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Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot Part 1” Recap

Buckle up and get ready for a LEGENDary ride!

The episode begins in London in the year 2166. Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) is conquering the entire planet. In London, he sees a boy and his mother and walks over to them. He kills the mother and asks the boy if he is brave like his father or foolish like his mother. Jonas, the young boy, spits in his face. Man even a kid doesn’t like Vandal. He must really be a savage. Vandal says he is brave like his father and turns away. Guess he has a weak spot for children. And I spoke too soon. He turns back a few seconds later and says nope you are foolish like your mother. Vandal kills Jonas.

Captain Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) is talking to the Time Masters Council. He is asking to stop Vandal Savage. The council is not agreeing with him. Their job is to protect the timeline not humanity. He ends with this.


Gideon, an artificial interactive consciousness programmed to operate Waverider, asks how the meeting went. Rip says just as expected. Now it’s time to find the team he needs to defeat Vandal Savage.The team consists of Ray (the Atom), Sara (White Canary), Jefferson and Dr. Stein (Firestorm), Kendra (Hawkgirl), Carter (Hawkman), Leonard Snart (Captain Cold), and Mick Rory (Heat Wave). What a team!

After capuring all of them, Rip introduces himself and what he wants from them. He needs their help and tells them that in the future they are LEGENDS! He shows them  what the world would look like in 150 years if they do not help.


No pressure.

He gives Dr. Stein a card with an address. They have 36 hours to decide if they are willing to go on this mission with Rip. And the clock begins now.

Ray goes to see Oliver. He wants to know what Oliver thinks about going with Rip. At first, Oliver is hesitant, but Ray tells him that when people thought he was dead no one cared. He wants to make a difference in the world. He has to go, and Oliver supports him.

Kendra and Carter are discussing their decision to go or to stay. Carter is all for it and Kendra isn’t on board. There is only one way to settle this. Hawkman vs. Hawkgirl. Whoever wins gets to decide what they do.


I got my money on Hawkgirl!

Sara and Laurel are having a fast paced talk about this mission. They are sparring and Laurel thinks it will be good for her. Sara is hesitant because of her blood lust after the Lazarus Pit. Laurel tells her to “be a hero in the light”. Hello White Canary! Props to Cisco for the outfit!!


Snart is considering the offer to go with Rip and Mick doesn’t seem to care what they do. Snart reminds him of all the things they could steal in the past and both are on board.

Dr. Stein and Jefferson are speaking in Stein’s office. Dr. Stein wants to go. I mean how could he not it’s time travel. He is going to need to do a lot of convincing because Jefferson does NOT want to go. But he is fine with letting Dr. Stein go by himself.


Guess he didn’t need much convincing. All it took was a roofie. Poor Jefferson.


Dr. Stein and an unconscious Jefferson are the first ones to meet Rip at the address he gave them. He thinks he is the only one who agree to go, but then here comes the rest of them. Everyone meet the Waverider.


First class is now boarding! The teams is boarding Waverider. Dr. Stein and Ray are talking science and it brings back old memories. Or not…


Sorry Ray! Dr. Stein doesn’t remember you.

Rip tells them to buckle up because they are going to 1975 to see a Professor Aldus Boardman. He is the only one who knows and studies Vandal Savage and hopefully he can help. They have landed. Now that wasn’t so bad. Oh except for the nausea…and vertigo…and temporary blindness. Time to go see Professor Boardman. Rip, Carter, Kendra, Ray, and Dr. Stein are at Saint Roch University. The others are headed to the bar except for poor Jefferson.

Back at the school, Professor Boardman is telling them all he knows about Vandal Savage. He starts by telling them that Vandal loved Kendra in her first life. He found out about her affair with Carter and then he killed them both in a jealous rage. Boardman tells them that in their previous life their names were Joe and Edith…BOARDMAN. Yes professor Boardman is their son.


The Waverider is under attack from Kronos before they can finish their conversation. Kendra maternal instincts are already kicking in and says she won’t leave without her son. Carter supports her. Looks like Hawkson is coming too. YAY! They are still under attack and need to reach Waverider so Ray can suit up and Dr. Stein can pair up with Jefferson. Rip pulls out his gun to cover them.


Yes Professor Boardman that is a laser gun.

They are all running towards Waverider and then Professor Boardman is hit. Kronos is winning until Snart hits him with the car. Professor Boardman needs help quick. They know that he is going to die because Rip told them that’s what he saw in his future. If they weren’t properly introduced before, Kendra sure introduced her fist to his face. Next up, White Canary introduces her fist to Rip’s face. Wow the women sure are loving Rip. He reveals that he has lied to them. He relinquished his position in the time masters council when he chose to pursue this mission. The team has been fooled and aren’t too happy about it. He tells them why he is so keen on going after Vandal Savage. Remember the young boy from the beginning. Well Jonas was his son. Vandal Savage murdered his family. I think the entire team can understand where he is coming from since they have all experienced loss in their own lives. He tells them they can decide if they want to stay or go home. He promises them one thing. The last face Vandal Savage sees will be his.

Kendra is checking on Aldus. He isn’t doing good. He gives her a necklace that is holding her ring! She lets him rest and sees Carter. She thanks him for sticking up for her and making Rip let them bring their son on Waverider. He calls her Shiera and this time she says its ok to call her that. Maybe now she will finally be able to embrace who she really is.

Dr. Stein goes to find Jefferson. He apologizes for dragging him along when he really didn’t want to come in the first place. Jefferson isn’t mad. He asks Dr. Stein if he has ever played football.


Yep didn’t think so. HAHA He tells him that when he played football he loved when he was apart of a team. He loved his players protecting him more than him scoring. He feels that now.

Ray is having a hard time deciding. He feels like he won’t be a legend in the future because Rip said they had minimal effect on his timeline. Sara is encouraging and tells him that if they can save the world they can change their futures.


The episode started with Vandal Savage, so it is only right to end with him. In the final scene, we see him in Norway in 1975. He is looking at a lot of explosives. He says, “I’m trying to make the world a better place 1 war a a time”.

That premiere was LEGENDary! Definitely my new favorite show! It has everything like action, love, and a perfect cast. Make sure to watch every Thursday at 8/7PM CST on CW.


-Perfectly Perez



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