The Royals Season 2 Finale Recap

Here are the matchups for the main event: Team Cyrus vs. Team Helena & Team Killers vs.. Team Royals. I want a clean fight…or not so clean. How about a devious and scandalous fight! Yes that’s more like it. This is the most intense episode I have seen of The Royals. This episode goes all 12 rounds so I hope you’re ready.

The season finale, The Serpent That Did Sting, starts of with flashbacks. We see Nick Roane, Prince Robert’s killer, showing how he followed through on his part with Prince Robert’s military accident. Then we see a baby Prince Robert playing with a paper plane. As his paper plane hits the ground, Nick pushes a button in his “mission” that ultimately killed Robert. The twins are born. Queen Helena was having this memory, and then comes back to her real life. She admits that when she was pregnant with the twins they told no one.


Liam is in his room. He looks upset and then he puts a gun in his suit pocket. Liam is packing and not for a vacation.


Liam is in the tunnel and is telling Jasper he wants to see the video of Ted killing his father. Jasper leaves him in his security room to see the video alone. Liam is heartbroken and wants to go straight to find Ted. Jasper locked him in there. Smart move Jasper. Liam needs time to calm down so they can come up with a plan.


Helena has a tiger. Don’t worry it’s a stuffed animal. She lets Cyrus know that she is done scheming and accepting her defeat. Cyrus can be king without worrying about Team Helena. That doesn’t sound like the Queen. I’m keeping my eye on her. As she is about to leave, Cyrus announces that he is getting married. Oh let the kingdom rejoice…or not!

Jasper needs help with his plan. So he calls Mr. Hill. Now who is going to tell Len the truth. Liam is probably the best. He tells her and she can’t believe it. She wants to go find Ted, but Liam calms her down telling her they have a plan.


Ted is with Jeffrey Stuart and they plan on exposing the Royals at one of the biggest events of the year. The King’s Cup. It is the 1st annual football match that is dedicated to the King. There will be 20,000 spectators and Jeffrey will be able to avenge his sister’s death. Dominique overhears them and informs Liam.

Liam is discussing the news about what they plan on doing. They want revenge against the Royals and it’s time to end this.

Team Price vs. Team Royals

Who  you got?

Side note: every time the show comes back from a commercial the scene begins with beach or island. Hmmm..

Rachel knows that Helena has given up on scheming. She decides to switch to Team Cyrus. I guess it really when 50 Shades of Rachel! Now that she is working with Cyrus, she has a wedding to set up. Rachel works fast and Prudence shows up for her wedding. Prudence and Cyrus are beaming with excitement…ok I might be exaggerating.


Mr. Hill goes to see Helena. He gives her a flash drive and tells her to watch what’s on it. She now knows that Ted is the King’s killer. Team Royals which now includes Helena meets in the tunnel to go over the plan.

Team Killers better be scared. Ted is about to leave to go to New York to see Ophelia when he gets a text.


He ends up at Jeffrey’s home and there is a phone on the floor. It rings and he picks it up. Ted wants to back out of exposing the Royals, but Jeffrey threatens to kill Ophelia if anything goes wrong the next day.

It’s almost time for the big day. Helena sits down Len and Liam. She wants to apologize for what has happened. She blames herself for King Simon’s and Prince Robert’s death. The twins comfort her and tell her it isn’t her fault. Len shocks us all when she says this.


Jasper goes to check in on how Len is doing. She admits that she doesn’t know if she can go through with their plan tomorrow. Then all our Jaspenor hearts are broken.


It’s the day of the King’s Cup. Jasper goes to check in on Liam and he isn’t there. Damn Liam. He goes in the car with Ted and asks him why he did it. Ted is surprised when Liam points a gun at him. Liam is about to do something when Ted gets a phone call. He tells Liam he needs to answer it because if he doesn’t someone might hurt Ophelia. He takes it and wait it’s for Liam. Len tells Liam not to do it. If he pulls that trigger she will lose Liam and he decides not to do anything. He is about to put the gun away and then Ted takes it from him. He doesn’t want to hurt Liam, but he tells him to use his gun. He tells him that taking a life will stay with you forever. They are at the event and according to Ted, Liam has 2 options: 1. pull the trigger. 2. step outside and face the world as the video plays. Liam says he forgot option 3: Remember he is not only the one who has with a video. Liam steps out of the car acting like everything is normal and  the Royals plan comes into play.

Jasper, Len, and Hill are in the stadium. Jasper needs to get rid of the video guy.


So basically Jasper is Rambo!

Liam and Ted are walking out and it is almost time for Liam’s speech. No pressure, but Jasper you might want to hurry up with the video. The video has processed and Len only has to push the transmit button. Ted and Jeffrey’s video is about to play, but Jasper pushes the transmit button. Len couldn’t do it. Everyone in the stadium finds out the truth. People from the stands come rushing onto the field. Please don’t hurt Liam and his pretty face. Liam is safe! Thank goodness. But I can’t say the same for Ted.


Back to the palace. Baby Cyrus is born.


Rachel calls Cyrus into the other room to see what has happened at the event. Cyrus says to announce that his son was born and maybe that will appease them. He goes back to check on his son and he is gone. And so is Prudence. What is going on?

I knew Helena couldn’t help herself. Team Helena for the win. Gotta give props to Rachel! Girl knows how to play both sides. So everything was part of Team Helena’s plan. Prudence is gone with his son. But they are married right? Wrong actually. Helena’s gynecologist married them and the pre-nup was meant so Cyrus would let his guard down. Mission accomplished.


Just when I lost all hope for Jaspenor, they are holding hands. Then Jasper is pushing the media away and protecting Len.


This picture is worth a thousands words. I think there might still be hope for our favorite pair.

Team Helena is at the church where Simon is. She is out for bones. She knows the DNA will prove that Liam is his son. Will #KingLiam happen sooner than we thought?


Oh and remember how I told you about the scenes at the beach/island. Well someone was on a little vacation.


Yes Prince Robert is alive!

OMG is all I can say about that finale. Mark Schwahn is a freaking genius. He always knows how to mess with my emotions. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the Royals.


-Perfectly Perez





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