The Royals Ep.9 Recap

Who killed the King?

That is the big question we have all been wondering this entire season. We found out who it was, so keep reading to find out!

In last nights episode, And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing, Ted is looking at a video where Duchie is confessing to killing Dominique. Then, he types in Jasper Frost. He knows that Jasper is getting closer and closer to finding out who killed the King.

Jasper is eager to shows Liam a picture of Lucious at the palace. It shows that it would be impossible for him to have killed the King because he was still at the palace during that time. This leads to the big question


They continue to talk about finding the killer and Liam starts talking about Jaspenor. Jasper has Liam’s stamp of approval…for now!

Helena is looking at Liam’s YouTube video when Rachel walks in. Wait did the Queen actually look a little proud of her son? No it couldn’t be. Helena passes Rachel a note just like we all used to in middle school…and college…and well you can never be too old to pass notes. She needs her to be discreet, but what was in the note??

Eleanor is in her room when she calls Mr. Hill. He looked as shocked as I was because Len has cleaned her room. For cleaning her room for the first time I think she gets an A+. Hey girl since you’re done cleaning your room I think you would learn more from cleaning my room too. He tells her that he is proud of her not just for cleaning her room, but for making steps to change and be the real Len we know she can be. I loved this scene. Mr. Hill is such a father figure and positive influence. James you are the real MVP. Then, Len gets a mysterious text and tells James that she needs to go. He lets her as long as she takes her phone. I’m loving their relationship more and more with each episode.

Tonight’s episode has lots of secret meetings. Len is meeting with her friend Imogen. Liam is meeting with the Deputy of the Prime Minister. Ted is meeting Jasper. And Helena is meeting with the infamous Lucious. And Cyrus is having a secret meeting with a crib. Good luck with that.

Jasper and Ted meet. Before he lets Japer in he takes his weapon. Why does he keep acting weird? Ted tells him to stop looking for the King’s killer because it was Lucious. Jasper tells him it couldn’t be him and Ted says he knows it wasn’t him, but to let it go. Sorry Ted, but Jasper isn’t Anna or Elsa so the chances of Jasper letting it go are pretty low.

Liam is meeting with the Deputy of the Prime Minister. She wanted to meet after seeing the video Liam made on YouTube about his family. She believes that he has potential to have an impact on young people. And the position happens to be in New York! This brought back so many Opheliam feels.

Helena is meeting with Lucious. She informs him that Alistair is ALIVE. He is not a murderer. The Queen tells him that he will be absolved of any charges, but says no. He would rather remain in prison and watch the monarchy flourish than get out and see it fall. He is LOYAL. Helena tells him about Cyrus’ heir and admits that Cyrus was the one who told him to kill Alistair. Lucious tells Helena to take the baby from him.

Len meets her friend Imogen. Not even 5 minutes into their conversation and Imogen asked if she had any drugs on her. Len tells her that she is trying to stay away from that and start over.  Imogen gets even weirder until a guy named Dmitri comes and talks to her. She goes with him and Len feels worried.

Liam  meets Len in her room. He tells her that Lucious didn’t kill their father. Her reaction is priceless


Liam also tells her about his job offer in NYC. She tells him to take it and don’t look back.

Now Liam is back in his room when Jasper walks in. After Ted took his gun, he tells Liam he needs to get something from his room. Who knew so many guns were hidden in Liam’s room. Jasper tells Liam about how Ted told him to stop digging for information. Of course they both know they won’t stop. Jasper helps Liam remember that he forgot about Wilhelmina. He goes to see her and just tells her everything hat has been going on. He feels like he can’t influence or connect with the people of England anymore, but he is wrong. I mean does this look irrelevant to you?


Len gets another text from Imogen and goes to her. She is beaten up and scared. Victor did this to her. Len is packing for Imogen and as soon as they are headed for the door Victor is banging on the door to let them in. Oh sh**! What are they going to do?

Back on the other side of the pond Helena is meeting with Prudence. She reminds Prudence about the risks of being royal. Prudence says she already took that into consideration. As Helena is leaving, Prudence tells her that she is naming her son Simon. She says to remember then why he wanted to disband the monarchy. Queen Helena 1 Prudence 0

Jasper is going down the street where the King was killed and runs into Robert’s killer who also ran into Mr. Hill. I now so confusing. Everyone is following everyone.


Rob’s killer tells them that he was trying to find the King’s killer before they found him. Mr. Hills gets a text from Len and he and Jasper are on their way to save Len. Len and Imogen are scared because Victor opened the door and pulls out a knife. Never fear Jasper is here.


And Mr. Hill, but I’m rooting for Jaspenor so lets give him the main credit.

The Queen is sitting alone in the palace and Rachel walks in. She asks how the meeting with Prudence went. Then she asks how they are going to deal with Cyrus and the baby, but the Queen doesn’t seem to want to do anything. Rachel tells her that she can have a life and even love outside the gates, but the Queen doesn’t think so.


Jasper goes to see Len. He wants to know how Imogen is doing. Then, he returns earrings that he stole from her. Len asks why he came back and he says he wanted to see her. Please Len give the guy a chance!! Len admits that she feels unworthy of being loved. Ugh that was heartbreaking to hear.

After their talk, Jasper went back to the site of the King’s murder. He finds two kids who are skateboarding. They say they always film and have the tape of who killed the King. Jasper is looking at the tape and find outs who did it. He is on his way to tell Liam when Liam punches him. He knows Jasper was stealing from them. Liam would have probably kept punching, but Jasper told him he knows who killed his father.

And the killer is TED!


Don’t miss the SEASON FINALE of The Royals next Sunday at 10/9pm CST on E!

Until next week Loyals

-Perfectly Perez


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