Teachers “Picture Day” Recap

Get your hair done, nails done, everything did because it’s picture day at Filmore.

The ladies are all in the teachers lounge looking fabulous and ready for picture day. Ms. Watson’s hair looks like a country superstars hair, Ms. Bennigan is rocking her sweater and making it her b****, Mrs. Snap is applying self tanner to get her JLo glow, Mrs. Adler is a goth queen, Ms. Cannon is looking cute and sweet, and Ms. Feldman…wait did someone forget to tell her it was picture day. Those eyebrows!


Principal Pearson walks in to inform the teachers that he has hired a new photographer this year. Yes I am sorry Ms. Cannon…there will be no more Geoff. The new photographer is Don.  Now it’s time to find out which class gets to take their picture with  mascot Millard the iguana. And the winner is…. Ms. Watson.


Congrats again Ms. Watson, but there are bigger problems to deal with. Ms. Snap has a dilemma. Even after applying some self tanner, she is still not the perfect shade. Don’t worry Ms. Feldman will help you get the perfect Camel Tope you have ever seen. Good thinking to spread it all over so it can all blend.


It’s time for Ms. Cannon’s class to take pictures. Ms. Cannon is up next. She is upfront with Don and tells him  she gets uncomfortable taking pictures. Don promises that he will make her feel comfortable and she will come out with an awesome picture. After her first picture, he tells her to loosen up and relax. He gives her poses that will make her feel confident. She is doing great until he calls her a nasty little slut. OMG! How will she handle this situation?

It’s almost time for Ms. Bennigan’s class to have their pictures taken. Things are going smoothly until she sees Blake’s shirt.


She calls him to the front of the class and wants to talk to him. She asks if he has another shirt because she worries the picture will only showcase the first word on his shirt. Well I guess it’s time to call Hot Dad. Blake offers to call his dad, but Ms. Bennigan almost charges at him like a linebacker. Ok so if I were Blake I would let her have this one. Good choice Blake.

Ms. Watson is telling her class that the winner of the school spirit award was chosen. She tells them they won! The class is so excited when she brings Millard in the classroom. Millard isn’t moving in his cage so she asks a student to go wake him up. He taps. Nothing. He taps a little harder. NO! Millard is DEAD!


She begins talking to the students about dealing with the death of a pet. She asks if anyone has ever lost a pet and one student, David, says he has. His hermit crabs died and his mother told him they went to the farm. Ms. Watson says there is no farm. David looks at her like she just told him Santa Claus isn’t real…oh wait she just did that too. Wow Ms. Watson it might be hard to come back from this one.

Ms. Cannon decides to confront Don. He doesn’t remember saying anything disrespectful and remember he has a sister so he respects women. Don takes another picture of Ms. Cannon. This is his was of apologizing. And then he says another innapropriate thing. I almost believed him.

Ms. Feldman is teaching the students about art today. And even better they get to watch art in real life. The art of eyebtow waxing at it’s finest. Thank goodness Ms. Snap had an emergency wacing kit. Ta dah. Look at the final product.


Deb, Ms. Cannon, and Ms. Feldman are back in the teachers lounge. Ms. Feldman is actually using makeup…to fix her eyebrows. Ms. Cannon is telling Deb about Don and the things he said about her. Mrs. Adler was like


Hot Dad is back at Filmore. Ms. Bennigan asks if he brought Blake a new shirt. He doesn’t understand. He forgot to see that his son was wearing a shirt that said DICK. I mean really how could ypu miss that. Hot Dad doesnt have time to go home and get Blake another shirt. I guess there’s only one way to save this situation.


Now, it is the day of Millard’s funeral. The class is taking it pretty well. Ms. Watson is about to lay him to rest when she notices something in the dirt. Oh sh** it’s Old Millard.

Things at Filmore arent going great and it’s about to get worse…for a certain perverted photographer. Don you better watch out because Deb is going in for the kill. She tells Don he is going to take her picture and he is not going to say anything inappropriate to her or any other teacher. Deb you the real MVP!

The kids are still taking Millard’s death pretty hard. Good thing Ms. Watson got the school grief counselor Mrs. Moore to come talk to the class. They are going to talk about death and their feelings. Damn. Not another death. Goodbye Mrs. Moore. Since death comes in threes who is next?

Ms. Cannon is heading home after a long day and here comes Don. He is actually apologizing. When Ms. Cannon confronted him, he felt ashamed. Ms. Cannon thanks him for the apology and then he says another inappropriate thing. Then, he gets hit by a car.  And that makes 3.

What an eventful picture day right? Please continue to watch this hilarious show every Wednesday at 10:30/9:30PM CST on TV Land.

-Perfectly Perez





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