Teachers Pilot Recap

1st lesson of the day: Watch Teachers!

It’s time for the anti-bullying committee meeting. Principal Pearson (Tim Bagley) informs the teachers that they need to prevent bullying at Filmore. Wait there aren’t that many bullies! Oh that’s right it’s mandatory to start one. Time to put on fake smiles and make this the best anti-bullying committee EVER. But there is one problem..



Let’s first define a bully. A bully is a sweetheart….At least that’s what Ms. Watson (Kate Lambert) said. During her lesson, she teaches the students important lessons about life which include: definition of  mimosas, explaining how fairytales are LIES, and how to deal with a breakup. I think someone is really gaining momentum on that Teacher of the Year Award!

Ms. Snap (Katy Colloton) is up next. In her class, she is more relaxed with her students. One of her students draws a picture of her and lets just say there is one ADULT bully in that classroom.


It’s time to get down to business. The ladies come up with ways to prevent bullying:

  1. have the kids write down what they did wrong and have them wear it
  2. create a compliments board
  3. have a buddy system
  4. start an anti-bullying club

Anti-bullying club it is. Mrs. Adler (Kathryn Renee Thomas)  volunteers to be the president of the club and has a sit down with some students.  S.T.A.B. (Stop Teasing And Bullying) is born.



While bullying is very negative, I found one positive…”HOT DAD” !! He is the father of Blake, the main bully on campus.



See I told you there was a positive.

The teachers should feel good about their work. Bullying has increased since the creation of S.T.A.B. Wait that’s completely opposite of what they were supposed to do. Well at least we can all learn from this. It’s time to call the Bully Goat.


Oh sh**! Lauren Lark is the Bully Goat. Yes that is Mrs. Adler’s bully in high school. Maybe she has changed? Bully Goat is meeting with the kids and needs Mrs. Adler for a role playing exercise. This will definitely help the kids learn how to properly deal with a bully! So, even though her last name changed Lauren didn’t. She is bullying Deb in front of the kids. Oh hell no!

Well at least the kids were on Mrs. Adler’s side! And can we give a round of applause for the teachers for stepping in and helping calm the situation.


I could not stop laughing while watching the pilot and I  know all of you will love it too.

The pilot episode is available to watch NOW on the TVLand app.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to keep watching Teachers every Wednesday at 11/10 PM CST on TVLand.

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-Perfectly Perez




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