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Younger “Like a Boss” Recap

Kelsey Peters: book editor at Empirical Publishing. Uh that is so yesterday! Kelsey Peters: editor in chief of Millennial Print. So much better!

Kelsey, Liza, Thad, and Lauren are celebrating Kelsey’s imprint. She’s like “Oprah in Baltimore”.


Shut up Thad and just be happy for your girl. Time for a toast…but where is Josh? Silly Kels why would he be coming? Liza didn’t tell him the good news yet. Oh no worries Kels already told him. Josh has no idea why they are celebrating and feels uncomfortable when he realizes Liza didn’t tell Kelsey the truth. It’s okay Liza maybe he just needs to sleep it off.

The next morning, Liza wants to talk to Maggie about what happened. Maggie is upset and taking it out on her laptop. One of her pieces didn’t sell and that was going to pay their rent. You know what this calls for…Airbnb. Liza starts talking about Josh. She tells Maggie that he can’t lie. Liza and Kelsey reminisce about the good times when guys lying was the usual. Those were the days.

Time for work. Kelsey and Liza are finalizing the details on the party for the new imprint. So many amazing bloggers and social media people are going to be there. Even the Fat Jewish. Let’s just say Diana is glad when the meeting ends. I mean she has more important things to deal with. Beating Jackie in their Fitbit challenge. Diana wants to make sure that Liza has her priorities straight. Diana is #1 !


Yeah I think she can handle that.

Let the Younger Games begin! Everyone meet the new and improved Katniss.


Yeah there’s no way she is losing this challenge.

Time to go to Hector & Dorf and get beautified. They are going to find Kelsey and Liza the perfect outfits for the party. While trying on a dress, Kelsey can’t believe that she is only 26 and is the new editor in chief for  Millennial Print. The girls are having girl talk. Lauren and Kels start asking about Josh. Wait. Liza and Josh haven’t talked in a whole week. No big deal. Except he is still communicating with others through social media.


Thank you Lauren! You are always keeping us updated with the latest terms. Time to take this party to the Heller house (Lauren’s parents house). All the women keep talking about their men and how they are never supportive when they are successful. Boys can be so stupid sometimes. No more chit chat. A press release needs to be sent out.

The press release must be a hit if Diana saw it. Damn Liza! Girl you really need to start reading the comments! Liza goes to check in on Kelsey. Yes she has seen the RUDE comments. Don’t worry Kels, a custom dress will make you feel better…or not.

It’s party time! Charles sees Liza at the party. I want Charles and Liza to happen so bad! Anyway, he asks her why she isn’t taking pictures. Apparently she doesn’t smile well. It’s more mean mugging.

Kelsey’s dress is a hit. And not in a good way. Hector & Dorf I just can’t! And to make matters worse Thad doesn’t even recognize her. I mean the dress is probably bigger than her, but still. Thad is definitely losing some boyfriend points.

Oxygen! Where is the oxygen? Kelsey can’t breathe in the freaking dress.


While Liza and Lauren are dealing with Kelsey, Josh is dealing with his own probs. A guy goes to his tattoo shop and can’t find an address. Hey that sure looks like Liza’s… oh that’s because it is. Josh has to see why this guy is going there. Maggie is having a sex party. Definitely not Airbnb. Maggie tells Josh he needs to cut Liza some slack. Maybe she is too mature for him and Maggie lets him have it.


Kelsey is still stuck in her dress. Where is the damn zipper? Liza has to cut the dress. She is free. Now, it’s time for Kelsey’s speech. She tells Liza she can’t go out there. It feels like so many are against here and she is a kitten in a Barbie car.


Fake it till you make it. Liza is such a great friend and has the best advice. Kelsey is going to say her speech, but she was sweating so much it washed away. Never fear…Bluetooth is here.

Liza helps Kelsey make an amazing speech and Charles takes notice. He tells Liza about how nice it was to help Kelsey like that. He asks about her boyfriend and she doesn’t think she has one anymore. Champagne? Yes please. Oh sorry Liza I swear Charles was asking me. Damn. She accepts and Josh surprises her when he is right in front of  her. Josh and Charles finally meet. Liza is one lucky girl to have 2 HOT men in her life.

I’m so happy for Kelsey! And I am sorry Josh but I am shipping Charles and Liza. Who are you shipping? Liza and Charles or Josh and Liza? Any suggestions for ship names? Charla? Jiza? Let me know in the comments!

See you next week after a new Younger on TV Land at 10/9 PM CST

-Perfectly Perez


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