Cedar Cove “Engagements” Recap *SPOILERS*

Love is always in the air in Cedar Cove

Jack and Olivia, my favorite couple, seem to finally be on the right page again. They both have faith that their relationship can work. But will the distance prove to be too much for them?

Although the relationship between Warren and his father Buck is more love than hate, it seems like Buck may actually be making steps to building a real relationship with Warren. Warren views this differently and thinks that his dad always wants to one up him and stay ahead of the game. Of course, Warren being “Warren” comes up with a plan that may finally make him the superior Saget of the family. Does Buck really want to build a relationship with Warren and stop the fighting?? Who knows? But if any place can do it, it’s Cedar Cove.

Living together is a big topic in tonight’s episode. Olivia is contemplating moving in with Jack, while trying to get Will, her brother, to move out. He has always been the irresponsible brother, but when he has a fender bender and damages Olivia’s car he seems to finally take responsibility for his actions. Olivia seems happy and relieved that Will finally grows up, then receives a call from a couple that he hit. Sorry Will, but a hit and run doesn’t seem like growing up to me. Come on Will, prove us wrong and show us you can be responsible.

Now, can we talk about Rebecca. She is one of my favorite characters in Cedar Cove because she is very dedicated to her job yet mysterious. She returns to Cedar Cove thinking everything would be ok, and then Paul suspends her.I feel like she finds it hard to let people in and I need to know what she is hiding.

If you haven’t learned by now, everyone wants Olivia Lockhart in their life. Doesn’t she just give the best advice. Jack definitely loves having her in his life and she helped him stand up for his work in tonight’s episode. I was very proud of Jack tonight for standing his ground and focusing on the quality of his work rather than the sales. Now, I can think of another man in Cedar Cove who loves having her in his life. Paul and Olivia’s relationship/friendship has definitely blossomed. Paul opens up to Olivia in tonight’s episode, and he admits that he does not think he is ready for a relationship because his divorce left him crushed. Does he only feel this way because he can’t have Olivia?

Let’s not forget about Grace’s bridal shower.


When Olivia and Maryellen start planning the bridal shower, Grace wants to put her 2 cents in everything. They really have no choice, but to let her plan her own bridal shower, but Olivia surprises her with Cliff…on a boat. Their friendship is truly one of a kind.

Then, things have been a little rocky with Justine and Luke since she found out that he wasn’t open to having kids. But, Justine admitted that she could be okay with that for a while because she loves Luke. Like Olivia said in tonight’s episode, “People that love us hurt us, and you can come back from that” .

At the end of the episode, Olivia tells Jack that she wants them to live together. There is only problem at this point… which house will they move into? I wonder if Olivia is only wanting to move in because of the pressure of making a long distance relationship with Jack work.

After watching this episode I have one question to ask everyone, is love enough to make a relationship work? I think all the relationships in Cedar Cove will have to answer this soon, and will hopefully answer them before the season finale.



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