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Legends Of Tomorrow “Pilot Part 2” Recap

Vandal Savage come out come out wherever you are

It’s 1975 in Norway. Rip is looking at Aldus’ book and says that Vandal Savage would most likely be here. A nuclear bomb is on sale for arms dealers and terrorists. Yep definitely sounds like a place Vandal will most likely be at. Rip needs to come up with a plan, but Snart says he is in charge.

Snart, Dr. Stein, Rory, and Sara are at the place. The security team are checking credentials and they don’t have any. Snart steals credentials from a stranger. The name in this situation does not match the face. The guard doesn’t believe he is Arab. Dr. Stein steps in and is a total badass. Do you agree with Rory? I do!


OH SHIT! Damien Darhk is there, but they can’t seem to find Vandal. They were looking in the wrong places because he is not a buyer he is the seller. The nuclear bomb he is selling can blast 1 megaton of TNT. Let the bidding wars begin. Forget the paddles, buyers are using guns to bid. Dr. Stein notices that Vandal is suspicious of them so tells Rory to fire his gun. Sold! Congrats guys you just bought a nuclear weapon. Damien Darhk introduces himself and wants to know what organization they are working with. Darhk knows everyone and doesn’t know them. Dr. Stein slips and Vandal knows they are from the future. Vandal goes back on stage and says 25% discount for anyone who will bring him their heads. Let the epic fight sequence begin.


Kendra and Carter get there and find Savage. Carter tells him that he it’s time to end this now. He presses the timer on the nuclear bomb. Now what? Time for Firestorm. Dr. Stein talks Jefferson through it and he is able to contain the bomb so it didn’t affect anyone. Everything went okay right? Oh not exactly. Ray accidentally left a piece of his suit at the place. Now Vandal can get his tech guys to learn and create a weapon that could be even more dangerous. Rip shows them what 2016 looked like and it will probably be worse if they don’t find the part.


Carter is looking at Aldus’ items and comes across a paper that shows a knife. Kendra sees it and remembers that it’s the knife Vandal killed them with in their first lives. They join the team. They tell them this knife can kill Vandal. They need to find it, but first they need to find Ray’s missing part of his suit. There’s only one person who knows about alpha particles. Dr. Stein’s younger self. Dr. Stein, Sara, and Jefferson are going to meet young Martin Stein. They find him. Dr. Stein forgot how handsome he was. They start interacting with him and things aren’t going too well until Sara starts using her very important skills…her flirting skills.


Back on Waverider, Carter is trying to help Kendra remember the language on the knife. She is the only one who can translate it. She remembers something and its not about the knife. She has a memory of her being intimate with Carter. Carter takes this as his opportunity to go in for the kiss. REJECTED! Carter was like…


Vandal Savage is studying the part of Ray’s suit. Htells his team that they have 24 hours to study and understand the technology. One of his workers says it will take more than that. Lesson of the night: don’t talk back to your boss or else…


Ray, Snart, and Rory are trying to break in to the house of the owner of the knife. They are strategizing, but Ray walks right up to the security box. He knows what he is doing because his parents had one. He sets off the dummy box and here come guards.

Back with younger Stein. He tells them he has come up with an alpha particle tracker. He leaves the room. Now it’s time to find it. Before they start looking, Dr. Stein tells Sara to stop flirting with his younger self. October of 1975 is when he meets his future wife and he doesn’t need to be tempted by sexy assassin from the future. Sara was like…


Back at the house, the guys took down the guards. Now it’s time to steal the knife. They get the knife, but Snart and Rory want to steal everything. Not such a good idea. Ray vs. Snart. And the winner is…the alarm. They knock over an item from the owners collection and the alarm drops a cage down.


Back with the Steins. Dr. Stein found the alpha particle tracker and young Stein comes back. He is going to call the cops unless they get it back. Dr. Stein is making up a story and is lying pretty well. That was taking too long, so Sara just knocked him out. Always works. Dr. Stein sets a timer because that is the night he meets his wife so he can’t miss it.

Back at the house, Snart finds the security reset box. They are having an interesting conversation and then the alarm is shut off. Guess they are good to go. Well…not yet. Vandal got Rory and wants them to call their friends, especially their feathered ones.

Kendra is still working on remembering. Take 2. She remembers. It was a love poem and Carter gave her the knife. It promised that they would be together forever.

Sara, Dr. Stein, and Jefferson use the alpha particle tracker and find the missing part of Ray’s suit. Who will go get it? Sara duh! She get’s it quick, fast, and in a hurry. That’s why Stein found her so attractive. They are getting back on Waverider and Dr. Stein notices his wedding ring is fading. That means his younger self didn’t go to the mixer. He didn’t go because he followed them. Yep young Stein is on Waverider. Stein vs. Stein. Dr. Stein has had enough of his young arrogant self. Jefferson has to take him away from the situation. Stein says that he is still the same arrogant man and he hasn’t changed. Jefferson tells him he is arrogant but he is also smart and selfless. Jefferson is just saying the sweetest things! Jefferson and Dr. Stein were giving me all the feels.



The help has arrived. I give them full permission to kill that freaking Vandal Savage. Carter and Kendra are fighting Vandal while the team is holding off the guards. Carter stabs him with the knife so why is he still alive? Vandal tells him the knife has to be used by Kendra. He kills Carter.


Vandal just pissed off Kendra even more. She attacks, but he stabs her and tells her he loves her. Pretty sure you don’t stab a person you love. The team gets there before he kills her. Snart wants to finish him off, but Rip tells him Kendra is the only one who can kill Vandal. Back on Waverider, Ray is trying to help her. He can’t, but Gideon says she will be fine. Kendra wakes up and says that she didn’t get to tell Carter how she felt about him because she finally remembered. They are stuck in the 70s because a time jump could hurt Kendra. Rip pulls Dr. Stein to the side and needs to show him something. He takes him back to see that he reminded young Stein to go to the mixer. Yes! Dr. Stein is still married.

Now, the team has a decision to make. Do they want to go back to 2016 and live their old lives or do they want to make another play at this and get Vandal. They decide to go on…for Carter. So where to next?

Legends of Tomorrow is my new addiction. The show is amazing and the ratings prove it. You need to be watching. Watch every Thursday at 8/7PM CST on CW. You won’t be disappointed.

-Perfectly Perez


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