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Shades of Blue Pilot Recap


The pilot episode of Shades of Blue began with Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) making a video talking about being a good cop. She didn’t expect her career to be like this, but she is too far in.


Harlee is in the field with Loman (Dayo Okeniyi), her new partner and rookie at the 64th precinct. They are at an apartment looking for a guy who is dealing drugs. Not even 5 minutes in and SHOTS ARE FIRED. Loman heard gun shots coming from apartment 2H and opened the door and shot a guy. How was he supposed to know that the shots he heard were from a video game? He is frozen in shock and Harlee sees another suspect from the window and he is on the run. Now she has to figure out a way to make it look like Loman didn’t shoot first. She tells Loman, “I’ll protect you, but you gotta trust me”. She quickly tells Loman a cover story and says that the suspect shot once at the door and shot again…LOMAN IS SHOT. She left that part out to make it look real. Well I know Loman can say he never had a boring day when he is with Harlee.


Harlee and Loman are going over their story when they see Harlee’s daughter Cristina (Sarah Jeffery). They have a conversation about the reason why she got a car.. and it’s not for skipping class. I already know I’m going to love the mother/daughter relationship between these two. Harlee has to go…and NO it’s not because she has a date with a HOT boxing instructor….OK maybe it is a date. You can decide for yourself…


The crew of the 64th precinct are meeting up at a bar to discuss their days…nope to get paid. They are all part of a “secret operation” where they profit from items found on crime scenes like drugs and valuables. Lieutenant Woz (Ray Liotta) is the ring leader behind this. They are all having drinks and celebrating at the bar. Harlee lets everyone know she is leaving and heads to the bar to get $100 in change from the bartender. A guy is hitting on her, but Harlee blows him off. As she is leaving the bar, she sees Loman. They have an INTENSE conversation about their cover story and Loman doesn’t think he can lie. Harlee convinces him that she saved him so he needs to save her and tell the cover story to Internal Affairs.


Back at the precinct the next day, Harlee approaches Woz about needing 10 grand to pay for Cristina’s tuition. Woz says he is working on something and not to worry she’ll have the money in time. Time to find Internal Affairs! Hope Harlee practiced enough. Her interview is going great until the guy from Internal Affairs says the suspect was left handed. So how could he shoot with his right hand. Harlee was sweating but she pulled it off. The guy was joking ..thanks goodness. She made it out of there alive…until Woz talks with her. He knows what she said wasn’t the truth.


It’s time for Harlee to make the 64th precinct some extra cash. She is supposed to meet up with a guy named Haim who wants to have chicken fights. Harlee lets him know the deal and they will give him a warning if any cops are in the area. She takes the money from him and then all hell breaks loose. It was a setup by the FBI. Harlee is under arrest.


Don’t worry it’s only temporary only if she agree to work with the FBI and  agent Stahl (Warren Kole). Hey he looks familiar. OMG it’s the guy who was hitting on her at the bar. Girl should have accepted the drink. He informs Harlee that they have been watching her for over a month know. During their conversation, Woz calls. Stahl says this is her interview to see if she can pull it off. She answers the phone and lies to Woz. She says she can’t work at the time because her daughter’s car got hit. Woz worries but Harlee continues the lies by saying her fiend was driving the car. Both Harlee and Stahl are on their way to her daughters performance. Harlee tells Cristina she can’t stay, but does anyway because doesn’t want to deal with Stahl. She’s not getting off that easy because Stahl is at the recital too…and sitting right behind Harlee and Woz.


Stahl needs an answer. Is Harlee in or out? If she is out, it’s jail for her. She’s IN. She doesn’t have time to think about her decision because Woz gets a call that the suspect Harlee saw from the window has been found. Gotta love a good police chase. Harlee and Woz are on their way, but the rest of the squad is having trouble catching him. Woz and Harlee pull up and hit the suspect Earl with the police car. He is now running away from Harlee. I mean seriously who would run away from Jennifer Lopez?  Harlee with the take down! Earl is arrested.

Harlee is at home now. She gets a call from Woz letting her know a tow truck will be at her house in the morning to fix Cristina’s car. Oh sh** ! Harlee gets in her daughters car and if there weren’t damages before there are now. She is struggling with keeping up with all her lies.


Woz is taking Earl to the police station. Earl makes a big mistake by letting Woz know that he saw what happened at the apartment with Harlee and Loman. Woz has no choice but to get “rid” of Earl by giving him up to some bad guys. Bye Bye Earl!

Stahl and Harlee meet up. He gives her a necklace he stole from her house. Now the necklace has a camera and audio. Harlee is going to put it to use at Woz’s BBQ. Everyone is having a good time until Woz gets a text that upsets him. He calls Harlee to the garage and he is PISSED. He tells her there is a rat in his team. Oh sh** does he know it’s Harlee? He sure seems like it. Harlee is like this when he tells her he needs to KILL the rat.


Oh thank goodness. He doesn’t think it’s her. He wants her help because she is the only one he can trust.

Wow Shades of Blue had me on the edge of my seat the entire episode. I’m ready to watch and go along for the ride.

If you missed the pilot episode, make sure to watch on the NBC app and continue to watch Shades of Blue every Thursday at 10/9 PM CST on NBC.

-Perfectly Perez






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