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#Blindspot Episode 2 RECAP

Every scar makes us who we are


In Episode 2, “A Stray Howl”, Jane feels like everything is out of control. Dr. Borden tries helping and starts the Rorschach test. It tests a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. He begins showing her images to bring her memory back. When she views the second image she describes seeing target. This brings her back to the memory of shooting in the woods . Jane asks Dr. Borden if Wells and the FBI filled him in on the theory that she might be a navy seal, and he says it makes sense. We are finding more and more out about Jane.

Pancakes anyone?


We get to meet the Wellers and learn a little but about Kurt. He is focused on finding out who Jane is, but who is Kurt Weller?.

Kurt and Jane are together in a room filled with guns. Her first memory was triggered by being active, so maybe shooting guns will bring more memories back. Jane doesn’t miss. While trying to help Jane remember more about her past, Kurt notices a scar on the back of her neck. They begin training/fighting. Jane has a memory. She remembers shooting a nun and lies to Weller.

Turn those Google alerts on. In their quest to find out her true identity Patterson makes a database that will alert them on anything dealing with Jane’s tattoos. Also, Chow is dead. Suspicious. While watching security tapes from the hospital, they notice one doctor is walking away from Chow’s room.

Another tattoo is unlocked. Hello Vignere cipher.

The Vignere cipher is a method of encrypting alphabetic text, and address found o Jane’s earin the first episode leads them to Maj. Arthur Gibson. They go to Gibson’s house and he tells them to get off his property. Come on just let Jane kick down the door. As they are leaving his house, his house blows up.

blindspot i

Wait..there is no no body found. That was one explosive distraction. They need more information on Gibson, so they go to Powers, his previous boss. She tells them he suffered from PTSD and had a mission that went bad .He couldn’t get over killing innocent civilians. People are shaped by their past, but we don’t have to let it identify us..

The amazingly talented Patterson finds out more about Gibson. They learn Gibson got promoted when he has PTSD, was made a drone pilot, and his clearance sky rocketed. Strange right?? Just when they start learning more about Gibson, Power’s car blows up and kidnapped a young girl. Mayfair is worried about Weller because looking for the missing girl is bringing up his past, in particular, Taylor Shaw.

This episode is definitely EXPLOSIVE.

Is researching Jane’s tattoos worth it? Neither Gibson nor Chow recognized her, so is this all a trap?

Weller admits he is thinking about Taylor Shaw. He was 10 when she disappeared. He remembers them climbing on tree with her and stepping on her hand. She slipped and this left her a scar on the back of her neck. He reveals his theory to Mayfair: Jane is Taylor and that’s why his name is on her back.

Back to the case. Patterson got Gibson’s safe and found an air gap computer  (never used internet) . A file shows that he was connected to five drone attacks. There are initials of another person involved, Maj. Ivan Musgrave. When they go to Musgrave’s apartment, he sees them and tries to run. Jane goes after him and takes him down. Musgrave announces that he turned Gibson in at the same time Jane sees the guy from woods. BOOM

Another explosion. They begin questioning Musgrave. Gibson asked him to help but he turned him in. They realize Gibson is waiting for the shift change to make his move. Is 60  minutes enough time to find him? Patterson traced him to Brooklyn and is at 1 of 2 possible sites. While on the way to find Gibson, Jane admits she lied and tells him she remembers something unforgiveable. What if she was a terrible person? Weller tells her he doesn’t think she was and she is not same as she was. He reminds her that her first instinct is to protect. She doesn’t hesitate she acts. She does the right thing. when they get to the site, he heads up the elevator and Jane stays in the car. Gibson starts shooting. Gibson goes down elevator and Weller tries telling Jane. Her radio isn’t working. Gibson fires at her and the car and is ok. She follows him in the SUV. Guess we will find out if she can drive. She stops him and she remembers she didn’t shoot a nun but someone dressed up as one. In the last part of her memory she finds a USB that contains numbers.

In the end, they catch Gibson and find the girl. I love the team Jane and Weller. They discover Chow was poisoned. Weller is confident that Jane is Taylor Shaw. His dad was accused of killing and kidnapping her. This could change everything. Weller still doesn’t feel comfortable talking about his dad. Then, his sister Sarah tells him his dad is dying. The episode ends with Jane in the safe house and the guy from the woods sneaking up on her.

This is my favorite fall show. The writing is AMAZING. The cast is PERFECT. So make sure to watch every Monday at 10/9 PM CT on NBC.



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