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Shades of Blue “False Face, False Heart” Recap

DING DONG! Special delivery for Harlee Santos.

Harlee and Cristina are in bed talking when the door bell rings.  Surprise it’s the FBI. Who needs coffee when you have the FBI right?


Woz is sitting down at his table looking through an old box. Looks like he has been up the whole night thinking about Harlee and her tell. He picks up a gun from his box. His wife comes in and says she had dream about their daughter. Daughter? Where is she now? All we know that she “was 19 and depressed”. Woz’s wife Linda tells him that daughters make mistakes, and fathers forgive. What happened between Woz and his daughter??

Harlee is in Agent Baker’s office. She tells Harlee that she is going to go to jail because she gave them 24 hours to find something on Woz and they didn’t follow through. I think she could totally pull off the orange jumpsuit.


Sorry let’s not go there. I don’t want my girl Harlee going to jail. Back to Agent Baker’s office. Stahl walks in and is shocked to see Harlee. They now have 1 day to find something on Woz or the operation is over and Harlee is going to jail.

Back at the precinct, Tess goes to talk with Carlos. She tells him she moved a body. What the hell! She explains that she was trying to save her marriage and couldn’t’ do that if body was found in neighborhood. Dang girl! Well I don’t know how you can fix this one, but hope your marriage works!

Woz and Harlee are out for breakfast. Harlee needs to get info on Woz, so she tries to keep digging. She asks what the big job is that he keeps talking about. He gives nothing away and says he will handle it. Woz changes the subject, and tells Harlee Miguel Zepeda, Cristina’s dad, could get out of prison. She worries, but Woz says as long as he testifies everything will be okay. She tells him to promise if she ends up going to jail for lying that he and his wife will take care of Cristina. He promises nothing like that will happen.

After their breakfast, Woz is in the car with Donny. He was the one who told him there was a rat. Woz tells him he thinks it could be Harlee because he figured out her tell of tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. He needs something concrete because she does it when she lies and when she is telling the truth.

Back at the precinct, Loman wants to replace his gun. He tells Harlee something is wrong with it. She gives it a look and it works fine. She thinks the shooting in the first episode is getting to him. Harlee be like


Stahl calls when Tess is telling Harlee about the body. She tells him that she doesn’t have anything yet, but Woz has a black book with names and numbers of everyone he does business with. Stahl tells her to get the book NOW. She is getting it and then Nava walks in. Harlee asks him out. Then she realizes she still has the key to Woz’s file cabinet. Shit. He is in his office and notices too. He does not look happy.


She tells Woz that she is going to Tess’s for lunch. Then she returns the key. She says that she needed it to get files for Nava.

Loman goes to the car wash fundraiser of the man he killed. He donates a lot. Is someone feeling guilty?

Woz goes to see Nava to give him the files Harlee said he was missing. Nava says he has them and was never missing any. Damn Harlee got caught in another lie. After this, he decides to follow Harlee. She is with Tess trying to figure out what happened to the boy whose body she moved. Now, Woz is being followed by Stahl. Harlee figures out that no one shot the boy. It was just an accident. The bullet ricocheted and hit him. Woz notices Stahl and he leaves. THEY HAVE BEEN MADE. Woz panics and meets Donny in a hotel room. He tells him he knows Harlee is the mole. Donny tells him she made her choice and now he has to protect his family. Woz and Donny kiss. OMG. Did that just happen?


I need to know more about their relationship!!

Harlee goes to the apartment of the boy whose body Tess found and moved. She finds Carlos there. She checks the back rooms and finds the same plastic guns that the victim used. She tells Carlos nothing there. He leaves to tell Tess that the boy was her neighbor. Harlee tries to get all the guns when the roommate walks in. He runs and Harlee is just too good. She catches him. Then, Harlee gets a call from Woz. He tells her to meet at the marina in 2 hours because he’s got a hunch.

Meanwhile, Stahl is at a custody hearing. He is with his son. Wait he has a son? Then, he gets a call from Agent Baker. She reveals that he has been going through a lot with his son and his partner died on duty. Damn.


It’s date night. Harlee is late for her date with Nava. Of course 😉 She looks amazing. They are getting the awkward part of the first date out of the way when she sees Stahl. She has to cut her conversation short and goes to meet Stahl in the bathroom. He looks pissed. Harlee tells him she still has nothing which makes him more pissed. He tells her to take her dress off…for a wire. He tells her to stop trying to play him. She doesn’t want to take her dress off and he tells her he owns her. This scene was INTENSE.


Woz and Harlee meet. He tells her she has a tell. He says she keeps lying to him and knows she is the rat. She plays it off saying that she always tucks her hair behind her ears and has been doing it since she was little. She admits to lying about the files because she was worried about Loman. She tells him to call him so he can tell him the same thing. If she is the mole, she must have a wire. She throws him her purse and tells him to look through it. He finds no wire. She is now undressing. He looks and tells her to get dressed. Good thing he didn’t actually search her because she had a wire.


Loman is out with the cousin and his mother of the victim he shot. He wants to see her again. She asks why he is being so generous and he says that he is familiar with tragedy. He gets her number. YES LOMAN!

Harlee goes to see Nava. She takes him over dinner that Cristina made. And yes Stahl is parked outside. Nava doesn’t want to cross the line between personal and professional. Harlee definitely crosses that line with confidence and he is not complaining. The night ends with a Harlee and Nava hookup. She definitely remembered to turn on the recording on the wire. Stahl hears everything and is pissed again.


So many revelations in this episode! Can’t wait to find out more about each character as the season progresses.

Tune in every Friday at 10/9PM CST on NBC

-Perfectly Perez


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