Younger Season 2

Younger returned on Wednesday January 13 on TV Land with an hour premiere. 2 episodes of an awesome show in 1 day = PERFECTION!

Caitlin is coming home!


In the first episode of season 2, Tattoo You, Maggie and Liza are picking up Caitlin from the airport. Liza had planned to tell her everything, but right before she returns Liza changes her mind. Strike 1. They are headed to the apartment and Liza sits her down to try to tell her. Strike 2. Caitlin thought she was going through a sex change, so if she was cool with that she will totally be on board when Liza tells her she pretends she isn’t 40 and is dating a younger guy…right?

The next day at work Kelsey approaches Liza about a book she wants to pitch. After seeing the book, it’s safe to say Liza is on board. In the conference room, Kelsey is pitching the book and everyone seems to like it, except for Maggie. What else is new. Charles is looking for positive on why they should publish the book and it’s time for Liza to help Kelsey.


Well done Liza. But, Charles still thinks it’s a hit and miss.

Diana reminds Charles about their meeting with Bobby Flay. Charles admits he forgot to tell her that Bobby wanted to change the meeting to his restaurant. He tells her she needs to go, and Diana gets excited thinking it will be more than a business date. Of course, she won’t admit that! Charles and Diana the next power couple…I don’t think so!

After work, Liza heads home and finds Maggie talking with Caitlin and her friends. She wants to cook for them, but Caitlin is going out for a girls night! How can Liza say no. I mean Caitlin’s friends drove all the way from New Jersey to surprise her.  This is the perfect opportunity for a Liza and Josh reunion. Maggie tells her to go for it. Don’t you just love Maggie! Liza texts Josh, but she gets 3 dots. Don’t worry girl he is just typing. He tells her they should meet at the bar.

Liza is at the bar waiting for Josh. A YOUNG guy starts hitting on her, and Liza is not having it. She knows the perfect way to get him to back off.


She is good. Liza was waiting there and Josh texts her this.


Wow not cool Josh!

Meanwhile, Charles and Diana are having dinner at Bobby Flay’s restaurant. She is throwing out her best flirting moves and they are just not working! Sorry Diana I think it may be time to give it up. Lets be clear. Not give it up like that, but let him go! I gotta be clear because Diana doesn’t seem to be good at reading a situation. Bobby is about to come out and …girl I think something is wrong with your tooth.


Yep she chipped it. Damn peppercorn shrimp. Bobby feels bad so he calls a dentist that works late. Dr. Sarkisian turns out to be hot and is flirting with Charles. Diana was like this


Liza is back home and tells Maggie all about it. Liza thinks it’s time to move on. Good thing Caitlin isn’t home so she can worry about something other than Josh.

The next day at work Diana gets a call from Dr. Sarkisian. She is checking in on her to see how everything is going with her tooth. Diana can see right through her. Charles is hers Dr. Sarkisian! Speaking of Charles, he comes to tell Diana that they got the deal with Bobby Flay!

Kelsey calls Liza to her office to vent. The book she pitched sold to another company. Liza tells her about how Josh broke up with her over a text. I love their friendship.

Liza goes home and it’s Caitlin who wants to talk this time. She shows Liza a tattoo that says Namaste in Sanskrit.


I wonder who gave her that tattoo. Of course it was Josh. Liza goes to his shop to let him have it…literally. They make up and Josh clears up that he didn’t break up with her.


Silly punctuation mistake. Things are getting hot in the tattoo shop and then Caitlin sees them!

Now onto episode 2, The Mao Function. Thank goodness the premiere was 2 hours. I don’t think I could have waited an entire week for another episode.

Caitlin is waiting up for Liza this time around. She confronts her about Josh. Liza admits they are dating, but reveals nothing more. Caitlin accuses her of having a mid life crisis. The next morning Caitlyn is leaving. She thinks it will be too awkward if she stays. I see 2 positives: Caitlin can spend more time with her dad and Liza and Josh can have sleepovers!

It’s trivia night! Liza and Josh are at the bar and Josh says they check ID’s so they don’t have to worry about Caitlyn coming. Oh Josh…don’t you just say the cutest things. They aren’t doing too well at trivia until questions from the 90s are asked.

The trivia winners are about to get hot and heavy and then this happens.


Never though I would say this, but DAMN WHISKEY!

Liza is back at work the next day and Diana already has Liza busy. She needs her to be glued to that phone. Diana is working on deal and when she texts Liza needs to give a copy to Charles. Liza goes to see Kelsey and asks her is Thad has performance issues. BTW yes he does. Kelsey continues to read sick lit and struggles find someone like Rob Olive. Then he texts. They have a lunch meeting and tells her that he won’t sign with her, but he wants her to leave and go to competing company with him. No Kelsey you can’t leave.

It’s party time! everyone is at a book party and Kelsey receives her offer. Thad says it’s a good offer and says the perfect things.


Kelsey and Liza have a discussion about the offer and breakup. Kelsey admits that she wants to be taken seriously and doesn’t know if Charles will ever treat her like that. Liza tells her she misread the text and they are back together. Everyone is asking about why they broke up and Josh can only come up with a cat. See the story is they broke up because Liza was allergic to his cat. But, they got back togethee because he died. Josh is so smooth when it comes to lying. But he leaves because he doesn’t want to keep lying to their friends.

Liza get a text from Diana and is now at Charles’ house. I’m shipping Liza and Charles, but I also love Liza and Josh. Ugh I can’t make up my mind. Before she leaves, Charles asks her about Kelsey. She tells him she wants to feel valuable and doesn’t want to still be seen as an assistant.

Liza is home and Maggie I surprisingly there. Such a good friend to leave the party early to comfort her friend. She comforted her friend alright but it wasn’t Liza.


Lauren is there and tells Liza that Josh is bored and she needs to spice it up. Liza goes to visit Josh and tells him she understands if she wants to breakup. He doesn’t want to break up he just doesn’t want to lie to their friends. He tells her she should tell Kelsey the truth. I agree. I think Kelsey would understand.

Kelsey goes to see Charles. She starts off by thanking him for giving her this job and starting her career. He stops her and tells her he knows about her other offer. He can’t match their money, but can give her own imprint. Yay Kelsey is staying!

Liza finally going to tell Kelsey. She is about to then Kelsey tells her the great news. And she wants Liza on her team.

Now when is Liza ever going to tell her?

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have Younger back in my life. I’m so excited to see each character grow and how Liza chooses to handle her lie.

Make sure to watch every Wednesday at 10/9 PM CST on TV Land.


-Perfectly Perez


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