back of her neck. They begin training/fighting. Jane has a memory. She remembers shooting a nun and lies to Weller.

Turn those Google alerts on. In their quest to find out her true identity Patterson makes a database that will alert them on anything dealing with Jane’s tattoos. Also, Chow is dead. Suspicious. While watching security tapes from the hospital, they notice one doctor is walking away from Chow’s room.

Another tattoo is unlocked. Hello Vignere cipher.

The Vignere cipher is a method of encrypting alphabetic text, and address found o Jane’s earin the first episode leads them to Maj. Arthur Gibson. They go to Gibson’s house and he tells them to get off his property. Come on just let Jane kick down the door. As they are leaving his house, his house blows up.

blindspot i

Wait..there is no no body found. That was one explosive distraction. They need more information on Gibson, so they go to Powers, his previous boss. She tells them he suffered from PTSD and had a mission that went bad .He couldn’t get over killing innocent civilians. People are shaped by their past, but we don’t have to let it identify us..

The amazingly talented Patterson finds out more about Gibson. They learn Gibson got promoted when he has PTSD, was made a drone pilot, and his clearance sky rocketed. Strange right?? Just when they start learning more about Gibson, Power’s car blows up and kidnapped a young girl. Mayfair is worried about Weller because looking for the missing girl is bringing up his past, in particular, Taylor Shaw.

This episode is definitely EXPLOSIVE.

Is researching Jane’s tattoos worth it? Neither Gibson nor Chow recognized her, so is this all a trap?

Weller admits he is thinking about Taylor Shaw. He was 10 when she disappeared. He remembers them climbing on tree with her and stepping on her hand. She slipped and this left her a scar on the back of her neck. He reveals his theory to Mayfair: Jane is Taylor and that’s why his name is on her back.

Back to the case. Patterson got Gibson’s safe and found an air gap computer  (never used internet) . A file shows that he was connected to five drone attacks. There are initials of another person involved, Maj. Ivan Musgrave. When they go to Musgrave’s apartment, he sees them and tries to run. Jane goes after him and takes him down. Musgrave announces that he turned Gibson in at the same time Jane sees the guy from woods. BOOM

Another explosion. They begin questioning Musgrave. Gibson asked him to help but he turned him in. They realize Gibson is waiting for the shift change to make his move. Is 60  minutes enough time to find him? Patterson traced him to Brooklyn and is at 1 of 2 possible sites. While on the way to find Gibson, Jane admits she lied and tells him she remembers something unforgiveable. What if she was a terrible person? Weller tells her he doesn’t think she was and she is not same as she was. He reminds her that her first instinct is to protect. She doesn’t hesitate she acts. She does the right thing. when they get to the site, he heads up the elevator and Jane stays in the car. Gibson starts shooting. Gibson goes down elevator and Weller tries telling Jane. Her radio isn’t working. Gibson fires at her and the car and is ok. She follows him in the SUV. Guess we will find out if she can drive. She stops him and she remembers she didn’t shoot a nun but someone dressed up as one. In the last part of her memory she finds a USB that contains numbers.

In the end, they catch Gibson and find the girl. I love the team Jane and Weller. They discover Chow was poisoned. Weller is confident that Jane is Taylor Shaw. His dad was accused of killing and kidnapping her. This could change everything. Weller still doesn’t feel comfortable talking about his dad. Then, his sister Sarah tells him his dad is dying. The episode ends with Jane in the safe house and the guy from the woods sneaking up on her.

This is my favorite fall show. The writing is AMAZING. The cast is PERFECT. So make sure to watch every Monday at 10/9 PM CT on NBC.


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#ScreamQueens Premiere RECAP



It’s 1995 in the KKT (Kappa Kappa Tau) house..and there is blood. Who knew the freshman 15 could lead to a baby. A KKT party is happening downsairs and Waterfalls by TLC starts playing. Sorry newborn.. no one misses their jam. Bye bye mommy!


We are back in 2015 and meet the infamous Chanel. Every leader needs their followers. As if on cue, we are introduced to Chanel no.2,3,5, and Ms. Bean (White nanny).It’s a new school year and everything seems to be going according to plan when the dean of students wants to talk to Chanel. These two women are strong and stubborn.  Dean Munsch hates sororities and sororities are Chanel’s life. The Dean vows to take Chanel and her sorority down. Who will come out on top?

We meet Grace and her hot dad Wes Gardener,who is played by Oliver Hudson. They are in the car together on their way to Wallace University and “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri starts playing. It reminds him of the first movie PG 13 movie Grace saw. They start talking about sororities, and he tells her he doesn’t want her to join a sorority. They say goodbye to each other and we meet Grace’s roomate, Zayday. Zayday is going to grow up to be the next female president who is good at golf. Grace goes to the KKT house and the Red Devil appears.


It’s rush week and the potential pledges are in the KKT house. Dean Munsch makes the announcement that KKT will accept anyone who wishes to become a pledge. The doors are open to the public. And the 6 pledges are Grace, Zayday, Hester (neckbrace), Tiffany (deaf Taylor Swift), Mac or Butch (Predatory Lez), and Jennifer (candle vlogger).

Can the KKT sorority remain on top? Chad Radwell, Chanels boyfriend, won’t be sticking around if they don’t. Boone, Chad’s bestie, reminds Chanel that Chad can’t date anyone who isn’t popular. Makes sense right?!

Chanel needs to come up with a plan to keep KKT popular and not for losers. She and Ms. Bean head to the local coffee shop, The Grind, and decide that the best way to get KKT back to where it was is to scare off the pledges by burning off Ms. Bean’s face. Don’t worry its just pretend! During their coffee run, we meet Pete, hot barista stalker boy. Can someone make a perfect pumpkin spice latte for Chanel? Maybe Pete can get Senorita Awesome’s (Grace) drink right. Pete and Grace hit it off, but he warns her not to join KKT. He says he is an editor/investigator for the Centinnel, the school paper, and tells her house is dangerous.


The 6 pledges enter the KKT house at the same time a creepy collage of Chanel is found in Ms. Beans’ room. First lesson of learning to be a KKT sister is learning to kick the living crap out of someone who is disrespecting you. Ms. Bean needs to learn her lesson right? OMG who turned the fryer on? Poor Ms. Bean. I guess this means no more facials for Ms.Bean. Pete see’s them taking her body to the freezer. Secrets are the glue that bind sorority sisters together.

Affair alert! Dean Munsch is in bed with Chad. She talks about how much she hates sororities, while Chad admits he is in love with her. The last reaction you want when you tell someone you love them is a laugh. Sorry not sorry Chad.

Grace and Pete meet. They talk about Ms. Bean and they agree to help each other. Grace will act as a mole to help Pete write an article that will expose Chanel. How do they start their mission? Examine the body. When they are about to open freezer, Chad and Chanel enter the garage. Chad wants to see the dead body and there is no body to be found.


Blood oath time. This is the only way Chanel will know all the girls will keep the secret about Ms.Bean a secret. Chanel no.2 decides she can’t keep quiet. She is packing when she gets a text asking if she is brave enough to open the door. Duh she opens the door and it’s the Red Devil. They ask her if she wants to dance with the devil; she accepts and then she gets a text saying they are going to kill her now. The Red Devil stabs her and then she kicks him. She is about to tweet when the red devil stabs her again.  She passes out and comes back to life to send the tweet.. Got to get that last tweet in. The girls find her and think the killer is Ms. Bean.

Time for hell week! Grace is not having it and she stands up for herself. Chanel wants to have a sit down with her so they go to get pumpkin spice lattes. She wants Grace to be Chanel no.6. Meanwhile, the sexy gopher headwhore challenge begins. Five pledges are participating and Chanel no. 3&5 leave them and the killer noises begin. It’s the Red Devil on a lawnmower. Bye bye deaf Taylor Swift. So many rumors are flying around and Dean Munsch is trying to keep the press quiet. Serial killer on campus?

Have no fear, Officer Denise Hemphill is here. She is here to protect the girls of KKT. Everything will be fine as long as the 3 steps of the Secure Enforcement Solution Plan. 1. If you are in danger scream Denise Hemphill’s name as loud as you can. 2.In case she is not on the premises, call 1-866-KLG-0199. 3. Run away.

Let’s get back to hell week. The blood stains need to get out somehow. Grace goes to get soap in the basement. The Red Devil is always watching. When Grace is going to grab something from the shelf, she falls and finds a hidden room that only the president of KKT has access to. She meets Pete and discusses her findings. They kiss and she goes back to KKT and he plans to sneak in to the Dean’s office. Hopefully he waits until after Dean Munsch’s meeting with Grace’s dad. He doesn’t want her living with her KKT sisters, but she can guarantee that Grace is not a target. She continues to flirt with him, but all he wants from her is a job as a professor so he can be near Grace. Grace begins her mission and is in  the secret room. Chanel no.1 finds her and reveals this is where they keep KKT’s darkest secrets. At this time, there is a flashback scene of Ms.Bean  and the Dean covering up the death of the girl who gave birth in the first scene of the episode.

Now let’s get to the power couple.Chad and Chanel are in bed together when Chanel breaks up with him.He heads to his room and Boone reassures him that she will come crawling back in no time. Boone is scared and can’t sleep so he wants to crawl in bed with Chad. Chanel comes to apologize and catches Chad in bed with Boone. Chad can’t help that everyone wants him. They get back together and he breaks up with her 5 seconds later.

Pete breaks in to Dean Munsch’s office and the Red Devil knocks him out when he finds a Kappa house party file. He wakes up with a MYOB (mind your own business) note on him. He is telling Grace all this when she finds the Red Devil outfit in Pete’s closet. He denies he is the killer. All killers say that right?


If there wasn’t enough drama, Boone wants to come out as gay and join KKT. I love this , but Chanel no5 doesn’t like the idea. I guess Denise will have to protect one extra person. Denise is on duty and Grace’s dad is parked outside. Gigi tells Grace she could talk to him to help calm him down. Turns out he and Gigi hit it off and go to get coffee. Denise runs inside when she hears loud screams. The Red Devil is trying to kill Chanel, but fails. Sluts Will Die is painted on Chanel’s wall and the Red Devil kills Shandelle, Denise’s friend in their car. The Red Devil still has one person in mind to kill next.

Boone is working out when the Red Devil comes in. Chad tells the girls and then we find out the Red Devil has a secret morgue. And surprise Boone is ALIVE. Boone wakes up and  seems to be working with the Red Devil. What is going on?

Leave your comments on who you think the Red Devil is below and don’t forget to watch every Tuesday night on Fox.


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#Blindspot Pilot RECAP

Coffee or Tea? That is the question

In the premiere of NBC’s Blindspot, Jane Doe is found in a bag in Times Square covered in tattoos. Supervisory special agent, Kurt Weller, is in Kentucky doing his FBI thing when he is told he needs to head to New York. When he gets to New York he meets with Bethany Mayfair and Dr. Borden. Dr. Borden begins telling them about his discovery of ZIT (Zeta Interacting protein) in Jane Doe’s whole body. ZIT is an experimental drup being tested in PTSD sufferers, rape victims, and soldiers who have seen combat. This drug can erase selective memory and explains why Jane Doe can’t remember who she is. Weller doesn’t understand why he was called to this case until he see’s his name tattooed on her back. Let the games begin.


Kurt Weller enlists the help of Reade and Zepata. They are all ready to find out Jane Doe’s true identity. Their first step is testing her blood, imaging her tattoos, and completing facial recognition. They learn that all her tattoos were all brand new and tattooed all at once. OUCH! With all the testing complete, she still is not found in the database. Then, they find out how she got there because she couldn’t get there by herself. Of course, Weller is right with his prediction and she was dropped there by a van using a side door. Finally, they begin questioning her. This goes no where because she doesn’t remember anything. According to Dr. Borden, “She knows what music is, but doesn’t remember the Beatles”. No one should have to go through life not knowing the Beatles. Dr. Borden does have some good news, in that, it may be possible that something familiar could trigger her memory. It becomes clear that all her tattoos are a treasure map. Her body is a puzzle that needs solving. If anyone can do it, I know it’s Weller.

For not knowing who she is, this Jane Doe stands her ground. She wants to talk to someone in charge and gets what she wants. Weller and Jane meet face to face for the first time. They both hope this meeting will bring some of her memory back. NOTHING. Where do they go from here? First, she needs some place to live. Safe house it is. From the beginning, it seems like Jane and Weller have an indescribable bond. At the safe house, he asks what food she likes and says she doesn’t know what she likes. If you weren’t a Jaimie Alexander fan, you will be now. She portrays vulnerability so well, and makes me believe her story. When she is all alone and breaks down when she looking at herself in the mirror, I think she finds the first thing she like; not being alone. Here comes the important question.. coffee or tea? She finds out she is a coffee person. I think this is the first step into finding her identity. Even though we are defined by our choices and she just doesn’t remember hers, she can still find herself. There is another discovery, a square tattoo. All her tattoos have a meaning, but this one seems to be covering up something important. When, they are all viewing her tattoos, Jane notices a Chinese tattoo behind her left ear. Jane begins reading the tattoo in Chinese. It’s an address and a date. Todays’s date.

Weller, Jane, and the gang are headed to see Chow Shang. Weller needs Jane more than he thinks he does. She translates what the man living in Chows’ apartment. They go to chow’s room and find what appears to be a meth lab. While waitng in the hall, Jane hears screaming and learns it is the super and his wife. She opens the door to make sure the woman is ok. The super tries to hit Jane when her ninja skills kick in. While Jane is kicking butt, Espata cracks into Chow’s computer and finds a video. Weller goes to find Jane and is surprised to see her in beast mode. She almost killed two men and she can’t believe what she’s done. The 3 hour countdown begins to stop Chow.

Does anyone know “The Devil’s Language” ? Of course, Jane knows. The gang is on the move, but  when they get in the car there is a man watching them.


Jane spots Chow and Leade and Weller are headed to the subway. Chow gets a text that he is being followed, which makes Chow separate the trains. Wait there’s more. There is a bomb on the train. Weller tries to reduce the bomb not disarm it. That explosion could have been worse, but Weller and the others make it out alive. Jane figures out Chow’s motive; his brother was killed in a Chinese prison camp. Chow is going to blow up Statue of Liberty. As they are headed to the Statue of Liberty, Mayfair informs Weller that the black square tattoo turns out to be a Navy Seal tattoo.

Time to catch the bad guy. Weller agrees to let Jane come along. During their mission to stop Chow, he shoots Jane while he is dressed like a park ranger. Weller and Chow have an epic fight scene where  Chow is winning. Just as Chow is about to finish Weller, Jane appears with a handy dandy gun. She shoots and she scores!! This brings back a memory she remembers of shooting in the woods with a man; the same  man who was watching them.

The episode was packed with mystery and action. Jane might be the most important resource they have. At the end of the episode, Mayfair doesn’t inform the others that her classified case file number is one of the tattoos on Jane’s body. Then, the mystery guy kills Chow. The final scene is a flashback and shows us Jane understood that this would happen to her and knew what the drug ZIT would do to her. So, what what so important that made her do this? We will just have to watch the rest of the season to find out.

If you missed the episode go to to watch the full episode



Cedar Cove Season 3 Finale Part 1 Recap

Life is a Balancing Act

Tonight’s episode, Getting To Know You, is all about finding balance in each of their lives and relationships. When you love someone, should you know everything about one another?

At the beginning of the episode, Jack and Olivia are unpacking boxes and are officially moving in together. I feel like I have been waiting for this moment since season 1. Olivia thought she really knew Jack, but she is learning more about Jack from his boxes. Olivia becomes worried about her relationship, and admits that Jack is not so forthcoming about his life. Can they trust each other enough to move forward in their relationship?

While one couple is taking a step to move forward in their relationship, another couple is getting ready to say “I Do”. Grace is finally going to get her dream wedding; that is until Cliff decides he wants a smaller wedding in a barn with doves. It has been evident since day one that Cliff and Grace are unique as a couple. They both enjoy different things, but their love always brings them together. Will they be able to compromise and have the wedding that they both will love?

It wouldn’t be a Cedar Cove episode without Warren and Buck going at war. Warren wants to kick his dad out of the company for good and thinks he finally has the chance to do it. Warren notices that Alex is actually helping Warren, but continues to mention that that is not her intention. Another unlikely ally ,Moon, is giving Warren advice on how to get Bout of Cedar Cove. Moon declares he is helping because he is “proudly protecting his establishment one cup at a time”. Warren or Buck? Who will come out on top?

Best friends Grace and Olivia are always up for a challenge and can’t say no to helping each other. Grace wants Olivia to officiate her wedding, and Olivia needs help unpacking Jack’s boxes. It’s a win -win situation right?! As they begin unpacking, they find interesting things in the boxes like scuba gear. Who new..maybe Jack is a professional Scuba Diver. These boxes are making Olivia question her relationship with Jack and struggles with getting past not fully knowing Jack.

Jack has a lot on his plate this week. He has to move in with Olivia and deal with his second, Eddie .Eddie believes his generation is the generation of truth. Their work relationship is definitely not going well.Eddie wants to make the paper different, and Jack wants someone who will make his job easier. Right now Eddie is making it more difficult. Eddie wants to prove Jack wrong, but he missed a deadline. Jack is just about done with him, when he finds out Eddie is his boss’ nephew. Perfect!

Olivia is having a hard time with trusting her relationship with Jack, and now she is forced to make her decision on whether she trusts her brother Will. The couple Will apparently hit meet Olivia. Will continues to say they are lying. Its them against Will. So, why can’t she trust him? Olivia decides to settle with the couple and chooses not to believe Will. Who is right in this situation?

To complicate things even more; Anthony, Cedar Cove’s previous DA, is returning. Paul doesn’t know if he should stay or go. And to make matters worse, Paul finds out Olivia and Jack moved in together. He seems okay with the news until he finds out Olivia wanted Jack to move in. He doesn’t have anything that is making him stay. He may be good for Cedar Cove, but he doesn’t feel Cedar Cove is good for him.

So many lives are changing and getting more complicated, but Rebecca wants to focus on simplifying her life. This consists of sitting on the couch and forgetting what day it is. Who knew it would take so much to get her off the couch.

Justine told Luke he loves her and Luke wants to go away to clear his head. He never stays in one place for long, and if he wants to be with Justine he might just have to thinks they don’t have that much in common, but maybe he doesn’t want to admit that they might be perfect together.

Ford Warriors in Pink is featured in tonight’s episode and just in time for a Bike Race in Cedar Cove.

The episode ends with John proposing to Maryellen and Paul decides to leave Cedar Cove. If you love someone, something, or somewhere you may not always know everything about them, but focus on the journey. Can’t wait to see how each character chooses their path and follows their journey in the season finale part 2.



#AnsoloToLife Out Now

Your mind will be blown in 3.2.1

ansel to life

Ansolo, better known as Ansel Elgort, just released his single “To Life”  feat. Too Many Zooz today. At only 21 years old, he has accomplished so much and he will have to add successful music producer/DJ to that list. Most of us know him for his amazing acting abilities in movies like The Fault in Our Stars and The Divergent Series. I have been playing his track “To Life” all day. The beats are amazing and can’t wait to hear more. EDM world keep your eye on this one! I expect only great things for Ansolo.

Check out his single To Life here



Impastor Season 1 Finale *SPOLIERS*



Dora is alive! I knew her archery skills would come in handy. Dora is now the hero of Ladner. Have no fear Dorambo is here! Buddy definitely needs Dorambo on his side since.Damien is coming after him. Damien coming to Ladner means on thing.. Buddy is going to Mexico! Mexico is looking really good compared to getting axed by Damien. Before Buddy can leave, he has to give marriage counseling to  Alden’s daughter and fiancé. You now this had to be interesting. After finding out the happy couple he didn’t yet have “relations”, Buddy did what he does best..give his memorable advice (what if the key doesn’t fit the lock). Let’s just say it lead to experimentation. After a somewhat successful counseling session, the “important” people of Ladner talk about the crime that just happened. Alden decides that this was a hate crime and they must respond. It’s almost time for Buddy to leave Ladner, so he needs a new place to stay in case Damien is coming. Alexa was first on his list, but she was on a date with Dave. At least he was able to confirm that he is super gay after that “disgusting” kiss with Alexa.Good thing Buddy went to Alexa’s because Damien shot mannequin Buddy. We all know Buddy could always count on Russell to come to the rescue and let him crash at his apartment.

Ladner was definitely a sleepy town before Buddy got there. I never thought this would happen, but Alden finally took  Buddy’s advice and decided to his wife for Ashley. Buddy feels the love from Alden and his wife after calling Ashley a hooker.

Buddy’s sermon is finally here. As soon as he begins his sermon, Damien enters the church. Pastor Buddy left these final words to the community of Ladner: “Enjoy the litte things, be grateful for fun times, and remember thou shalt not kill!” Did you hear that Damien? Buddy seizes the moment and is able to make the great escape, or so we thought.

Buddy Dobbs you are under arrest for the murder of Jonathan Barlow…TO BE CONTINUED

See everyone for Season 2



The Final 3 Houseguests on #BB17 are..


The #BB17 dentist office is officially closed.

Yes it’s true. Johnny Mac was evicted tonight from the Big Brother house.


On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Steven nominated Johnny Mac and Vanessa to go up on the block. It didn’t really matter who went up on the block, but who would win the POV. After the nomination ceremony,we got to take a look into the jury house. First came Julia. This was a surprise because why wouldn’t they want to take out the stronger competitor, Liz, when they had the chance. Then, it was time for barefoot Austin/Judas to enter the jury house. Let’s just say Vanessa won’t be getting Austin’s vote if she makes it to the final 2.

It was time for the veto competition. Beast Mode Cowboy came back and hosted the PoV competition. He was showing off his judi chopping skills.The houseguests had to remember exact days when events happened. At the end, Vanessa won. She used the PoV on herself, and Liz was the replacement nominee. Vanessa evicted John because she said she couldn’t trust him.

Bye Bye Johnny Mac! Comment below with your final 2 predictions and who you hope wins #BB17