Shadowhunters “The Mortal Cup” Recap

It’s Clary Fray’s 18th birthday. You know what that means…PARTY…or something like that

The Mortal Cup begins with Shadowhunters Alec (Matthew Daddario), Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia), and Jace(Dominic Sherwood)  following a man. As he is walking he transforms into people he comes into contact with. Not even 5 minutes in and we already have ourselves a shape shifter. They are getting closer to him when Jace bumps into Clary. Wait how can she see him??


Then, we go back 8 hours earlier.


Clary (Katherine McNamara)  is walking into the Brooklyn Academy of Art to show her work. She hands the professors her portfolio and they don’t seem too impressed. Ugh how rude!! However, they seem intrigued when they see her work from her graphic novel, but still don’t give too much away on what they are thinking other than saying her work is decorative. Clary goes to meet her best friend Simon (Alberto Rosende) and she looks sad. Don’t worry girl Simon will fix everything 😉


Oh sh** is that a dead body. Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) is on a crime scene working for the NYPD. There is a dead woman’s body and it appears like her blood was drained. It doesn’t seem like this is the first victim like this. One of his coworkers asks about his love life and why he hasn’t married Jocelyn (Maxim Roy)…who is none other than Clary’s mom. He says they can’t get married because they are different. Well Luke that’s not a great answer because everyone is different. What is he hiding?

Clary enters Greenpoint Antiques, her mother’s shop. She is greeted by one of the workers Dot (Vanessa Matsui). They seem close with one another. She gives Clary a present for her birthday and then tells her she loves her. Clary says it back, but the way she said I LOVE YOU seems odd. She congratulates her on getting in to the Brooklyn Academy of Art. Yep her tarot cards told her that…or she read it on Simon’s Twitter account. I’ll let you decide which is the truth. Then, Clary heads to upstairs to see her mom. Her mom congratulates her. I swear Clary didn’t tell anyone except…SIMON! He is so popular on Twitter with all his 92 followers. She hands Clary her present. Ohhh what is that?


Its a stele. It’s what Clary has always wanted…that may be a LITTLE exaggeration, but it’s a heirloom. Oh how fancy!. Her mom is starting to get serious and wants to have an important talk with her. Like any other teenage girl Clary wants to get out of there as soon as possible. She tells her mom about plans with Simon to see his band play so she promises they will talk tomorrow at breakfast. Simon comes just in time since Luke wants to have the serious talk NOW. They let her go so she can “be a kid one more day”.

Let’s get this party started. Simon, Clary, and Maureen (Simon’s band member) are sitting on the band’s van. Clary brings up how awkward it was when her mom got all serious. Maureen thinks its suspicious that Clary doesn’t know much about her mom. Jocelyn wouldn’t hide anything from Clary…right?

Isabelle, Jace, and Alec are in their “secret shadowhunters lair” getting ready to go after their next target. Yep you guessed it. They are going after the guy from the opening scene. He is a demon/shape shifter draining blood from mundane’s (humans with no special powers). Isabelle is getting quite dressed up for this, but hey demon’s like blondes.


Just when you thought Simon couldn’t get any cuter he starts singing “Forever Young”. I swear he isn’t breaking eye contact with Clary. He is done with his set and they head to the van. SIMON IS SHIRTLESS


Ohh and the band has a new name. ROCK SOLID PANDA! Time to spray paint the name on the van. Jace bumps into Clary and ruins that plan. Oh did I forget to mention no one can see Jace besides Clary right now. Simon’s face is hilarious because he thinks Clary is talking to an imaginary person.


Clary wants to know why she can see Jace so she heads into Pandemonium. The shadowhunters see their target who has now transformed into a woman. They have got him/her and then Clary walks in. Now an incredible fight sequence is going down and Clary is in shock. She accidentally kills a guy, but I think she deserves a pass. She runs out of there and heads home. She tells her mom everything and is surprised when her mom says she knows what’s going on. She is about to explain when Dot comes in saying they are coming for her. Let’s just say Jocelyn got a powerful man upset when she hid the mortal cup from him. She gives Clary a necklace and tells her to think of her when she wears it. Her mom tells her to only trust Luke. POOF Clary is at the police station.


She overhears Luke talking to 3 mysterious people saying that he doesn’t care for them and he was only after the cup. Please tell me he was lying!!

Back at Clary’s house Dot is trying to fight the rogue Shadowhunters when she is thrown out the window. I don’t think her tarot cards will help her recover from this one. Jocelyn set Clary’s room on fire and still has the potion Dot gave to her. Another epic fight sequence is happening between Jocelyn and the shadowhunters. She is cornered and they tells her Valentine wants the cup. She is startled to find out he is still alive. She does something that will definitely make it harder for them to find the mortal cup.


Yes she drank the potion!!

The episode takes us to Chernobyl. We meet Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) and I’m already scared of him. He told them he wanted her alive and she is just floating because of the potion she drank. One of the shadowhunters begins talking badly about Jocelyn and lets just say we won’t be seeing him again.

Clary is back at her house searching for her mother. She is in tears and then she sees Dot. Okay pretty sure she was dead. Dot is asking where the cup is and Clary has no idea. Oh sh** it’s a demon. The demon gets her with venom and not looking too good for our girl. Then, Jace shows up. He saves her and takes her back to “the lair”. Clary is having a dream or vision about her mom and she wakes up. Isabelle is there and then the whole shadowhunters crew comes in. This is too much to handle.

Jace asks if he can be alone with her and Alec doesn’t particularly like that idea. He leaves thanks to Isabelle. Jace is telling Clary about shadowhunters and is about to go more into detail when Simon calls. Clary hasn’t been answering Simon for 2 days. Totally not her fault.. I mean she has seen some pretty crazy things in the last 24 hours. She tells Simon she will be down, but has to change first.


Oh Simon always so funny and protective.

Clary comes to meet Simon and he looks worried and in shock. Did I mention Clary had to borrow some of Isabelle’s very form fitting clothes. He immediately wants to take her home but she doesn’t have a home anymore. Someone was following her and  now Jace is fighting him. Jace for the win. Bye Bye bad guy. Simon is still looking at Clary like she is crazy then Jace makes himself visible. So she’s NOT so crazy now right Simon!

I’m hooked! That episode was so good. It had love, action, and a talented cast! What more could you ask for?

If you missed this episode check it out on the FREEFORM app and you can even watch episode 2 already too.

Watch Shadowhunters every Tuesday on FREEFORM at 9/8 PM CST


-Perfectly Perez



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