Cedar Cove Season 3 Finale Part 1 Recap

Life is a Balancing Act

Tonight’s episode, Getting To Know You, is all about finding balance in each of their lives and relationships. When you love someone, should you know everything about one another?

At the beginning of the episode, Jack and Olivia are unpacking boxes and are officially moving in together. I feel like I have been waiting for this moment since season 1. Olivia thought she really knew Jack, but she is learning more about Jack from his boxes. Olivia becomes worried about her relationship, and admits that Jack is not so forthcoming about his life. Can they trust each other enough to move forward in their relationship?

While one couple is taking a step to move forward in their relationship, another couple is getting ready to say “I Do”. Grace is finally going to get her dream wedding; that is until Cliff decides he wants a smaller wedding in a barn with doves. It has been evident since day one that Cliff and Grace are unique as a couple. They both enjoy different things, but their love always brings them together. Will they be able to compromise and have the wedding that they both will love?

It wouldn’t be a Cedar Cove episode without Warren and Buck going at war. Warren wants to kick his dad out of the company for good and thinks he finally has the chance to do it. Warren notices that Alex is actually helping Warren, but continues to mention that that is not her intention. Another unlikely ally ,Moon, is giving Warren advice on how to get Bout of Cedar Cove. Moon declares he is helping because he is “proudly protecting his establishment one cup at a time”. Warren or Buck? Who will come out on top?

Best friends Grace and Olivia are always up for a challenge and can’t say no to helping each other. Grace wants Olivia to officiate her wedding, and Olivia needs help unpacking Jack’s boxes. It’s a win -win situation right?! As they begin unpacking, they find interesting things in the boxes like scuba gear. Who new..maybe Jack is a professional Scuba Diver. These boxes are making Olivia question her relationship with Jack and struggles with getting past not fully knowing Jack.

Jack has a lot on his plate this week. He has to move in with Olivia and deal with his second, Eddie .Eddie believes his generation is the generation of truth. Their work relationship is definitely not going well.Eddie wants to make the paper different, and Jack wants someone who will make his job easier. Right now Eddie is making it more difficult. Eddie wants to prove Jack wrong, but he missed a deadline. Jack is just about done with him, when he finds out Eddie is his boss’ nephew. Perfect!

Olivia is having a hard time with trusting her relationship with Jack, and now she is forced to make her decision on whether she trusts her brother Will. The couple Will apparently hit meet Olivia. Will continues to say they are lying. Its them against Will. So, why can’t she trust him? Olivia decides to settle with the couple and chooses not to believe Will. Who is right in this situation?

To complicate things even more; Anthony, Cedar Cove’s previous DA, is returning. Paul doesn’t know if he should stay or go. And to make matters worse, Paul finds out Olivia and Jack moved in together. He seems okay with the news until he finds out Olivia wanted Jack to move in. He doesn’t have anything that is making him stay. He may be good for Cedar Cove, but he doesn’t feel Cedar Cove is good for him.

So many lives are changing and getting more complicated, but Rebecca wants to focus on simplifying her life. This consists of sitting on the couch and forgetting what day it is. Who knew it would take so much to get her off the couch.

Justine told Luke he loves her and Luke wants to go away to clear his head. He never stays in one place for long, and if he wants to be with Justine he might just have to thinks they don’t have that much in common, but maybe he doesn’t want to admit that they might be perfect together.

Ford Warriors in Pink is featured in tonight’s episode and just in time for a Bike Race in Cedar Cove.

The episode ends with John proposing to Maryellen and Paul decides to leave Cedar Cove. If you love someone, something, or somewhere you may not always know everything about them, but focus on the journey. Can’t wait to see how each character chooses their path and follows their journey in the season finale part 2.



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