“Mama Said” You Need to Be Listening to Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham is a crazy talented band from Denmark. I heard their songs “7 Years” and “Mama Said” and I was instantly obsessed with their music. They are signed to Copenhagen Records and cosigned to Warner Bros. Records. The band started in 2011 when they made YouTube videos of songs “Criminal Mind” and “Drunk In The Morning”.

The band recently announced that they will be releasing their first worldwide album. You can pre-order their self titled album on February  5 and it will be released on March 25. The tracklist includes:

  1. 7 Years
  2. Take The World By Storm
  3. Mama Said
  4. Happy Home
  5. Drunk In The Morning
  6. Better Than Yourself
  7. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me
  8. What Happened To Perfect
  9. Strip No More
  10. You’re Not Here
  11. Funeral

Listen to “7 Years” now and try and tell me their music isn’t addicting!


If you want to know more about Lukas Graham check out this video


Make sure to like their Facebook page.

-Perfectly Perez

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Let’s get #Hawkward

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Good luck! And stay #Hawkward

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Legends Of Tomorrow “Pilot Part 2” Recap

Vandal Savage come out come out wherever you are

It’s 1975 in Norway. Rip is looking at Aldus’ book and says that Vandal Savage would most likely be here. A nuclear bomb is on sale for arms dealers and terrorists. Yep definitely sounds like a place Vandal will most likely be at. Rip needs to come up with a plan, but Snart says he is in charge.

Snart, Dr. Stein, Rory, and Sara are at the place. The security team are checking credentials and they don’t have any. Snart steals credentials from a stranger. The name in this situation does not match the face. The guard doesn’t believe he is Arab. Dr. Stein steps in and is a total badass. Do you agree with Rory? I do!


OH SHIT! Damien Darhk is there, but they can’t seem to find Vandal. They were looking in the wrong places because he is not a buyer he is the seller. The nuclear bomb he is selling can blast 1 megaton of TNT. Let the bidding wars begin. Forget the paddles, buyers are using guns to bid. Dr. Stein notices that Vandal is suspicious of them so tells Rory to fire his gun. Sold! Congrats guys you just bought a nuclear weapon. Damien Darhk introduces himself and wants to know what organization they are working with. Darhk knows everyone and doesn’t know them. Dr. Stein slips and Vandal knows they are from the future. Vandal goes back on stage and says 25% discount for anyone who will bring him their heads. Let the epic fight sequence begin.


Kendra and Carter get there and find Savage. Carter tells him that he it’s time to end this now. He presses the timer on the nuclear bomb. Now what? Time for Firestorm. Dr. Stein talks Jefferson through it and he is able to contain the bomb so it didn’t affect anyone. Everything went okay right? Oh not exactly. Ray accidentally left a piece of his suit at the place. Now Vandal can get his tech guys to learn and create a weapon that could be even more dangerous. Rip shows them what 2016 looked like and it will probably be worse if they don’t find the part.


Carter is looking at Aldus’ items and comes across a paper that shows a knife. Kendra sees it and remembers that it’s the knife Vandal killed them with in their first lives. They join the team. They tell them this knife can kill Vandal. They need to find it, but first they need to find Ray’s missing part of his suit. There’s only one person who knows about alpha particles. Dr. Stein’s younger self. Dr. Stein, Sara, and Jefferson are going to meet young Martin Stein. They find him. Dr. Stein forgot how handsome he was. They start interacting with him and things aren’t going too well until Sara starts using her very important skills…her flirting skills.


Back on Waverider, Carter is trying to help Kendra remember the language on the knife. She is the only one who can translate it. She remembers something and its not about the knife. She has a memory of her being intimate with Carter. Carter takes this as his opportunity to go in for the kiss. REJECTED! Carter was like…


Vandal Savage is studying the part of Ray’s suit. Htells his team that they have 24 hours to study and understand the technology. One of his workers says it will take more than that. Lesson of the night: don’t talk back to your boss or else…


Ray, Snart, and Rory are trying to break in to the house of the owner of the knife. They are strategizing, but Ray walks right up to the security box. He knows what he is doing because his parents had one. He sets off the dummy box and here come guards.

Back with younger Stein. He tells them he has come up with an alpha particle tracker. He leaves the room. Now it’s time to find it. Before they start looking, Dr. Stein tells Sara to stop flirting with his younger self. October of 1975 is when he meets his future wife and he doesn’t need to be tempted by sexy assassin from the future. Sara was like…


Back at the house, the guys took down the guards. Now it’s time to steal the knife. They get the knife, but Snart and Rory want to steal everything. Not such a good idea. Ray vs. Snart. And the winner is…the alarm. They knock over an item from the owners collection and the alarm drops a cage down.


Back with the Steins. Dr. Stein found the alpha particle tracker and young Stein comes back. He is going to call the cops unless they get it back. Dr. Stein is making up a story and is lying pretty well. That was taking too long, so Sara just knocked him out. Always works. Dr. Stein sets a timer because that is the night he meets his wife so he can’t miss it.

Back at the house, Snart finds the security reset box. They are having an interesting conversation and then the alarm is shut off. Guess they are good to go. Well…not yet. Vandal got Rory and wants them to call their friends, especially their feathered ones.

Kendra is still working on remembering. Take 2. She remembers. It was a love poem and Carter gave her the knife. It promised that they would be together forever.

Sara, Dr. Stein, and Jefferson use the alpha particle tracker and find the missing part of Ray’s suit. Who will go get it? Sara duh! She get’s it quick, fast, and in a hurry. That’s why Stein found her so attractive. They are getting back on Waverider and Dr. Stein notices his wedding ring is fading. That means his younger self didn’t go to the mixer. He didn’t go because he followed them. Yep young Stein is on Waverider. Stein vs. Stein. Dr. Stein has had enough of his young arrogant self. Jefferson has to take him away from the situation. Stein says that he is still the same arrogant man and he hasn’t changed. Jefferson tells him he is arrogant but he is also smart and selfless. Jefferson is just saying the sweetest things! Jefferson and Dr. Stein were giving me all the feels.



The help has arrived. I give them full permission to kill that freaking Vandal Savage. Carter and Kendra are fighting Vandal while the team is holding off the guards. Carter stabs him with the knife so why is he still alive? Vandal tells him the knife has to be used by Kendra. He kills Carter.


Vandal just pissed off Kendra even more. She attacks, but he stabs her and tells her he loves her. Pretty sure you don’t stab a person you love. The team gets there before he kills her. Snart wants to finish him off, but Rip tells him Kendra is the only one who can kill Vandal. Back on Waverider, Ray is trying to help her. He can’t, but Gideon says she will be fine. Kendra wakes up and says that she didn’t get to tell Carter how she felt about him because she finally remembered. They are stuck in the 70s because a time jump could hurt Kendra. Rip pulls Dr. Stein to the side and needs to show him something. He takes him back to see that he reminded young Stein to go to the mixer. Yes! Dr. Stein is still married.

Now, the team has a decision to make. Do they want to go back to 2016 and live their old lives or do they want to make another play at this and get Vandal. They decide to go on…for Carter. So where to next?

Legends of Tomorrow is my new addiction. The show is amazing and the ratings prove it. You need to be watching. Watch every Thursday at 8/7PM CST on CW. You won’t be disappointed.

-Perfectly Perez

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Younger “The Jade Crusade” Recap

Beware The Empiriconda is on the loose!

Lauren and Maggie are in bed. Things are getting HOT! Lauren announces that she is ready to be gender monogamous. Maggie tells her she needs to protect her heart. Lauren asks why because Maggie didn’t protect hers.


Kelsey and Liza are walking into the office. Kels is nervous about her pitch with Jade Winslow. She is only 25 and she can make or break you. It’s time for the meeting. Kels introduces Liza to Redmund, Jade’s agent. She isn’t ready yet. Twitter feud with Karl Lagerfeld. She will be coming out with a tell all and she won’t hold back. The meeting is cut short. Hopefully Jade makes the right decision. Diana rushes out. She calls Liza and sees this.


Charles walks in. He says they have a small matter to deal with. It’s not small.  AWKWARD. Damn humidity and thin fabric.!

Don’t worry Charles, Diana will get if off…I mean down. She will get the picture taken down somehow. And by she I mean Liza. Liza calls Lauren for help. The owner of owes her a favor so it will be taken down soon. All Lauren asks is for Liza to put in a good word for her to Maggie. Damn 2 more sites picked it up and it has a name now. The Empiriconda is born.

Liza is at home with Maggie. She is telling her about everything and what a help Lauren was. Liza remembers the good old days when she could take an embarrassing picture and not have to worry about it going on the internet. The world used to be so simple. /but can you really imagine a world with out Twitter or Facebook.


Meanwhile, Maggie is stalking BELINDA… on Facebook. How could anyone not want to be with Maggie right? Her loss.

Kelsey tells Liza that she went all in and put in her offer. $250,000! Damn! How can Jade pass up an offer like that. She isn’t immediately accepting. She doesn’t think Kelsey is fun! WHAT??

Jade wants them to go out to see if she can be fun. Party time. Kels is killing it in her crop top. Jade approves of Thad! Yes he is HOTTTT!!! Tell us something we don’t know. She asks if Josh is coming. Wait did I miss something? How does she know Josh? Josh is finally there. Yay! Or maybe Nay! Jade sees him and throws a drink at him. Josh you got some splaining to do.

Josh admits that he dated Jade for a couple of months. He says she is bat shit crazy. She climbed up his fire escape…literally. He needed a way to end their relationship. So, when she took him to a fashion party he hooked up with another  girl. Everyone is blaming Josh.

Kels tells Liza that they lost the deal to Harper Collins. There is no quitting in baseball…or publishing. You know what I mean. Liza comes up with a plan. They kidnap Jade and Josh is there too. He apologizes. There does that make it better?


Well it’s definitely progress because she is thinking about the offer.

It’s time for the 24th Annual Women in Literature Charity Honors event. Redmund is there and tells the girls that Jade has agreed to sign with them. HELL YEAH. He asks if it’s okay if she tweets about it. Of course! Why did she attach a picture? The Empiriconda is back.


And it’s too late to take it down because Rihanna has already retweeted it. Let’s just say the women are thinking about something else at the award ceremony. Sorry Charles.

-Perfectly Perez



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Recovery Road “Blackout” Recap

On the Road to Recovery

Maddie (Jessica Sula) wakes up on a lawn thanks to sprinklers. She had a crazy night filled with alcohol and drugs. She is headed home and sneaks in her room window. She lays down on her bed and 3 seconds later her alarm goes off. Her mother Charlotte (Sharon Leal) is driving her to school. Wait where is her car? Maddie lies to her mother and makes up a story on where her car is. She walks into school and is talking with her friend Nyla (Meg DeLacy). She asks her if she knows where her car is. She had no idea. Yep Maddie’s car is missing.

She has other problems to worry about now because the guidance counselor Cynthia (Alexis Carra) called Maddie and her mother in for a meeting. Cynthia has a bottle on her desk. It’s the same bottle from Maddie’s locker. She asks what’s in it and Maddie says it’s water. Cynthia uncaps the bottle and it does NOT smell like water. Cynthia has to test her alcohol level. Maddie doesn’t think she is allowed to do that, but Cynthia reads her the guidelines from the school handbook. She blows on the breathalizer and fails.


Her mom is shocked. Cynthia has to report this incident to the Headmaster and it will be up to him if she can remain at school. There is another option: 24 hour detox free of drugs and alcohol and 90 days at a treatment facility. Her mother agrees.

Maddie is signing in at Springtime Meadows, the outpatient treatment facility. She has to turn in her phone and go through a strip search. She goes back home in the car and is experiencing the 5 stages of grief:teenage edition.


They arrive at the facility. Everyone is so welcoming. They go talk to Craig (David Witts) the head counselor at the facility. They are finished doing the paperwork and now he is going over the rules of the house. Craig asks for her phone. She thought that she could keep it, but she has to earn the right to use it. For the first week she can only leave the house for school and scheduled events. Definitely not what she expected. Their conversation is interrupted by Maddie’s new roommate Trish (Kyla Pratt). There is a situation going on because Vern (Daniel Franzese) isn’t giving back the remote because someone stole his Cheesy Chomps.

Trish is giving Maddie a tour of the house. She shows them their room first.


I’m already loving Trish. She is so funny.

On their tour, Trish reveals that she lost custody of her daughter because of her meth addiction. She gives Maddie a journal to write in to document her experience, her struggles, and her progress. Rebecca (Lindsay Pearce), another girl in the house, walks into their room. They seem to know each other and it doesn’t look like they get along. Well at least we know who stole the Cheesy Chomps.


It’s time for group therapy. Everyone is sharing their story and it’s Maddie’s turn for her introduction. She has a hard time admitting that she is an alcoholic and has an attitude. She tells everyone that she doesn’t belong there.


Gotta love Vern.

Just as Maddie is coming , someone is going. Doug (Jerod Meagher) is leaving the treatment facility. The group gives him a parting gift. It’s a jacket. It’s similar to the one he lost. He has some advice for Maddie.


Maddie and Trish are in their room. Trish notices a unicorn that Maddie takes out of her bag. She touches it and Maddie immediately gets defensive. She apologizes, but it was something given to her by her late father. She tells Trish that he died in a car accident. He was hit by a drunk driver. And that night she has a nightmare about her dad.

The next morning, Cynthia is driving Maddie to school. As she is getting off the car her boyfriend notices her. He asks why she got a ride from the guidance counselor and she makes up another lie. She doesn’t want anyone knowing about her arrangement. She is talking with Nyla and still can’t believe she can’t find her car. Nyla remembers that Maddie’s laptop is in her car. She can use the find my device app to track down her phone.

Back at Springtime Meadows, Maddie is doing laundry and reading.  Wes (Sebastian De Souza) walks in. They seem to have had a connection since their first meeting. She needs to get out of the house and asks if he wants to go with her. She wants to go get nail polish. He hesitates, but tells her there is a hole in the back fence. He ends up going with her.

They are at the drugstore and they are getting to know each other. He asks what she wants to be when she gets older. She admits she wants to be a mortician. When her dad died, the people at the funeral made something unbearable bearable and she wants to do the same for others. They see the alcohol section and Wes has to go outside. When Maddie comes out, she shows him a bottle of vodka she bought. He tells her he is serious about his recovery and she immediately dumps it. They are about to go back and Craig pulls up. BUSTED!


Back at the house, Craig tells Maddie she needs to pack her bags and leave. Wes steps in and tells him no one is leaving. Craig tells her this is her one and only warning. She has to pee in a cup so he can make sure that she is still drug and alcohol free. Vern sees her as she is on her way out from Craig’s office and he tells her she can’t be doing things like that. He tells her treatment is like riding a bike. She admits that she doesn’t know how. OMG! Don’t worry Maddie, Vern will teach you. As she is going up the stairs she throws him a bag of Cheesy Chomps. She knows the way to his heart.

Craig and Wes are still talking. Craig says that Wes has bailed him out once so make sure if he wants to use his free card on Maddie. He does. Craig notices the connection between them and tells him that they can NOT date.

The next morning, Maddie sees Craig and wants to thank him for what he did. He ignores her. Then, she is reading outside when her mom shows up. She found her backpack and her car. She shows her a condom. She said she found it on the front of the car. Maddie is shocked. She is a virgin and doesn’t know why that would be there. She is upstairs crying and Trish finds her. She tells her that she has never had sex before and maybe she did with some random stranger. It couldn’t have been her boyfriend because that night he was babysitting. She was drunk and Trish tells her then it was not consensual. Maddie is scared that she was raped and that it could have happened many time before when she was drunk.

They are at the AA meeting. Vern sees her and wants to introduce her to his best friend.


It’s Cynthia, her guidance counselor. She tells her she is such a hypocrite. She threatens her that if she tells anyone about her situation she will tell everyone about hers.

Cynthia heads to Maddie’s house. Cynthia tells Charlotte what happened. Charlotte cleaned Maddie’s room and found her stash. She is mad at herself for not knowing. She talks about her husband and the relationship he had with Maddie. She admits they don’t have that kind of relationship. We find out that Charlotte was the one who told Cynthia to search Maddie’s locker. She tells Cynthia that Maddie can never no it was her.

Everyone is at the house and Doug is back. Unfortunately, he is back to his old ways. He goes straight for Rebecca and asks her if she wants to go party with him. He starts to get aggressive with her and Craig can’t find a way to stop him. He tells Rebecca to just go with him, and Vern and Wes take him down. Trish calls 911 and he is arrested. Charlotte and Cynthia show up and tell Maddie that they are going to find her a new teen treatment facility. To their surprise, Maddie wants to stay. She finally is able to admit her problems and start change. Everyone surprises her with a bike and she learns how to ride a bike. And everything is changing…


The premiere of Recovery Road was amazing! I didn’t really know what to expect from this show, but I am so glad I tuned in. It shows the real struggles of what drug and alcohol abusers go through. The cast is so talented and they compliment each other so well. It is definitely a MUST WATCH.

If you missed the premiere, check it out on the Freeform app. And make sure to watch every Monday at 9/8PM CST on Freeform. You will not be disappointed.

-Perfectly Perez

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Telenovela “The Grand Gesture” Recap

Warm up those vocal cords because it’s time to sing on Telenovela

Ana Sofia walks onto set and a piano is there. She thinks it’s bad news. Is she just jealous because she CAN’T sing? Ana doesn’t think she is jealous, but with a cast full of performers they are going to be drawn to that like a moth drawn to a flame. Ana was right! Everyone starts singing Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”. How do they all have perfect voices? Everyone is having fun, but Ana is not having any of it.

Ana is talking with Xavi and Mimi. Where is James? Oh found him. I knew he couldn’t be far from her. James announces that he is Ana Sofia’s boyfriend! This is news to her. Gael keeps calling him Mr. McMahon. He wants him and the rest of the cast to feel comfortable around him so from now on he is James. Or they can give him a nickname! Even better.

Isaac is moving in! To a bigger room. He won Rodrigo’s dressing room while they were playing cards. Roxi wants to play! They immediately say NO! Come on guys. Are you scared of getting beaten by a girl?

Mimi, Gael, and Ana Sofia are heading to her dressing room and are surprised to find a room full of flowers and a huge BEAR! Mimi reads the note on the flowers. They are from James. How romantic.


Aww. He is the perfect guy right Ana? Well…she  thinks he is moving too fast. He took them to a Cuban restaurant for dinner. That’s not so bad. Oh the date was in Cuba. Okay definitely over the top, but still it’s romantic. Maybe she just needs to talk to him and fix this.

James is talking to the piano guy…I mean Xavi about Ana Sofia. James hasn’t been as happy as he is with Ana Sofia in a long time. Xavi asks if she still sleeps with mittens. Yes she does. I mean the star of Las Leyes de Pasion can’t be the star if she has scratches all over her face. The ex-husband and the current boyfriend talking about Ana. Nope not awkward at all. Ana Sofia comes in and is going to say hi to James. He has a phone call and before he answers it he tells Ana that he loves her. OMG!!! He probably didn’t mean it. Maybe it just slipped. He comes back to explain and says what he really meant. Yep he LOVES her. Look how happy she is.


Poor James! Now that he has confessed his love, Ana Sofia has to break up with him.

Everyone besides James knows Ana is planning to breakup with him. The cast is a little worried because he is their boss. Xavi makes sure to put it in perspective for everyone. He says if things don’t go right they could all end up sweeping floors for the rest of their life.


They would still be the hottest at sweeping floors. Xavi tells Ana to let him down easy because he has trust issues ever since his parents divorce. Mimi tells Ana the best thing to do is to tell him the truth. Honesty is always the best policy.


Okay Ana! Lying does always add more drama. And who doesn’t love a little drama.

James surprises Ana in her dressing room. This is it! She is going to break up with him. She tells him  that she has felt uncomfortable about their relationship for a while. He thinks it’s because he is her boss. She goes along with that theory and continues to play along. She says that she doesn’t think she can go on like this. They share a looooooooong hug while Ana picks outfits. Always the multi-tasker.

The next day, the cast is filming a dramatic scene…and there is a bomb. Xavi has to stop it, but which wire does he cut? Xavi is about to cut a wire when James interrupts filming. He has big news! He quit his job. Now he can be with Ana Sofia all the time.


James is waiting for Ana…for 12 hours. He has been up since 6am and didn’t know what else to do besides eat pizza and play video games. He is so chill. Ana tells him he needs to come up with a plan for his future.

Roxi meets the boys for cards. She definitely surprised them. It’s getting intense. Isaac and Roxi are the last two. Who will fold? Isaac starts smack talking and Roxi breaks down. She just wanted to fit in with the boys. Isaac tells her he will fold if she just stops crying. The boys just got played.


Ana Sofia is talking to Mimi and Gael about James. She still hasn’t told him how she really feels. Gael mentions that James asked him for Ana’s ring size. OMG is he going to propose? They are heading to find James and there is a path of lights and flowers. James breaks out in song.


He is an amazing performer. At the end he is about to ask Ana an important question. Before he can ask, she blurts out that she doesn’t want to marry him and she wants to break up. Ana definitely misread the situation. He just wanted to ask if she wanted to go to his cousins wedding in Omaha.

Ana is at her appointment with the piano guy.


She is telling him all about James and their relationship. She needs to apologize in a grand way. Mimi and Gael get James to talk to Ana with a tiger…that only responds to his voice. A for effort Gael! Is this happening? Ana Sofia is singing! She wants a little help from Xavi, but he can’t harmonize with Ana’s unique voice. James will forgive her only if she stops singing. They sit down and talk. She wants to know why he asked Gael about her ring size.


Oh he wanted to get her custom gloves. Duh Ana you can’t just wear any gloves. James decides that he needs to learn how to relax before he can be in a relationship. See Ana telling the truth isn’t that bad.

Such a funny episode. Eva Longoria singing was the best part! Whoever isn’t watching Telenovela, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out!

Don’t miss an episode so watch every Monday at 8:30/7:30PM CST on NBC.

-Perfectly Perez



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Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot Part 1” Recap

Buckle up and get ready for a LEGENDary ride!

The episode begins in London in the year 2166. Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) is conquering the entire planet. In London, he sees a boy and his mother and walks over to them. He kills the mother and asks the boy if he is brave like his father or foolish like his mother. Jonas, the young boy, spits in his face. Man even a kid doesn’t like Vandal. He must really be a savage. Vandal says he is brave like his father and turns away. Guess he has a weak spot for children. And I spoke too soon. He turns back a few seconds later and says nope you are foolish like your mother. Vandal kills Jonas.

Captain Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) is talking to the Time Masters Council. He is asking to stop Vandal Savage. The council is not agreeing with him. Their job is to protect the timeline not humanity. He ends with this.


Gideon, an artificial interactive consciousness programmed to operate Waverider, asks how the meeting went. Rip says just as expected. Now it’s time to find the team he needs to defeat Vandal Savage.The team consists of Ray (the Atom), Sara (White Canary), Jefferson and Dr. Stein (Firestorm), Kendra (Hawkgirl), Carter (Hawkman), Leonard Snart (Captain Cold), and Mick Rory (Heat Wave). What a team!

After capuring all of them, Rip introduces himself and what he wants from them. He needs their help and tells them that in the future they are LEGENDS! He shows them  what the world would look like in 150 years if they do not help.


No pressure.

He gives Dr. Stein a card with an address. They have 36 hours to decide if they are willing to go on this mission with Rip. And the clock begins now.

Ray goes to see Oliver. He wants to know what Oliver thinks about going with Rip. At first, Oliver is hesitant, but Ray tells him that when people thought he was dead no one cared. He wants to make a difference in the world. He has to go, and Oliver supports him.

Kendra and Carter are discussing their decision to go or to stay. Carter is all for it and Kendra isn’t on board. There is only one way to settle this. Hawkman vs. Hawkgirl. Whoever wins gets to decide what they do.


I got my money on Hawkgirl!

Sara and Laurel are having a fast paced talk about this mission. They are sparring and Laurel thinks it will be good for her. Sara is hesitant because of her blood lust after the Lazarus Pit. Laurel tells her to “be a hero in the light”. Hello White Canary! Props to Cisco for the outfit!!


Snart is considering the offer to go with Rip and Mick doesn’t seem to care what they do. Snart reminds him of all the things they could steal in the past and both are on board.

Dr. Stein and Jefferson are speaking in Stein’s office. Dr. Stein wants to go. I mean how could he not it’s time travel. He is going to need to do a lot of convincing because Jefferson does NOT want to go. But he is fine with letting Dr. Stein go by himself.


Guess he didn’t need much convincing. All it took was a roofie. Poor Jefferson.


Dr. Stein and an unconscious Jefferson are the first ones to meet Rip at the address he gave them. He thinks he is the only one who agree to go, but then here comes the rest of them. Everyone meet the Waverider.


First class is now boarding! The teams is boarding Waverider. Dr. Stein and Ray are talking science and it brings back old memories. Or not…


Sorry Ray! Dr. Stein doesn’t remember you.

Rip tells them to buckle up because they are going to 1975 to see a Professor Aldus Boardman. He is the only one who knows and studies Vandal Savage and hopefully he can help. They have landed. Now that wasn’t so bad. Oh except for the nausea…and vertigo…and temporary blindness. Time to go see Professor Boardman. Rip, Carter, Kendra, Ray, and Dr. Stein are at Saint Roch University. The others are headed to the bar except for poor Jefferson.

Back at the school, Professor Boardman is telling them all he knows about Vandal Savage. He starts by telling them that Vandal loved Kendra in her first life. He found out about her affair with Carter and then he killed them both in a jealous rage. Boardman tells them that in their previous life their names were Joe and Edith…BOARDMAN. Yes professor Boardman is their son.


The Waverider is under attack from Kronos before they can finish their conversation. Kendra maternal instincts are already kicking in and says she won’t leave without her son. Carter supports her. Looks like Hawkson is coming too. YAY! They are still under attack and need to reach Waverider so Ray can suit up and Dr. Stein can pair up with Jefferson. Rip pulls out his gun to cover them.


Yes Professor Boardman that is a laser gun.

They are all running towards Waverider and then Professor Boardman is hit. Kronos is winning until Snart hits him with the car. Professor Boardman needs help quick. They know that he is going to die because Rip told them that’s what he saw in his future. If they weren’t properly introduced before, Kendra sure introduced her fist to his face. Next up, White Canary introduces her fist to Rip’s face. Wow the women sure are loving Rip. He reveals that he has lied to them. He relinquished his position in the time masters council when he chose to pursue this mission. The team has been fooled and aren’t too happy about it. He tells them why he is so keen on going after Vandal Savage. Remember the young boy from the beginning. Well Jonas was his son. Vandal Savage murdered his family. I think the entire team can understand where he is coming from since they have all experienced loss in their own lives. He tells them they can decide if they want to stay or go home. He promises them one thing. The last face Vandal Savage sees will be his.

Kendra is checking on Aldus. He isn’t doing good. He gives her a necklace that is holding her ring! She lets him rest and sees Carter. She thanks him for sticking up for her and making Rip let them bring their son on Waverider. He calls her Shiera and this time she says its ok to call her that. Maybe now she will finally be able to embrace who she really is.

Dr. Stein goes to find Jefferson. He apologizes for dragging him along when he really didn’t want to come in the first place. Jefferson isn’t mad. He asks Dr. Stein if he has ever played football.


Yep didn’t think so. HAHA He tells him that when he played football he loved when he was apart of a team. He loved his players protecting him more than him scoring. He feels that now.

Ray is having a hard time deciding. He feels like he won’t be a legend in the future because Rip said they had minimal effect on his timeline. Sara is encouraging and tells him that if they can save the world they can change their futures.


The episode started with Vandal Savage, so it is only right to end with him. In the final scene, we see him in Norway in 1975. He is looking at a lot of explosives. He says, “I’m trying to make the world a better place 1 war a a time”.

That premiere was LEGENDary! Definitely my new favorite show! It has everything like action, love, and a perfect cast. Make sure to watch every Thursday at 8/7PM CST on CW.


-Perfectly Perez