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The Royals Recap

Secrets. Secrets. And more secrets

Ain’t No Sunshine when Violet’s gone.Tonight’s episode starts with Cyrus struggling with the disappearance of Violet. Let’s just say he is partaking in some of  his “habits”.  Violet is missing so of course Helena must have had something to do with it. Or that’s what Cyrus thinks. Cyrus is fighting with Helena in her room. Let the battle begin.

Their weapons of choice:


Helena- Her knee

Duchie is not having any of it and “politely” tells Cyrus to sleep it off…or something like that.


While all this excitement is happening in the palace, Len and Liam are trying to figure out if Helena had anything to do with Dominique. After Helena and Len had a great mother-daughter day, I’m not jumping to any conclusions. Good thing Len decides to confront her mother and ask her straight out. Helena denies it and both Len and Liam think she’s lying. I mean she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to being truthful.

The killer of Dominique is revealed…

It is…..



I should have known. Duchie has 1 priority… the crown. On the other hand,  I got to give Helena some props because she stood up to Duchie and plans to take away the perks of being a royal from her. Still, Duchie thinks she has won, but Cyrus has other plans.

Cyrus surprises everyone and announces that she got the wrong maid. He never planned on marrying Violet, but planned on marrying the mother of his child… PRUDENCE.


Cyrus with the mic drop. Just when you think the episode can’t get any better Liam releases a video. No not that kind of video (I know what some of you were thinking).  He was  working on a video with Dominque’s niece telling the world about England’s monarchy and how it comes with secrets, plots, and violence. The video goes viral and #KingLiam is born.


Can’t wait to watch next week’s episode. Talk to you soon #Loyals

-Perfectly Perez





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