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Telenovela on NBC

Telenovela is a comedy series about Ana Sophia Calderon, the star of the  soap opera “Las Reyes de Pasion”. She is on a Spanish telenovela, but does not speak Spanish. There’s drama, laughter, love, and lots of chaos.

Ana Sophia was introduced to us in the pilot. I loved Eva Longoria’s character in the first minute. She is spunky, hilarious, and DRAMATIC. It looks like a normal day on set until her ex husband Xavi walks on set and announces he is the new cast member.


Ana Sophia takes her job seriously and sets out 3 rules for him:

  3. NO GUM

He would be a fool to disobey these rules so of course he wont break them…yep he just did. This calls for a trip to James’ office, her new boss.

Mimi, Ana Sophia’s BFF, and Ana Sophia pay a “secret” visit to Xavi’s house. But first it’s burglar selfie time.


Ana always confronted Xavi about his cheating with Shakira and he always denied. That night he admits he cheated on her, but with Shakira’s cousin. After Ana Sophia’s MINI breakdown, she needs something that will bring her back to her lead role. Time for the paparazzi. I mean the people want what the people want. Xavi and Ana Sophia back together.


That kiss was PASSIONATE. Will they actually get back together? Ana Sophia is willing to try….until she catches him kissing another girl.

So I guess that a no to #XaviSophia !

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more dramatic Isabella’s twin arrives on set on their birthday. I know I can’t believe they are twins either. SCARY


Ana Sophia suggests an open book policy to bring the cast and crew closer together…or she just wants Isabella to finally admit her age… yep I’m going with the latter.

If that wasn’t enough drama, Mimi admits she had a sexy dream about Rodrigo, Ana Sophia’s costar. Ana pushes Mimi to make a move with Rodrigo. Oh she made her move alright.


Although everyone doesn’t want to hear about what went on between Mimi and Rodrigo, Mimi tells everyone.



When she says it was a “One Night Stand”, Rodrigo is hurt. He tries playing it off, but his acting skills failed him. He’ll get over it…I hope!

Now, why is Carmen back after all these years? Easy to see her long, lost twin who she loves and misses dearly…..yeah NO! She uses Gael and records their whole conversation while they are gossiping about Isabella. Will Carmen’s plan to ruin Isabela’s life work??

Wait for it…Wait for it…And Isabela with the take down.


Who knew there could be someone meaner, ruder, and more evil than Isabella. AYE !!! Because Ana Sophia tried helping stop Carmen, Isabela reveals her age only to her! I want to know! Too bad Ana Sophia put an end to her open book policy.


The cast is getting closer and closer with every episode and everything seems to be going great…and that can’t happen because we NEED more DRAMA.

In episode 3, Trapped in a Wall, an accident happens. According to Isaac, the writer of Las Reyes de Pasion, “Accidents always happen in 3’s”. Everyone on set is super aware of everything they do and are trying to make sure that they aren’t next on the list of accidents.

If the cast couldn’t be more on edge, Isabela causes a rift between Mimi and Ana.


Mimi wants to have a conversation to put everything out on the table, but Ana misses the meeting for a very important EMERGENCY…..spin class. This makes Mimi even more upset, but Ana is hurt when a light from set falls and hits her. Lucky girl. Her crisis was averted. Ana Sophia announces that she has amnesia and gets the special treatment until Mimi figures out she is lying. Dang bra mints.

On the other side of the set, Xavi and Rodrigo are having an argument. Rodrigo doesn’t think Xavi takes this acting role seriously. So Xavi agrees to go to acting class with him.Can’t have class without a pool party. Xavi still is not serious. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Rodrigo KIDNAPS baby girl, Xavi’s guitar and most prized possession. All this tension between the two has to be from something besides wanting Xavi to be more serious. Basta Boys is the reason behind the madness. Rodrigo was supposed to be part of the boy band, but Xavi got the part instead.  After this


the boys are happy again. Now its time to get the girls back to their BFF status.

Ana is stuck in a well. Yes a well. She tried avoiding Mimi and how was she supposed to know she would get trapped in a well after she jumped in. Mimi finds her and jumps in to save her. She is about to call Gael when her phone falls and Ana accidentally steps on it. The long 3 hours stuck in the well bring the besties back together.

All is right in the world…atleast until episode 4 premieres tonight!

Everyone make sure to watch Telenovela tonight on NBC at 8:30/7:30 PM CST. And don’t forget follow @nbctelenovela and live tweet with #Telenovela !

You can watch the first 3 episodes on the NBC app NOW and catch up before tonight’s new episode! You will fall in love with this show and laugh your pants off!

-Perfectly Perez




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