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Telenovela “The Hurricane” Recap

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No it’s Chloe.

A hurricane is coming and it’s headed straight for the cast of Las Leyes de Pasion. Should they be worried? Nah! This hurricane is called Chloe so it can’t be that bad. You can tell a lot about a hurricane from it’s name. I mean hurricane Isabela was on the most destructive hurricanes to hit Miami. Makes sense!

If the cast fears one thing, it’s not fitting into their outfits. Ana Sofia is banning all food for the next 24 hours because they have to fit in tiny outfits for their beach scene. 2 minutes to eat all the food they want. And GO!


Time’s up. Well at least we know how they stay sexy. It’s time to shoot the scene and everyone looks perfect. Everything is going great, until it’s Xavi’s time to shine. He CANNOT cry on cue. What? Oh well… it can be fixed. Now that the scene is over it’s time to go home and eat.

The crew is leaving in a rush. I guess they are taking the storm pretty seriously. Even Concepcion in recepcion. You know it must be bad if Concepcion left.

At least we can count on the set safety captain in case things get worse.


Ok so he was the only one who volunteered, but he is still sexy. It was really nice of Ana Sofia to give him the opportunity to feel important.

Rodrigo is getting ready to leave the set, and he notices something. Isaac has a crush on Roxi. Does Isaac have a chance? Let’s see what Rodrigo has to say.


Gael is working on making sure is everyone safe. What is more safe than cones right?


The weather reporter who is played by the super talented Roselyn Sanchez announces that everyone needs to stay indoors. This storm is coming NOW! It can’t be that bad right ?


Ok maybe it can. Poor Mimi. I was really liking her straight her. But why didn’t anyone warn them about Hurricane Chloe.


Oops guessed they missed all the warnings.

The power is out. There is no food. What to do? Safety captain Gael knows what to do. Follow the 3 B’s: blankets, batteries, and the buddy system.


Isabela just get a mirror and your reflection can be your buddy. And the mirror will help you reapply your makeup.

Isaac is scared that the hurricane is going to be so bad that he might die. He has so many regrets. Everyone does really. Except for Rodrigo. He completed his bucket list at a young age. Look at one of his adventures.


BEWARE OF HANGRY ANA SOFIA! Don’t say I didn’t warn you….Rodrigo. Ana doesn’t have a filter when she hasn’t eaten. But she is able to find food. Ana Sophia saves the day. Oh wait it’s prop food. But wait! The power is back on. How? Gael!! I knew he could do it. I mean he was the one who took the safety captain classes. Everyone is tired of Ana Sofia so they banish her.

Rodrigo is helping Isaac take action with his crush Roxi. He tells Isaac now is the perfect time to ask her out. Roxi might say yes because she is light headed from hunger. Isaac is going to do it. Nope. He backs out and Rodrigo is not having it.


Rodrigo isn’t the only one helping on set. Isabela is trying to help Xavi learn how to cry on cue. Isabela sure has a unique way of teaching. Ace bandages.


Everyone is still hungry. Gael found a candy bar. The vultures attack, so Gael does 1 thing to get them away. Split it with them all. No he eats it all. Ha that’s what you get for ever doubting Gael.

I think banishment is looking pretty good on Ana Sofia. Gael goes to check on her, and she is doing better than just about everyone else. She apologizes and Gael and Ana are back to being friends. Not brother and sister. That would be weird since she wants to make out with him…but only if he wasn’t gay.

After repairing their friendship, Gael and Ana Sofia make a big decision. They decide to brave the storm to get food for the cast. Hope they make it out alive. Here they go!


Chloe? Where you at girl? This is why they should pay attention to the news. They should go and tell everyone the storm has passed. Or they can both be heroes and bring food and pretend like they didn’t go out and buy it. Yeah I like the second option better.

Food! everyone is happy because they can eat. Really Xavi now you cry. Who knew a pudding could help Xavi learn how to cry on cue.


I guess the food gave Isaac courage because he went up to Roxi and asked her out. He knows she would never say yes, but he just put it out there. What was that Roxi? MAYBE! I’m so proud of you Isaac. Who knows RISAAC may be the next power couple!

You have to keep watching this show! I fall in love with the show more and more with every episode.

If you missed any episodes watch them on the NBC app and watch every Monday at 8:30/7:30 PM CST on NBC


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