The Final 3 Houseguests on #BB17 are..


The #BB17 dentist office is officially closed.

Yes it’s true. Johnny Mac was evicted tonight from the Big Brother house.


On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Steven nominated Johnny Mac and Vanessa to go up on the block. It didn’t really matter who went up on the block, but who would win the POV. After the nomination ceremony,we got to take a look into the jury house. First came Julia. This was a surprise because why wouldn’t they want to take out the stronger competitor, Liz, when they had the chance. Then, it was time for barefoot Austin/Judas to enter the jury house. Let’s just say Vanessa won’t be getting Austin’s vote if she makes it to the final 2.

It was time for the veto competition. Beast Mode Cowboy came back and hosted the PoV competition. He was showing off his judi chopping skills.The houseguests had to remember exact days when events happened. At the end, Vanessa won. She used the PoV on herself, and Liz was the replacement nominee. Vanessa evicted John because she said she couldn’t trust him.

Bye Bye Johnny Mac! Comment below with your final 2 predictions and who you hope wins #BB17



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