Three shows. Three AMAZING Crossover episodes.


The #OneChicago crossover event started with Chicago Fire. The episode starts with Dawson and Brian finding bleeding Herrmann on the floor. Brian calls 911 and Herrmann is headed to the hospital. He is in the hands of Dr. Rhodes. After examining and treating Herrmann, Dr. Rhodes tells Cindy and the crew that the next few hours are going to be critical. Cindy goes into see Herrmann and is glad to see that he is doing okay. Dawson and Mouch are in the room now, and as Mouch is headed near the hospital bed a box falls out of his pocket. Is he finally going to propose to Trudy??



I hope that is her answer too 🙂

The crew doesn’t have much time to be with Herrmann because duty calls. There is an apartment fire and the crew goes to work. They save 3 people including a women, a man, and his son. Things are going as planned until there is an explosion in the basement. To make matters worse Dawson and Casey were in there.


Chief and Mouch go quickly to see if they are ok and thank goodness they are, but Jessica Pope is not! Dawson and Casey found her when they were trying to shut the gas off. She was passed out with a bag over her head. The team believes it was a suicide attempt, but who knows at this point. Jessica is on her way to the hospital along with Cruz who is having some trouble breathing.

When Cruz is at the hospital, he sees Burgess and asks if they have heard anything about finding Freddy. He is having a hard time dealing with Herrmann and is blaming himself. He needs to find him, so he leaves the hospital in search for him without telling anyone. Joe is at a place where he thinks Freddy is and ends up being held at gunpoint. Things are about to get crazy, but Severide shows up! NEVER FEAR SEVERIDE IS HERE


While everyone is at the hospital visiting Herrmann, Mouch runs into Trudy. This is it…he is going to propose. He pulls out the ring and tells Trudy that it would be good for Herrmann and Cindy if they got married so they could bring happiness in this hard time. Way to go Mouch…that is exactly what every woman wants to hear in her proposal. Oh but Trudy lets him have it.

Herrmann is not doing good, and then Dr. Rhodes says that he is having respiratory distress. If things keep going wrong with Herrmann’s health it doesn’t look too good. Herrmann stay strong!


Firehouse 51 gets another emergency. They need to help a victim who is stuck on the side of a building. WAIT A MINUTE…it’s Freddie. Cruz immediately asks Chief is he can be the one to bring him down. Chief is hesitant, but Severide gives him the OK. Cruz is reaching for Freddie’s hand, but Freddie won’t reach out because he thinks Cruz wants him dead anyway. Cruz saves him and Chicago PD takes Freddie into custody.

At Chicago Med, Dr. Choi and Dr. Halstead are trying to figure out what is happening with the fire victim, Jessica. No luck in that department.

Dr. Rhodes tells Cindy and the crew that Herrmann needs to undergo surgery. Everyone is being strong for him and April sees the amazing bond they all have.


Yep April is right! This group is FAMILY.

Before Herrmann goes into surgery, he wants to talk to Cruz. Cruz keeps apologizing and is overtaken with emotion. Herrmann tells him that he doesn’t blame him for what happened. Even in tough times, it’s amazing how Herrmann really is “The Beating Heart” of 51. In the middle of their conversation, Herrmann begins having complications.

Now it’s time for Chicago Med to takeover.

In Chicago Med’s episode “Malignant”, Dr. Rhodes is packing and stitching Herrmann up trying to stop the bleeding. Dr.Zanetti enters the surgery room and begins questioning him on if his methods and timing were the right decision to save Herrmann. And this is the start of “Gang up on Dr. Rhodes day”. I bet he is excited for this one…okay maybe not so much!

It looks like it’s going to be a hectic day in the ER, so everyone needs their coffee. Dr. Reese needed her coffee so much she stole the last Splenda from a cute guy named Joey. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. But she is nice enough to offer him the Splenda. He declines, but I bet she won’t forget that moment.

The hospital is packed with patients, doctors, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire. After talking with Severide, Jay asks his brother if he would have waited as long as Dr. Rhodes to take Herrmann in for surgery, and he admits no he wouldn’t have. I’m sorry but I have to take a moment to appreciate the yumminess that is the HALSTEAD’S. Both brothers in an episode…it’s too much to handle..WAIT WHY AM I COMPLAINING?


Ok so back to Chicago Med. Everyone is still working on trying to find out what happened to Jessica Pope. Dr. Charles doesn’t think it was s suicide attempt and asks Will for a favor. He wants Will to see if Jay can find out anything about her.

Speaking of siblings….April’s brother is in town and helping out at Chicago Med. Dr. Reese is volunteered to show him around. Dr. Reese needs a mass spec for Jessica so they can find out where her cancer is. It will help them understand her condition and what she was put on chemo for. Dr. Reese asks for the mass spec STAT and HEY IT’S JOEY. Oh… he is the one who does the mass spec. I think Dr. Reese is regretting taking the last Splenda right about now. I guess it wasn’t that big o of a deal because Joey agrees to complete the testing.

Back to “Gang up on Dr. Rhodes day”! Severide is questioning him too and they have a very epic stare down. I think it was a tie!


Dr. Rhodes realizes it was Dr. Halstead who started it, and apologized to Sylvie.

Natalie is having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with her patient. Dr. Charles and Sharon think there may be a connection between Jessica and Dr. Natalie’s patient Carol. Maybe another mass spec will help since Carol supposedly has cancer too.

Talking about mass spec. Noah took credit for getting one done for Jessica, Dr. Choi’s patient. Dr. Reese overhears this and she is not having it. You go girl! Noah kind of apologizes in a not sincere way, and he is only worried about April finding out what he did.

Another patient, Dani, is rushed to the ER. She was hit by a car, but Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Halstead don’t understand why she had a seizure before that happened. They try to save her, but they can do no more. Dani’s girlfriend is distraught, so Dr. Halstead suggests Dr. Manning talk to her since they have been in similar situations. After their conversation, Dr. Charles informs her that there IS a connection between Jessica, Carol, and Dani. 3 women all suffering from a chemo overdose when they all don’t have cancer. It’s time for Chicago PD to take a look at these cases.


The first 2 episode of the #OneChicago crossover event were everything I wanted and the conclusion tonight seems like its going to be even better!

Make sure to watch Chicago PD tonight at 10/9 PM CST on NBC to find out how this epic crossover ends!

-Perfectly Perez




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