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5 Fave Moments from Arrow Midseason Premiere



Mama Smoak needs some love during this hard time with Felicity. And Lance hasn’t had a serious relationship since his ex wife. Quentin is so laid back and Mama Smoak is so bubbly and full of life. I guess what they say is true. Opposites do attract. In the midseason premiere, Laurel and Thea are having a discussion about Thea’s blood lust and how it got better after she saw Damien Darhk. They are heading into the room to see Felicity and see this.


BUSTED! Laurel’s face is priceless. She was like


She is shocked, but in a good way. I was worried to see how she would handle her dad dating again, but she handled it so well. She just wants her dad to be happy. This is why I love Laurel so much.

2.Team Arrow

You would think that the villains of Star City would know that you don’t mess with Team Arrow. I guess Lonnie Machin didn’t get the memo.


Yes he is back! He sure has bad timing because Team Arrow is working even harder now that Felicity is in her condition. Don’t get in the way or else…




I mean how could Olicity not be your favorite TV couple. They compliment each other so well. Felicity is in the hospital and Oliver is going after Darhk. She understands why he hasn’t been showing up and she definitely wins fiancé of the year. Oliver hadn’t been by to see her since the day of the attack. He finally goes when Thea tells him Mama Smoak called and it was an emergency. Mama Smoak tells him about her diagnosis. Felicity will never walk again.


Felicity admits that she feels like he hasn’t come by because of her condition and they aren’t married yet so “For better or for worse” doesn’t apply yet. Oliver puts her ring back on her and I’m getting all the Olicity feels. That ring is back where it belongs.


If any couple can make it through hard time, I got my money on Olicity.

4.Diggle & Andy

In the beginning  of the premiere, Diggle still isn’t talking much to Andy. Oliver and Team Arrow still haven’t gotten any lead on Damien Darhk’s location so he asks Diggle to talk to his brother. Yeah I don’t think Diggle understood when he said “talk”. It was more of an introduction. Andy’s face…meet Diggle’s fist.


When Diggle heads home, Lyla helps him see that Andy is still his brother no matter what they have been through. He goes to see Andy again and says that he is ashamed of what he did. He tells Andy about Felicity and why it is so important for him to find Damien Darhk. Andy gives up a location to my surprise.


Maybe there is still a little bit of old Andy in there. I’m learning so much about these brothers. Who knew Diggle was a cheater.


Yep he was peeking at Andy’s cards. Come on Diggle, play fair. No matter what, I know these brothers love each other. Hopefully they can get past this bump in the road.

5.The Darhk’s

Damien Darhk’s evil is on a whole other level. I never thought he would have a wife or daughter. I find it very hard to believe a woman could be in love with a man who is so evil.


Yes I was wrong. His wife might be more evil and scarier than him. We finally get to see an interaction between the evil couple and she is disappointed that he could not kill the Green Arrow. Damien says the Green Arrow saved them so it would be wrong to kill him. Wow never thought I would say this, but Damien may have a heart…a tiny…tiny…tiny…tiny…miniscule…heart. The Darhk’s are definitely meant for each other.


That midseason premiere was EPIC. I mean our girl Felicity is not the one in the grave. Can’t wait to find out who is and see the rest of the season.

-Perfectly Perez


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