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#Blindspot Pilot RECAP

Coffee or Tea? That is the question

In the premiere of NBC’s Blindspot, Jane Doe is found in a bag in Times Square covered in tattoos. Supervisory special agent, Kurt Weller, is in Kentucky doing his FBI thing when he is told he needs to head to New York. When he gets to New York he meets with Bethany Mayfair and Dr. Borden. Dr. Borden begins telling them about his discovery of ZIT (Zeta Interacting protein) in Jane Doe’s whole body. ZIT is an experimental drup being tested in PTSD sufferers, rape victims, and soldiers who have seen combat. This drug can erase selective memory and explains why Jane Doe can’t remember who she is. Weller doesn’t understand why he was called to this case until he see’s his name tattooed on her back. Let the games begin.


Kurt Weller enlists the help of Reade and Zepata. They are all ready to find out Jane Doe’s true identity. Their first step is testing her blood, imaging her tattoos, and completing facial recognition. They learn that all her tattoos were all brand new and tattooed all at once. OUCH! With all the testing complete, she still is not found in the database. Then, they find out how she got there because she couldn’t get there by herself. Of course, Weller is right with his prediction and she was dropped there by a van using a side door. Finally, they begin questioning her. This goes no where because she doesn’t remember anything. According to Dr. Borden, “She knows what music is, but doesn’t remember the Beatles”. No one should have to go through life not knowing the Beatles. Dr. Borden does have some good news, in that, it may be possible that something familiar could trigger her memory. It becomes clear that all her tattoos are a treasure map. Her body is a puzzle that needs solving. If anyone can do it, I know it’s Weller.

For not knowing who she is, this Jane Doe stands her ground. She wants to talk to someone in charge and gets what she wants. Weller and Jane meet face to face for the first time. They both hope this meeting will bring some of her memory back. NOTHING. Where do they go from here? First, she needs some place to live. Safe house it is. From the beginning, it seems like Jane and Weller have an indescribable bond. At the safe house, he asks what food she likes and says she doesn’t know what she likes. If you weren’t a Jaimie Alexander fan, you will be now. She portrays vulnerability so well, and makes me believe her story. When she is all alone and breaks down when she looking at herself in the mirror, I think she finds the first thing she like; not being alone. Here comes the important question.. coffee or tea? She finds out she is a coffee person. I think this is the first step into finding her identity. Even though we are defined by our choices and she just doesn’t remember hers, she can still find herself. There is another discovery, a square tattoo. All her tattoos have a meaning, but this one seems to be covering up something important. When, they are all viewing her tattoos, Jane notices a Chinese tattoo behind her left ear. Jane begins reading the tattoo in Chinese. It’s an address and a date. Todays’s date.

Weller, Jane, and the gang are headed to see Chow Shang. Weller needs Jane more than he thinks he does. She translates what the man living in Chows’ apartment. They go to chow’s room and find what appears to be a meth lab. While waitng in the hall, Jane hears screaming and learns it is the super and his wife. She opens the door to make sure the woman is ok. The super tries to hit Jane when her ninja skills kick in. While Jane is kicking butt, Espata cracks into Chow’s computer and finds a video. Weller goes to find Jane and is surprised to see her in beast mode. She almost killed two men and she can’t believe what she’s done. The 3 hour countdown begins to stop Chow.

Does anyone know “The Devil’s Language” ? Of course, Jane knows. The gang is on the move, but  when they get in the car there is a man watching them.


Jane spots Chow and Leade and Weller are headed to the subway. Chow gets a text that he is being followed, which makes Chow separate the trains. Wait there’s more. There is a bomb on the train. Weller tries to reduce the bomb not disarm it. That explosion could have been worse, but Weller and the others make it out alive. Jane figures out Chow’s motive; his brother was killed in a Chinese prison camp. Chow is going to blow up Statue of Liberty. As they are headed to the Statue of Liberty, Mayfair informs Weller that the black square tattoo turns out to be a Navy Seal tattoo.

Time to catch the bad guy. Weller agrees to let Jane come along. During their mission to stop Chow, he shoots Jane while he is dressed like a park ranger. Weller and Chow have an epic fight scene where  Chow is winning. Just as Chow is about to finish Weller, Jane appears with a handy dandy gun. She shoots and she scores!! This brings back a memory she remembers of shooting in the woods with a man; the same  man who was watching them.

The episode was packed with mystery and action. Jane might be the most important resource they have. At the end of the episode, Mayfair doesn’t inform the others that her classified case file number is one of the tattoos on Jane’s body. Then, the mystery guy kills Chow. The final scene is a flashback and shows us Jane understood that this would happen to her and knew what the drug ZIT would do to her. So, what what so important that made her do this? We will just have to watch the rest of the season to find out.

If you missed the episode go to to watch the full episode



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