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The Flash “Potential Energy” Recap

You know what people always say: Slow and steady wins the race. Well lets hope Barry can be slower than a turtle!

Barry is on his way to meet Patty. Aww he even brought roses! How romantic even if the roses are on fire. Can’t deny that their are sparks between Spallen. They are about to have a romantic date night and Zoom just flashes in! He took Patty! He is dangling her off the roof. He tells Barry he will take away everyone he loves.


Thank goodness! It’s just a nightmare.

Everyone hop on the tour of the Central City Police Department. Joe is giving an awesome tour and Wally is just not having it. He is about to leave when a guy who just happens to be in handcuffs recognizes him. Hmm… Wally West what are you hiding?

The gang is working on a way to steal Zoom’s speed. Wells doesn’t seem to be making any progress, but never count out Cisco. He knows how to steal his speed. TURTLE. Not what I expected, but I’ll go with it. Now lets go get this turtle. Barry is on his way to CCPD because the VanderVort diamond is being returned and Turtle loves taking people’s most prized possessions. Yep he is there. Go get him Barry. Wow a turtle is faster than Barry! Never thought I would say that.


Back at Star Labs, Caitlin is checking Barry to see if Turtle had any effects on him. Nope he is fine. But how could he be faster than the fastest man alive? So here is the breakdown. Barry wasn’t affected because his speed allows him to switch positions faster and so he can convert his stored potential energy to kinetic energy faster. Don’t worry if you don’t understand just nod your head and pretend anyway. Always works!


Yeah that’s right! This was Cisco’s idea!

Barry is at the CCPD wanting to talk to Joe about Turtle. But he already knows. For being so fast, you think Barry should have beat everyone to knowing who Turtle is right? Patty sees Barry. She wants to talk to him about why is he has been acting so weird. Before she can say everything he says he knows he has been acting weird. The new year always brings up memories about his mom. Patty is so understanding. Barry thinks they should have a romantic night! Hopefully it doesn’t go as bad as it did in his nightmare.

It’s dinner time at the West house. Wally didn’t show up. Wow Wally doesn’t realize what a cool family he has. Iris notices Barry is acting weird. She asks if it has anything to do with Turtle. Jeez. Everyone knew about Turtle before Barry. Now Iris is telling Barry about her talk with Patty.  He tells her about his nightmare. Only one thing he has to do. Tell Patty. But will he do it?

The gang is still looking for Turtle and they know where he will hit next. The Central City Museum. They are hosting a special black tie event to celebrate the return of a painting, Crystal Ball. Now everyone needs a tux.


Oh Cisco! I’m right there with you on that.

Oh wait. It’s supposed to be date night for Spallen. The Flash can fix this. Barry tells Patty about his newfound love of art! I know I can’t stop laughing either. Patty agrees to meet Barry at 8…I mean 7. Yes 7! He tells everyone on his plan to tell Patty the truth! Everyone seems to agree with Cisco except for Wells. Really what else is new. He tells Barry not to tell Patty because Zoom will go after anyone and everyone he loves. Barry has a touch decision to make. It’s time for the event.


Everyone looks hot! They sure clean up well. We don’t get to see Cisco or Wells in a suit and tie tonight, but they are still in the Star Labs van looking out for Turtle. Wells doesn’t understand why Cisco gives the metahumans such crazy nicknames. So why did he give Zoom a nickname? We find out how Zoom got his name. In Earth 2, the CCPD got a 911 call. It was a trap. He killed 14 officers and left 1 alive. He let the officer live so he could tell the people of Central City about how powerful he was. They would learn to fear Zoom. The officer described seeing a blue lighting zooming. And that is how he got his name. That same night Zoom killed the surviving officer. Yep definitely don’t want to be on his bad side.

Patty arrives at the event. Damn Spallen is one HOT couple. He wants to talk. Could this be it? Is he finally going to tell Patty? She begins by saying that Barry is a hard man to understand. He works hard to hide who he really is and needs to trust someone before they can know the truth. They both trust each other and he is about to tell her when he spots Turtle. Turtle sure has the worst timing. Barry leave Patty alone on the dance floor to be The Flash, but Patty sees Turtle and pulls out her gun. Probably shouldn’t have done that. Turtle knows it’s a trap and is determined to hurt the one the flash values the most. Patty watch out!


Barry makes it in time to save Patty, but he will feel it for a while…okay maybe a couple minutes.

Caitlin is done checkingBarry. No concussive symptoms and his speed still works.  Jay wants to talk to Caitlyn. They share champagne in beakers. Now isn’t this one of the cutest couple of scientists you’ve ever seen?


Patty is at her place and looking at mail when Barry knocks on the door.


Yep she is mad. Barry doesn’t even try to make an excuse. Come on Barry! Patty is letting him have a piece of her mind. She tells him he needs to figure out what he wants FAST. Yeah I think he can handle that.

Wally West meets Fast & the Furious. He is racing for his car. Let’s hope he can win. It’s a close one, but Wally comes out on top. Nothing can bring him down from his high…Well except for Joe. Joe is there and Wally goes over to him. Joe is just trying to get to know his son. When Joe asks him why he is doing this, Wally tells him he needs to provide for his mom. He is the man of his house, and feels like Joe is trying to step in.

Barry goes to talk to Patty at her place again. She isn’t there. Damn Turtle. He took her. Where is she?

Barry meets up with everyone at Star Labs. They need to find a storage place that can hold lots of stuff. Wells says Turtle is like a serial killer who collects trophies. Then, Cisco remembers that Turtle’s ex wife used to work for the Naydel Library. It’s now closed. Yep that is a big enough place. Hopefully that is where Patty is.


Yep she is there. Patty asks him why he wants to kill her. He admits it’s about hurting someone who values her the most… THE FLASH. He begins telling her about how his wife wanted to leave him (his most prized possession), and he couldn’t let that happen. She made her his forever. Yikes! He show’s Patty what he plans to do with her. He hope’s he spelled her name right.


He hope’s he spelled her name right. Patty be like


Turtle is about to drug Patty when Barry flashes in. He isn’t fast enough. And let’s just say Barry meets Turtle’s fist. He leaves. Wait Barry get your girl. I knew you were coming back. and this time Barry introduces his fist to Turtle’s face. Patty is safe!


Turtle is now at Star Labs. Now they have their most prized possession. YES!

Caitlin stops Jay. She knows that he is sick. Wait what? Yep… remember those champagne beakers. She took his DNA and tested it. Jay knew about Ronnie how could he get close to her knowing they wouldn’t have much time. But wait there is a cure. Speed. He needs his speed back to get better! STOP ZOOM

DING. DONG. Who is at the front door. Joe wasn’t expecting anyone let alone Wally. Wally left his green jacket there. Joe knew that green jacket wasn’t Barry’s. Barry is more of a red jacket guy 😉 Wally and Joe talk.Joe agrees to slow things down with Wally.

Barry heads to the CCPD. He wants to talk to Patty. He is apologizing and then Patty says she is leaving Central City. And she is leaving everything including Barry. Yep all our Spallen hearts are broken.


Things can’t get any worse. Oops I spoke too soon. Wells is at Star Labs and is recording his daily log. He promises Jess that he is coming for her soon. He remembers a time when she got lost at an aquarium and knew from that day that he would do anything to get her back.


Turtle down.

Things officially are worse. Dang it. I spoke too soon again. Reverse Flash is back


What a way to come back from The Flash’s midseason finale. Can the team find a way to defeat Zoom? Guess we will have to keep watching to find out.

If you missed this episode, you can watch it on the CW app. And continue to watch The Flash every Tuesday on CW at 8/7 PM CST.

-Perfectly Perez




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