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Recovery Road “Blackout” Recap

On the Road to Recovery

Maddie (Jessica Sula) wakes up on a lawn thanks to sprinklers. She had a crazy night filled with alcohol and drugs. She is headed home and sneaks in her room window. She lays down on her bed and 3 seconds later her alarm goes off. Her mother Charlotte (Sharon Leal) is driving her to school. Wait where is her car? Maddie lies to her mother and makes up a story on where her car is. She walks into school and is talking with her friend Nyla (Meg DeLacy). She asks her if she knows where her car is. She had no idea. Yep Maddie’s car is missing.

She has other problems to worry about now because the guidance counselor Cynthia (Alexis Carra) called Maddie and her mother in for a meeting. Cynthia has a bottle on her desk. It’s the same bottle from Maddie’s locker. She asks what’s in it and Maddie says it’s water. Cynthia uncaps the bottle and it does NOT smell like water. Cynthia has to test her alcohol level. Maddie doesn’t think she is allowed to do that, but Cynthia reads her the guidelines from the school handbook. She blows on the breathalizer and fails.


Her mom is shocked. Cynthia has to report this incident to the Headmaster and it will be up to him if she can remain at school. There is another option: 24 hour detox free of drugs and alcohol and 90 days at a treatment facility. Her mother agrees.

Maddie is signing in at Springtime Meadows, the outpatient treatment facility. She has to turn in her phone and go through a strip search. She goes back home in the car and is experiencing the 5 stages of grief:teenage edition.


They arrive at the facility. Everyone is so welcoming. They go talk to Craig (David Witts) the head counselor at the facility. They are finished doing the paperwork and now he is going over the rules of the house. Craig asks for her phone. She thought that she could keep it, but she has to earn the right to use it. For the first week she can only leave the house for school and scheduled events. Definitely not what she expected. Their conversation is interrupted by Maddie’s new roommate Trish (Kyla Pratt). There is a situation going on because Vern (Daniel Franzese) isn’t giving back the remote because someone stole his Cheesy Chomps.

Trish is giving Maddie a tour of the house. She shows them their room first.


I’m already loving Trish. She is so funny.

On their tour, Trish reveals that she lost custody of her daughter because of her meth addiction. She gives Maddie a journal to write in to document her experience, her struggles, and her progress. Rebecca (Lindsay Pearce), another girl in the house, walks into their room. They seem to know each other and it doesn’t look like they get along. Well at least we know who stole the Cheesy Chomps.


It’s time for group therapy. Everyone is sharing their story and it’s Maddie’s turn for her introduction. She has a hard time admitting that she is an alcoholic and has an attitude. She tells everyone that she doesn’t belong there.


Gotta love Vern.

Just as Maddie is coming , someone is going. Doug (Jerod Meagher) is leaving the treatment facility. The group gives him a parting gift. It’s a jacket. It’s similar to the one he lost. He has some advice for Maddie.


Maddie and Trish are in their room. Trish notices a unicorn that Maddie takes out of her bag. She touches it and Maddie immediately gets defensive. She apologizes, but it was something given to her by her late father. She tells Trish that he died in a car accident. He was hit by a drunk driver. And that night she has a nightmare about her dad.

The next morning, Cynthia is driving Maddie to school. As she is getting off the car her boyfriend notices her. He asks why she got a ride from the guidance counselor and she makes up another lie. She doesn’t want anyone knowing about her arrangement. She is talking with Nyla and still can’t believe she can’t find her car. Nyla remembers that Maddie’s laptop is in her car. She can use the find my device app to track down her phone.

Back at Springtime Meadows, Maddie is doing laundry and reading.  Wes (Sebastian De Souza) walks in. They seem to have had a connection since their first meeting. She needs to get out of the house and asks if he wants to go with her. She wants to go get nail polish. He hesitates, but tells her there is a hole in the back fence. He ends up going with her.

They are at the drugstore and they are getting to know each other. He asks what she wants to be when she gets older. She admits she wants to be a mortician. When her dad died, the people at the funeral made something unbearable bearable and she wants to do the same for others. They see the alcohol section and Wes has to go outside. When Maddie comes out, she shows him a bottle of vodka she bought. He tells her he is serious about his recovery and she immediately dumps it. They are about to go back and Craig pulls up. BUSTED!


Back at the house, Craig tells Maddie she needs to pack her bags and leave. Wes steps in and tells him no one is leaving. Craig tells her this is her one and only warning. She has to pee in a cup so he can make sure that she is still drug and alcohol free. Vern sees her as she is on her way out from Craig’s office and he tells her she can’t be doing things like that. He tells her treatment is like riding a bike. She admits that she doesn’t know how. OMG! Don’t worry Maddie, Vern will teach you. As she is going up the stairs she throws him a bag of Cheesy Chomps. She knows the way to his heart.

Craig and Wes are still talking. Craig says that Wes has bailed him out once so make sure if he wants to use his free card on Maddie. He does. Craig notices the connection between them and tells him that they can NOT date.

The next morning, Maddie sees Craig and wants to thank him for what he did. He ignores her. Then, she is reading outside when her mom shows up. She found her backpack and her car. She shows her a condom. She said she found it on the front of the car. Maddie is shocked. She is a virgin and doesn’t know why that would be there. She is upstairs crying and Trish finds her. She tells her that she has never had sex before and maybe she did with some random stranger. It couldn’t have been her boyfriend because that night he was babysitting. She was drunk and Trish tells her then it was not consensual. Maddie is scared that she was raped and that it could have happened many time before when she was drunk.

They are at the AA meeting. Vern sees her and wants to introduce her to his best friend.


It’s Cynthia, her guidance counselor. She tells her she is such a hypocrite. She threatens her that if she tells anyone about her situation she will tell everyone about hers.

Cynthia heads to Maddie’s house. Cynthia tells Charlotte what happened. Charlotte cleaned Maddie’s room and found her stash. She is mad at herself for not knowing. She talks about her husband and the relationship he had with Maddie. She admits they don’t have that kind of relationship. We find out that Charlotte was the one who told Cynthia to search Maddie’s locker. She tells Cynthia that Maddie can never no it was her.

Everyone is at the house and Doug is back. Unfortunately, he is back to his old ways. He goes straight for Rebecca and asks her if she wants to go party with him. He starts to get aggressive with her and Craig can’t find a way to stop him. He tells Rebecca to just go with him, and Vern and Wes take him down. Trish calls 911 and he is arrested. Charlotte and Cynthia show up and tell Maddie that they are going to find her a new teen treatment facility. To their surprise, Maddie wants to stay. She finally is able to admit her problems and start change. Everyone surprises her with a bike and she learns how to ride a bike. And everything is changing…


The premiere of Recovery Road was amazing! I didn’t really know what to expect from this show, but I am so glad I tuned in. It shows the real struggles of what drug and alcohol abusers go through. The cast is so talented and they compliment each other so well. It is definitely a MUST WATCH.

If you missed the premiere, check it out on the Freeform app. And make sure to watch every Monday at 9/8PM CST on Freeform. You will not be disappointed.

-Perfectly Perez


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