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Telenovela “The Grand Gesture” Recap

Warm up those vocal cords because it’s time to sing on Telenovela

Ana Sofia walks onto set and a piano is there. She thinks it’s bad news. Is she just jealous because she CAN’T sing? Ana doesn’t think she is jealous, but with a cast full of performers they are going to be drawn to that like a moth drawn to a flame. Ana was right! Everyone starts singing Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”. How do they all have perfect voices? Everyone is having fun, but Ana is not having any of it.

Ana is talking with Xavi and Mimi. Where is James? Oh found him. I knew he couldn’t be far from her. James announces that he is Ana Sofia’s boyfriend! This is news to her. Gael keeps calling him Mr. McMahon. He wants him and the rest of the cast to feel comfortable around him so from now on he is James. Or they can give him a nickname! Even better.

Isaac is moving in! To a bigger room. He won Rodrigo’s dressing room while they were playing cards. Roxi wants to play! They immediately say NO! Come on guys. Are you scared of getting beaten by a girl?

Mimi, Gael, and Ana Sofia are heading to her dressing room and are surprised to find a room full of flowers and a huge BEAR! Mimi reads the note on the flowers. They are from James. How romantic.


Aww. He is the perfect guy right Ana? Well…she  thinks he is moving too fast. He took them to a Cuban restaurant for dinner. That’s not so bad. Oh the date was in Cuba. Okay definitely over the top, but still it’s romantic. Maybe she just needs to talk to him and fix this.

James is talking to the piano guy…I mean Xavi about Ana Sofia. James hasn’t been as happy as he is with Ana Sofia in a long time. Xavi asks if she still sleeps with mittens. Yes she does. I mean the star of Las Leyes de Pasion can’t be the star if she has scratches all over her face. The ex-husband and the current boyfriend talking about Ana. Nope not awkward at all. Ana Sofia comes in and is going to say hi to James. He has a phone call and before he answers it he tells Ana that he loves her. OMG!!! He probably didn’t mean it. Maybe it just slipped. He comes back to explain and says what he really meant. Yep he LOVES her. Look how happy she is.


Poor James! Now that he has confessed his love, Ana Sofia has to break up with him.

Everyone besides James knows Ana is planning to breakup with him. The cast is a little worried because he is their boss. Xavi makes sure to put it in perspective for everyone. He says if things don’t go right they could all end up sweeping floors for the rest of their life.


They would still be the hottest at sweeping floors. Xavi tells Ana to let him down easy because he has trust issues ever since his parents divorce. Mimi tells Ana the best thing to do is to tell him the truth. Honesty is always the best policy.


Okay Ana! Lying does always add more drama. And who doesn’t love a little drama.

James surprises Ana in her dressing room. This is it! She is going to break up with him. She tells him  that she has felt uncomfortable about their relationship for a while. He thinks it’s because he is her boss. She goes along with that theory and continues to play along. She says that she doesn’t think she can go on like this. They share a looooooooong hug while Ana picks outfits. Always the multi-tasker.

The next day, the cast is filming a dramatic scene…and there is a bomb. Xavi has to stop it, but which wire does he cut? Xavi is about to cut a wire when James interrupts filming. He has big news! He quit his job. Now he can be with Ana Sofia all the time.


James is waiting for Ana…for 12 hours. He has been up since 6am and didn’t know what else to do besides eat pizza and play video games. He is so chill. Ana tells him he needs to come up with a plan for his future.

Roxi meets the boys for cards. She definitely surprised them. It’s getting intense. Isaac and Roxi are the last two. Who will fold? Isaac starts smack talking and Roxi breaks down. She just wanted to fit in with the boys. Isaac tells her he will fold if she just stops crying. The boys just got played.


Ana Sofia is talking to Mimi and Gael about James. She still hasn’t told him how she really feels. Gael mentions that James asked him for Ana’s ring size. OMG is he going to propose? They are heading to find James and there is a path of lights and flowers. James breaks out in song.


He is an amazing performer. At the end he is about to ask Ana an important question. Before he can ask, she blurts out that she doesn’t want to marry him and she wants to break up. Ana definitely misread the situation. He just wanted to ask if she wanted to go to his cousins wedding in Omaha.

Ana is at her appointment with the piano guy.


She is telling him all about James and their relationship. She needs to apologize in a grand way. Mimi and Gael get James to talk to Ana with a tiger…that only responds to his voice. A for effort Gael! Is this happening? Ana Sofia is singing! She wants a little help from Xavi, but he can’t harmonize with Ana’s unique voice. James will forgive her only if she stops singing. They sit down and talk. She wants to know why he asked Gael about her ring size.


Oh he wanted to get her custom gloves. Duh Ana you can’t just wear any gloves. James decides that he needs to learn how to relax before he can be in a relationship. See Ana telling the truth isn’t that bad.

Such a funny episode. Eva Longoria singing was the best part! Whoever isn’t watching Telenovela, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out!

Don’t miss an episode so watch every Monday at 8:30/7:30PM CST on NBC.

-Perfectly Perez




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