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#OneChicago Conclusion

The #OneChicago crossover event ended last night and it was INCREDIBLE

On Chicago PD’s episode Now I’m God, the team is trying to figure out the connection between the three victims who suffered chemo overdoses. Voight is talking to his squad when Dr. Natalie walks in. She informs them that another victim who is experiencing the same symptoms was taken to the ER. She gives them her purse so maybe it can help them find out who is responsible for this. Yes this is totally illegal, but it’s like giving candy to a baby.


Atawater is going through the victims phone and tells everyone that all the victims knew each other and were seeing the same doctor. DR.REYBOLD.Dr.Dean Reybold was the same doctor who treated Hanks late wife Camille. After he hears the name, Voight wants to go straight to the office and have a talk with him. Lindsay convinces him that it’s best if she goes in there because he won’t know who she is. Lindslay is ready to take on this doctor.


Linstead is at Reybold’s office asking him about the victims. He admits he treated them and pretends to show empathy. Lindslay is not having it! Halstead has to take her out because she looks like she’s gonna be like


Burgess is dealing with her own issue when she sees Detective Clark, lead detective on Roman’s case, at the precinct. She wants to help, but doesn’t seem like he cares about the case. If he thinks she is going to give up on the case, he is just plain DUMB. Platt tells her she can patrol anywhere today…like an area where a missing gun may be. Platt is the real MVP

Dr. Reybold better watch out because the SQUAD is coming.


Those jackets are badass!

When they arrive, Antonio and Atawater catch a girl shredding files. They tell her to stop and the girl acts like she isn’t doing anything wrong. Really girl? Halstead shows Dr. Reybold and his lawyer the warrant and Dr. Reybold is still trying to act like he isn’t doing anything wrong. Then Voight walks in. I’m not afraid of many people, but I know to be afraid of Voight! The look Dr. Reybold makes when he sees Hank for the first time in 6 years is priceless. And he makes the wrong mistake by mentioning Camille. Seriously? This doc doesn’t know when to stop. Voight says, “You know who doesn’t shred files. Innocent people”. Preach Voight or arrest Dr. Reybold…I’m really fine with both. After this little event, Voight takes out a box with old pictures of him and Camille. Chicago PD sure knows how to mess with my emotions.


Burgess is back to investigating and has a talk with Callie. She thinks Richie’s brother helped hide the gun and it seems like Callie is hiding something.Hmmmm…

Voight decides to pay Dr. Reybold a visit and reminds him what he told Camille; “Treasure every moment”. Voight had perfect timing and told him this


The squad is looking for any evidence that will help them take down Reybold. They are questioning numerous patients and it is heartbreaking to see that these patients suffered so much just so a doctor could make money. Lindsay is able to recover 42 out of 57 patient files. She lets Dana know that they want a homicide conviction. Dana then has to face Voight and let him know she made a deal with no jail time. Poor Dana, she’s trying to help but still gets the Voight death stare. Voight enlists the help from Dr. Charles.

Dr. Charles believes that Reybold is a psychopath just from listening to Hank’s description. He is good! He believes that Reybold feels like God because their is so much uncertainty with cancer that patients feel like he is the only one who can save them. Dr. Natalie comes in and announces that Jessica Pope didn’t make it. Dr. Charles says that he knows one thing..”Psychopaths love to hear themselves talk”. He is right and uses this against Reybold when he chats with him over coffee. Reybold lets his guard down and opens up with Dr. Charles. I told you he is good!

Voight and Lindsay have an emotional talk about Camille. They are bringing up so many memories and I feel like I miss Camille too. Sophia Bush and Jason Beghe scenes are always amazing! Dana breaks up this heartfelt conversation and lets them know that Reybold was ordering chemo himself and keeping it off the books. The victims had 7 times the amount of chemo than normal. Voight decides to break up a party.


Things aren’t looking good for the victims because Jessica’s death is ruled a suicide and the evidence can’t be used since it’s too prejudiced and irrelevant. Voight wants to be put on the stand, but Dana doesn’t think its a great idea. If I have learned one thing over the years while watching this show, it’s Voight gets what Voight wants.

It’s time for court and Dr. Charles is on the stand. He is telling the judge and the jury about his conversation with Reybold. Reybold’s lawyer said he planned the conversation because there are plenty of coffee shops near his house and this one was 8 miles away. The lawyer asks if he knew this and Dr. Charles had the best answer.


Things are going south and Voight convinces Dana to put him on the stand. Dana told him one thing…don’t mention Camille. Yep he didn’t listen. The judge isn’t liking Dana’s questions because he says there are no witnesses. That is when Voight says he is because he saw him dose a patient…his wife Camille. Reybold’s lawyer asks him to talk about her ovarian cancer and it was emotional. But it was also a mistake. By asking him about Camille Dana can now ask about the other patients. And she does and Voight says that Reybold confessed and made a deal with the State of Illinois. They got him. While waiting for the verdict, Voight and Lindsay think Camille would be proud of them. The verdict in is. Dr. Dean Reybold is GUILTY. Such a justifying moment and Reybold still claims he was saving lives.

The episode ends with the playing of the XMAS 88′ VHS that was in the box of photos Voight was looking at earlier in the episode. I was holding back tears the entire episode and when this played the tears were flowing.


This was an EPIC conclusion to the crossover.

Everyone involved in #OneChicago deserves an award because I was glued to the TV every second and I know so many others were too.

Make sure to continue to watch Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD on Tuesday and Wednesday nights on NBC

-Perfectly Perez




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