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#ScreamQueens Premiere RECAP



It’s 1995 in the KKT (Kappa Kappa Tau) house..and there is blood. Who knew the freshman 15 could lead to a baby. A KKT party is happening downsairs and Waterfalls by TLC starts playing. Sorry newborn.. no one misses their jam. Bye bye mommy!


We are back in 2015 and meet the infamous Chanel. Every leader needs their followers. As if on cue, we are introduced to Chanel no.2,3,5, and Ms. Bean (White nanny).It’s a new school year and everything seems to be going according to plan when the dean of students wants to talk to Chanel. These two women are strong and stubborn.  Dean Munsch hates sororities and sororities are Chanel’s life. The Dean vows to take Chanel and her sorority down. Who will come out on top?

We meet Grace and her hot dad Wes Gardener,who is played by Oliver Hudson. They are in the car together on their way to Wallace University and “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri starts playing. It reminds him of the first movie PG 13 movie Grace saw. They start talking about sororities, and he tells her he doesn’t want her to join a sorority. They say goodbye to each other and we meet Grace’s roomate, Zayday. Zayday is going to grow up to be the next female president who is good at golf. Grace goes to the KKT house and the Red Devil appears.


It’s rush week and the potential pledges are in the KKT house. Dean Munsch makes the announcement that KKT will accept anyone who wishes to become a pledge. The doors are open to the public. And the 6 pledges are Grace, Zayday, Hester (neckbrace), Tiffany (deaf Taylor Swift), Mac or Butch (Predatory Lez), and Jennifer (candle vlogger).

Can the KKT sorority remain on top? Chad Radwell, Chanels boyfriend, won’t be sticking around if they don’t. Boone, Chad’s bestie, reminds Chanel that Chad can’t date anyone who isn’t popular. Makes sense right?!

Chanel needs to come up with a plan to keep KKT popular and not for losers. She and Ms. Bean head to the local coffee shop, The Grind, and decide that the best way to get KKT back to where it was is to scare off the pledges by burning off Ms. Bean’s face. Don’t worry its just pretend! During their coffee run, we meet Pete, hot barista stalker boy. Can someone make a perfect pumpkin spice latte for Chanel? Maybe Pete can get Senorita Awesome’s (Grace) drink right. Pete and Grace hit it off, but he warns her not to join KKT. He says he is an editor/investigator for the Centinnel, the school paper, and tells her house is dangerous.


The 6 pledges enter the KKT house at the same time a creepy collage of Chanel is found in Ms. Beans’ room. First lesson of learning to be a KKT sister is learning to kick the living crap out of someone who is disrespecting you. Ms. Bean needs to learn her lesson right? OMG who turned the fryer on? Poor Ms. Bean. I guess this means no more facials for Ms.Bean. Pete see’s them taking her body to the freezer. Secrets are the glue that bind sorority sisters together.

Affair alert! Dean Munsch is in bed with Chad. She talks about how much she hates sororities, while Chad admits he is in love with her. The last reaction you want when you tell someone you love them is a laugh. Sorry not sorry Chad.

Grace and Pete meet. They talk about Ms. Bean and they agree to help each other. Grace will act as a mole to help Pete write an article that will expose Chanel. How do they start their mission? Examine the body. When they are about to open freezer, Chad and Chanel enter the garage. Chad wants to see the dead body and there is no body to be found.


Blood oath time. This is the only way Chanel will know all the girls will keep the secret about Ms.Bean a secret. Chanel no.2 decides she can’t keep quiet. She is packing when she gets a text asking if she is brave enough to open the door. Duh she opens the door and it’s the Red Devil. They ask her if she wants to dance with the devil; she accepts and then she gets a text saying they are going to kill her now. The Red Devil stabs her and then she kicks him. She is about to tweet when the red devil stabs her again.  She passes out and comes back to life to send the tweet.. Got to get that last tweet in. The girls find her and think the killer is Ms. Bean.

Time for hell week! Grace is not having it and she stands up for herself. Chanel wants to have a sit down with her so they go to get pumpkin spice lattes. She wants Grace to be Chanel no.6. Meanwhile, the sexy gopher headwhore challenge begins. Five pledges are participating and Chanel no. 3&5 leave them and the killer noises begin. It’s the Red Devil on a lawnmower. Bye bye deaf Taylor Swift. So many rumors are flying around and Dean Munsch is trying to keep the press quiet. Serial killer on campus?

Have no fear, Officer Denise Hemphill is here. She is here to protect the girls of KKT. Everything will be fine as long as the 3 steps of the Secure Enforcement Solution Plan. 1. If you are in danger scream Denise Hemphill’s name as loud as you can. 2.In case she is not on the premises, call 1-866-KLG-0199. 3. Run away.

Let’s get back to hell week. The blood stains need to get out somehow. Grace goes to get soap in the basement. The Red Devil is always watching. When Grace is going to grab something from the shelf, she falls and finds a hidden room that only the president of KKT has access to. She meets Pete and discusses her findings. They kiss and she goes back to KKT and he plans to sneak in to the Dean’s office. Hopefully he waits until after Dean Munsch’s meeting with Grace’s dad. He doesn’t want her living with her KKT sisters, but she can guarantee that Grace is not a target. She continues to flirt with him, but all he wants from her is a job as a professor so he can be near Grace. Grace begins her mission and is in  the secret room. Chanel no.1 finds her and reveals this is where they keep KKT’s darkest secrets. At this time, there is a flashback scene of Ms.Bean  and the Dean covering up the death of the girl who gave birth in the first scene of the episode.

Now let’s get to the power couple.Chad and Chanel are in bed together when Chanel breaks up with him.He heads to his room and Boone reassures him that she will come crawling back in no time. Boone is scared and can’t sleep so he wants to crawl in bed with Chad. Chanel comes to apologize and catches Chad in bed with Boone. Chad can’t help that everyone wants him. They get back together and he breaks up with her 5 seconds later.

Pete breaks in to Dean Munsch’s office and the Red Devil knocks him out when he finds a Kappa house party file. He wakes up with a MYOB (mind your own business) note on him. He is telling Grace all this when she finds the Red Devil outfit in Pete’s closet. He denies he is the killer. All killers say that right?


If there wasn’t enough drama, Boone wants to come out as gay and join KKT. I love this , but Chanel no5 doesn’t like the idea. I guess Denise will have to protect one extra person. Denise is on duty and Grace’s dad is parked outside. Gigi tells Grace she could talk to him to help calm him down. Turns out he and Gigi hit it off and go to get coffee. Denise runs inside when she hears loud screams. The Red Devil is trying to kill Chanel, but fails. Sluts Will Die is painted on Chanel’s wall and the Red Devil kills Shandelle, Denise’s friend in their car. The Red Devil still has one person in mind to kill next.

Boone is working out when the Red Devil comes in. Chad tells the girls and then we find out the Red Devil has a secret morgue. And surprise Boone is ALIVE. Boone wakes up and  seems to be working with the Red Devil. What is going on?

Leave your comments on who you think the Red Devil is below and don’t forget to watch every Tuesday night on Fox.



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