Impastor Season 1 Finale *SPOLIERS*



Dora is alive! I knew her archery skills would come in handy. Dora is now the hero of Ladner. Have no fear Dorambo is here! Buddy definitely needs Dorambo on his side since.Damien is coming after him. Damien coming to Ladner means on thing.. Buddy is going to Mexico! Mexico is looking really good compared to getting axed by Damien. Before Buddy can leave, he has to give marriage counseling to  Alden’s daughter and fiancé. You now this had to be interesting. After finding out the happy couple he didn’t yet have “relations”, Buddy did what he does best..give his memorable advice (what if the key doesn’t fit the lock). Let’s just say it lead to experimentation. After a somewhat successful counseling session, the “important” people of Ladner talk about the crime that just happened. Alden decides that this was a hate crime and they must respond. It’s almost time for Buddy to leave Ladner, so he needs a new place to stay in case Damien is coming. Alexa was first on his list, but she was on a date with Dave. At least he was able to confirm that he is super gay after that “disgusting” kiss with Alexa.Good thing Buddy went to Alexa’s because Damien shot mannequin Buddy. We all know Buddy could always count on Russell to come to the rescue and let him crash at his apartment.

Ladner was definitely a sleepy town before Buddy got there. I never thought this would happen, but Alden finally took  Buddy’s advice and decided to his wife for Ashley. Buddy feels the love from Alden and his wife after calling Ashley a hooker.

Buddy’s sermon is finally here. As soon as he begins his sermon, Damien enters the church. Pastor Buddy left these final words to the community of Ladner: “Enjoy the litte things, be grateful for fun times, and remember thou shalt not kill!” Did you hear that Damien? Buddy seizes the moment and is able to make the great escape, or so we thought.

Buddy Dobbs you are under arrest for the murder of Jonathan Barlow…TO BE CONTINUED

See everyone for Season 2



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