Shades of Blue “Original Sin” Recap

Can you remember every lie you tell? Harlee has to continue lie to everyone she loves. Find out if she can keep it up.

Last night’s episode Original Sin was all about finding out about the rat in crew. Woz is still pissed that there is a rat and needs to find out who it is. He goes through the amount of time he has known every one in his hand picked crew. 45 YEARS together and let’s hope he doesn’t find out the rat is really Harlee.

While Harlee and Woz are in the garage, they are informed that they need to go check out a liquor store. Woz keeps asking Harlee if she has noticed anyone acting different. She plays it off trying to convince him that there is no informant for the FBI. They reach the liquor store and Harlee notices the car they are looking for coming up on the street. Shots are fired! Woz is hit! He took that bullet to the neck like a champ. Didn’t even phase him.


The crew finds out that there were 2 more liquor stores shot up and the car matches the description. Better watch out because Woz is coming for you. He tells the crew who goes where and Loman is stationed at the donut shop.


Harlee goes to a restaurant. Sorry but girl how can you be hungry right now. Oh she just needs to use the bathroom. She uses it to tell Stahl that Woz knows about a mole. Girl smashed that necklace.

It’s a busy day at the precinct. Harlee is talking to Cristina on the phone and her office phone rings. It’s from a unknown caller. After the unknown caller calls a second time she answers. Oh it’s Stahl. CLICK. She hung up that phone real quick.

Stahl in the car when Molly Chen, FBI detective, comes up to his passenger window. She is assigned to his detail. He doesn’t seem toonthrilled about this. Hey Molly, don’t take it personally Stahl just has a hard time getting along with most people.

Back at the office, Woz is on the phone with guy he is secretly working with. Then, James Nova, ADA, wants to talk to Woz. Nova mentions a name…MIGUEL ZEPEDA. I don’t think they were besties, but they definitely knew each other. Woz goes to his office and opens his safe. There is a file labeled Miguel Zepeda. He takes out a video. He plays it and Harlee is on it. It’s an interrogation with Harlee. She supposedly framed him for murder. All I have to say is damn Harlee sure knows how to keep her lies straight!


Harlee steps out of the office to meet Stahl. She does not look happy. Let the Scream Fest begin. They were going back and forth saying that  Woz knows there’s a rat and Stahl says it wasn’t from his team. Woz has so many unknown resources. Harlee lets him know how she feels.


Stahl made Molly pull out her gun and point it towards Harlee since she felt her life was at risk. She has 2 options : follow protocol or go to jail. She chose jail!


Just for like 1 minute and changed her mind real quick when Stahl was taking her in the direction of her crew.

Now, Stahl is the one in trouble. Molly called his boss and now has 24 hours to come up with anything that can show that Woz is guilty. Molly is #1 on Stahl’s shit list!

Harlee is back at the office and runs into Nova. They are flirting! He is cute


But I’m still shipping Harlee and Stahl. Woz is still looking at the video and then he is informed that Loman was able to get a partial view of the shooter. They had arrested the owner of the car, but know it’s not him because in the picture the shooter has a tattoo on the inside of his wrist. The guy gives them the name of the guy he sold his car to… Reggie. As Woz and Harlee are on way to find this guy, Cristina walks in. Woz asks about her car and tells her not to lend it out anymore. Uh oh Harlee your lies are coming out. Woz doesn’t say anything. Time to find Reggie. They are at his house and find the shotgun used and checked all the rooms and he isn’t there. He pops out of nowhere with a gun and starts shooting. Woz hit him with one shot. Harlee feels like she needs to do something to get Woz to stop thinking there is a rat. Everyone is invited to a POLYGRAPH party! Sounds fun…


It’s 8:30 and where is everyone? Harlee shows up at Woz’s house and she is the only one there. He says he didn’t want the rest of the crew to suspect anything so he is just going to test her. Oh sh**! Harlee is calm and collected…and burning. Not what I had in mind. Then she calls Cristina from the bathroom. Cristina is at a club and lies to Harlee.


This is why I love the bond between Harlee and Cristina

She is taking the test and using the burn to help her on the test. Hmm learn something new everyday. He asks her simple questions like her name and then asks if she is or has ever been an informant for the FBI. She says no. She passes his test. She leaves the house and then he looks at the video. He knows her tell. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. He looks at the video from 2005 and realizes she did the same thing.


Can’t wait to see what Woz will do after watching both videos . Watch this episode on the NBC app. Watch next week at 10/9 PM CST on NBC.

-Perfectly Perez


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