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Lights Down Low Tour: Concert Experience

Jessie James Decker and Temecula Road rocked the stage last night (February 26, 2016) at the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. The night started off with an amazing set from Temecula Road. The three members of Temecula include: Emma Salute, Maddie Salute, and Dawson Anderson (from left to right). If you don't know them… Continue reading Lights Down Low Tour: Concert Experience

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Telenovela Season Finale Recap

 There can only be ONE Ana Sofia! Ana is late to work. Things just aren't going her way this morning. Things can't get any worse...right?  Paulo the P.A. turns Ana's frown upside down. He brings her a bag of fan mail that is coming from a stalker. Only Ana Sofia would be excited to have a stalker! Ana and… Continue reading Telenovela Season Finale Recap

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Recovery Road “My Loose Thread” Recap

The past definitely comes back to haunt Trish on Recovery Road. The episode begins with a Trish flashback. She is cutting wallpaper and digging on the floor. She tells her boyfriend at the time that she knows he is hiding meth from her. She is experiencing withdrawals. Then, we go back to present day. Trish… Continue reading Recovery Road “My Loose Thread” Recap

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Haruhonpo:Chocolate Sweetheart Classic Bag Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Haruhonpo. All opinions are my own. As a busy woman always on the go, I find it difficult to find quality bags that have enough room for everyday necessities but that are also stylish. I am always looking for versatile bags that I can take everywhere.… Continue reading Haruhonpo:Chocolate Sweetheart Classic Bag Review

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Shades of Blue “Undiscovered Country” Recap

It's definitely a matter of life and death on Shades of Blue. Harlee rushes to Sap and Marcus. Sap is still alive after falling stories! Marcus and Harlee are starting compressions. The ambulance arrives and Woz wants Harlee to stay with him to explain this to the police, but she rides in the ambulance with Sap.… Continue reading Shades of Blue “Undiscovered Country” Recap

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Bitten “Family, Of Sorts” Recap

THE TRUTH CHANGES EVERYTHING. The season 3 premiere of Bitten starts with Elena telling someone about her premonition. She tells them to promise that they won't tell anyone. After describing her premonition, she asks what they see now when they look at her. She asks if the premonition will ever go away and stop being… Continue reading Bitten “Family, Of Sorts” Recap