Telenovela “The Kiss” Recap



The episode begins with Ana Sophia trying to park in her designated parking spot, but  Xavi parked there too. Do you see the amount of space he left her? Of course, Ana Sophia made it work! Ana Sophia parking skills A+

Xavi and Ana still haven’t exactly how to work with each other. And he makes things worse when Ana learns that he had dinner with James, the network president, about the show.

Telenovela - Season 1
TELENOVELA — “The Kiss” Episode 104 — Pictured: (l-r) Zachary Levi as James McMann, Jencarlos Canela as Xavier Castillo — (Photo by: Ben Cohen/NBC)

This leads to something unexpected.Ana forgets her lines for the first time. She is professional and fixes it the only way she knows how…STARE DOWN. Ana vs Rodrigo


Ana wins. Rodrigo had to retire from the match due to a cramp.

Ana’s behavior has her friends Gael and Mimi worried. You know what this calls for right? Friendship Circle!!


Mimi and Gael tell Ana that she needs to truly get over Xavi by getting back in the dating game. And fate comes calling. After seeing each other on set again, James agrees to go out with Ana on a business dinner…yea its a date!

Now that Ana has to get ready for her DATE, Xavi is being haunted. He begins noticing things are out of place and his baby girl is out of tune. Before I can continue, can I just say ROXI CAN SING!! Watch out Xavi.


Ok back to Xavi being haunted. Roxi and Rodrigo tell Xavi it’s a ghost and he doesn’t believe them. After hearing about the local ghost story from Isabela, his fears are coming true. The ghost is haunting him because he is the leading man of Las Reyes de Pasion.

Ana can’t figure out what to wear for her date, but no worries you know the old saying “Show property is your property”. I don’t think I’ve heard that one, but it has to be true if Ana Sophia is saying it! Ana begins to freak out before her date and wants to cancel, but Pasion comes to the rescue.  The two lovebirds are on their way, while Gael and Mimi are waiting patiently to hear everything about the date. When James drops her off, he leans in for the goodnight kiss and gets the SHHHH… treatment.



Ana tells Gael and Mimi she is scared to be herself because last time she got her heart broken. It’s time to say goodbye to Pasion and hello to ANA SOPHIA. Now will that actually happen for date #2??

Xavi is alone on set and is scared. The ghost is sneaking up behind him..and by ghost I mean Rodrigo dressed in a black robe ghost outfit. Rodrigo, Roxi, and Isabela admit to scaring him because it is his initiation to the show. They are laughing about it until they see the REAL ghost coming towards them..And by REAL ghost I mean Isaac. He is secretly living on set and so that explains everything. Yay no one is being haunted, but it was funny while it lasted.


Ana Sophia is still playing as Pasion on her 2nd date with James. After her salsa dancing mishap, she tells James the truth! She is ready to be Ana Sophia, and he is ready to date Ana Sophia. Ana Sophia’s life is not a telenovela, but it kind of is with this kiss. Let’s just say their kiss was so HOT her hair/extensions caught on fire.


Will #JamaSophia be the new power couple? I guess we will have to wait and see!!

Until next time

-Perfectly Perez




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