IMPASTOR “Flings & Arrows” RECAP

Let the Impastor Games begin!!

dora episode

Whore-A….I mean Dora definitely volunteered as tribute in last nights episode. Her archery skills were amazing thanks to the one and only Alden. Katniss better watch out for Dora.

Now, let’s get to Pastor Buddy! He continues to trick the great community of Ladner of his “holy” ways. When Buddy received a package from himself,”the real Buddy” , he generously gives Russell a jacket not knowing that the passport of the real Buddy Dobbs is in the pocket. Buddy uses his charm and IMpastor skills to try to get that passport back. In the process, Russell and Alexa are enjoying his attention.  If it were up to me, I am all for #TeamBussell !  In the end, Buddy finds the passport thanks to Alexa.

Finally, can we talk about that cliffhanger. The episode ends with Buddy seeing the mysterious Yvette fleeing in a car, while sirens are playing in the background. I hope it wasn’t our lovely Whore-A…I mean DORA. I guess we will just have to wait until next week to watch the season finale.

If for some reason you are not watching this hilarious show, go to hulu.com to catch up on the episodes before the finale.

Also, don’t forget to tweet your predictions for the finale with #ImpastorCliffhanger



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