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Lights Down Low Tour: Concert Experience

Jessie James Decker and Temecula Road rocked the stage last night (February 26, 2016) at the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.

The night started off with an amazing set from Temecula Road.


The three members of Temecula include: Emma Salute, Maddie Salute, and Dawson Anderson (from left to right). If you don’t know them already, you will definitely fall in love with this dynamic trio. Their harmonies are so in sync and their chemistry just makes them sound so much better. Make sure to get their single “Paper or Plastic” on iTunes now . For more info on Temecula Road head to their website

The night got even better when Jessie James Decker walked on the stage.


She looked STUNNING and don’t even get us started on her voice! We swear she has some of the best vocals we have ever heard! She performed covers, old and new songs. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll say that this was probably one of the best concerts we’ve been too. She was so interactive with the fans! She made us feel like friends rather than fans.

I love when an artist makes their concert personal. You could feel her emotion in every song. Things definitely got HOT when she asked her husband Eric Decker to come out on the stage.


Eric + Jessie = SEXUAL

We didn’t want the night to end! We were so excited to have the chance to meet her after the concert!


For those of you who were lucky enough to get tickets get ready to sing and dance all night long! For more info on everything Jessie James Decker head to

-Perfectly Perez


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Telenovela Season Finale Recap

 There can only be ONE Ana Sofia!

Ana is late to work. Things just aren’t going her way this morning. Things can’t get any worse…right?  Paulo the P.A. turns Ana’s frown upside down. He brings her a bag of fan mail that is coming from a stalker.


Only Ana Sofia would be excited to have a stalker!

Ana and Xavi are having a scene together. They jumped out of the plane on time before it exploded. They kiss and they are literally stuck together.


Just like old times. Ana says its crazy that Kelly thought they still had something between them, but Xavi doesn’t think it’s crazy. He admits that he still thinks they have something. He asks her to coffee. If she shows up, they will talk about their relationship and if not they can continue to be friends.

Isaac is working on a new show idea. Roxi asks why he is thnking of a new idea. Isabela explains that’s how telenovelas work. Writers make a show then they start writing for a new project. Roxi wants to be apart of the new show and so does Rodirgo and Isabela. They show him their talents to consider when he is writing. Rodrigo can talk with a British accent; Isabela can take dance; and Roxi knows karate. I mean is there anything they can’t do.

Ana, Mimi, and Gael are talking about Xavi. Mimi can’t believe Xavi admitted he still has feelings for Ana. Ana describes it perfectly.


Gael thinks it’s too good to be true. All I know is Xavi better not hurt Ana again or he will RUE the day. Ana asks for their advice. Mimi says just go for it. Gael reminds her about James. Ana was hoping that something would happen, but she never heard anything from him. It’s like he fell off a mountain or something. She tells them she wants their honest opinions and they are about to give them, but Ana doesn’t let them speak. She makes her decision! She is going to her coffee date with Xavi.

Ana is at the coffee place waiting for Xavi. She asks a man if they can switch tables. If they are going to rekindle their romance, they can’t be sitting next to a trash can. She is waiting and he is still not there. The man leaves to use the bathroom and asks if she can watch his laptop. She calls Mimi to tell her how Xavi still isn’t there. She can’t believe that she fell for it again. She wants to leave, but is still waiting for guy to get out of bathroom. Oh someone stole the laptop?


At work the next day, Gael is pissed! He can’t believe Xavi stood Ana up. Mimi tells Ana that Xavi didn’t show up for work today. Maybe he was sick so he couldn’t meet her last night. Mimi says maybe he just changed his mind. Ana can’t think of that because her heart will break again. Ana thinks maybe her stalker took him. Gael and Mimi think she is crazy. She calls the police and tells them what happened and they don’t believe her. Ana has a meeting with the cast and crew of Las Leyes de Pasion. She tells them that Xavi is kidnapped. Mimi and Gael are signaling to everyone that’s not true. Isaac asks her to think of anyone who might hate her. She says no one hates her. The cast starts listing Ana Sofia haters one by one.  Ana admits that maybe Xavi just didn’t want her anymore. She decides to go home.

Gael and Mimi are trying to think about what really happened to Xavi. They both think he got back together with Kelly. They admit that she is great and would be dumb not to date her. Mimi realizes Kelly has been copying Ana. Every job Ana has had on the show, Kelly  did too.


They all realize Kelly is the stalker when Ana walks into her house and she Xavi all tied up. Ana knew it. Xavi is bound and gagged lol

Kelly starts describing when this all started. Her parents were never home so she was always with babysitters. They would always watch Ana on telenovelas. Since then, she has wanted to be her. Ana was the only constant in her life. She just realized she can never be Ana. WOW Kelly you are so smart.


So, she will be the next best thing…be Ana’s best friend. They do “forced” best friend activities together like painting their nails and brushing their hair. She should call Mimi to tell her that they are no longer besties. Kelly goes to get her phone. Ana and Xavi are finally alone. Xavi wants to tell her something. Maybe its an escape plan. Nope he wants to tell her that he wants to be buried in his black jeans in case he doesn’t make it out alive. Kelly is back with her phone so Ana calls Mimi. She says she is with KELLY and that she is no longer her BFF because KELLY is her BFF now.  Mimi got the hint. I mean why would they never be best friends. The cops are there and don’t believe them. They say maybe they just grew apart. Uh how rude! It’s time for the cast to save Ana.

Kelly decides she needs to kill Xavi. He is the only one who could ever come between them. Ana says she will have to kill her first before she kill Xavi. Ana vs Kelly.


These girls are strong. I mean they do have the same workouts.

The cast is at Ana’s house. They need to decide who is going first. They all decide that the strongestand baddest person should go first. Of course, that’s MIMI! Now, they need to find her a weapon. A wine backpack.


That has to work. Just as Mimi is going to rescue Ana, Kelly falls off Ana’s balcony and into the pool! Good thing that annoying bird was still in Ana’s placce. Kelly is arrested. Ana goes to talk to Xavi. She asks if he was going to show up for coffee. He says he was and starts to play her a song that he wrote for her. After his amazing performance, they kiss!

Las Leyes de Pasion is filming its last episode. Ana and Xavi’s characters are getting married and it seems like Ana and Xavi will finally be together. Gustavo asks if anyone objects and guess who walks in…James.


He is back from the dead. Wait… Ana didn’t know he was dead. Well, not dead but he definitely had to struggle. He fell off the mountain and then saved himself. The first thing he did when he got to Miami was get a snow cone. The next thing he is doing is trying to win Ana back. Who will she choose.

We see a preview for what the next season will look like!



-Perfectly Perez

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Recovery Road “My Loose Thread” Recap

The past definitely comes back to haunt Trish on Recovery Road.

The episode begins with a Trish flashback. She is cutting wallpaper and digging on the floor. She tells her boyfriend at the time that she knows he is hiding meth from her. She is experiencing withdrawals. Then, we go back to present day. Trish is trying to wake Maddie up. It’s Trish’s first day at work at Margarita’s Jamaican restaurant. She definitely looks the part.


Trish is till trying to wake up Maddie and nothing is working. Margarita shows Trish the best way to wake up a teenager: roll them off the bed!

It’s time for group therapy. The group leader, Donna (Rebecca Metz), is trying a new exercise. Everyone has to choose an animal that represents their family. Maddie chooses a squirrel and a cat. She is the squirrel of course because she doesn’t care. It’s time for Margarita. Everyone is a lion except her husband. He is a turtle.


During therapy, Wes gets a text from a person named Asa. After he sees the text, he does not want anything to do with this activity for the day. WHO IS ASA? The group session finished and it’s time for Trish and Margarita to go to work. She introduces Trish to her son (Jordan Calloway). He is HOT!!


Maddie is meeting Cynthia at school…on a SUNDAY! Cynthia tells Maddie that this process won’t help unless she puts in the work. It’s time for Maddie to pick a sponsor. She decides to pick Cynthia. Cynthia can’t believe she chose her.  She tells her she needs to start with the 12 stages. Yes it’s a Sunday and Maddie already has sober homework.

Back at Margarita’s, Trish finally meets Margarita’s husband Mort (Max Gail). Trish is telling him just about everything about himself. She tells him how he and Margarita used to be roommates, but she snored too much. She talks about her new roommate Maddie. I love Trish!  Once Mort hears that she is also a recovering addict, he goes to talk to Margarita. He is not happy that she hired Trish. Margarita stands up for Trish and tells him she will work there.

Maddie and Wes are watching a tv show called Storms of the Heart. Maddie is bored and wants advice from Wes. She wants to know how he went 6 moths sober in this house. He says model planes. They start building one. Here is the finished product.


Cynthia calls Charlotte to tell her that Maddie wants her to be her sponsor and wants to make sure she is okay with Maddie’s decision. Maddie’s mom give the ok.

Maddie and Wes are in the park flying the plane. Maddie isn’t having as much fun so Wes let’s her fly it. Let’s just say Maddie won’t be winning pilot of the year any time soon. She asks why Wes is so closed off about his recovery. He admits that after his last stint of being 6 months sober he messed up so much. He had a great job and he messed it up and won’t ever be able to get a job like that again. They decide to go to visit Charlotte at work.

Time to check in with some of Maddie’s friends. Ellie (Haley Lu Richardson) is on her bed when Nyla comes over. They were supposed to go to the beach, but they are still drunk/hungover to go anywhere. They start talking about Maddie and how she has changed.

Back at Charlotte’s work, they are taking a tour. Wes tells her that he worked with one of her clients. It was his mentor. The topic of Maddie’s sponsor is brought up. Maddie’s mom still doesn’t understand what a sponsor is. Wes explains it to her and says it’s basically someone who helps with the 12 steps and someone you tell everything to including your ups and downs. Maddie’s mom has to re-think about Maddie’s decision to have Cynthia as a sponsor.

Trish is starting her job. She is having a hard time with waitressing. She is getting orders wrong, spilling things, and taking too many breaks. Let’s just say some customers aren’t paying for their meals 😉


Trish spills a drink on a customer and said she did her a favor because she was wearing mom jeans. Margarita hears this and  yells at her and tells her she can’t do anything right! Trish is having another flashback. It’s a young Trish and her mom talking to Mrs. Summers (Marianne Muellerleile), staff member at the school. She says that Trish needs to se evaluated by the district psychiatrist. We go back to Margarita’s restaurant and she tells Trish that her daughter is lucky not to live with her. Margarita tells her to get out NOW. Trish leaves crying.

Wes and Maddie are walking and talking about Maddie’s mom. He really liked her and thinks Charlotte is a great support for Maddie. Maddie asks if he has someone like that in his life. And he says it’s his grandma. Maddie tells him that they should go visit her now. They hold hands.



We are introduced to Wes’s grandma (Jenny O’Hara). She is fighting with an employee at her nursing home. She wants to attend a funeral for one of her best friends and the employee is telling her she can’t go. She is about to start an Attica riot, but Wes and Maddie get there in time. His grandma looks at Maddie and already likes her.


Wes’s grandma just says the nicest things!

Back at Ellie’s house they are still trying to figure out what is going on with Maddie. Only one possible explanation. BODY SNATCHERS. Ellie tells Nyla that she finished Maddie’s drink at the party because “No booze left behind” and it was water. That’s definitely not the Maddie they know.

Margarita’s husband and son are upset with Margarita. They tell her she didn’t need to be so hard on Trish. They remind her that everyone deserves a second chance. Trish deserves a second chance just like Margarita did. This hits Margarita and makes her reconsider.

Cynthia and Charlotte meet for lunch. Charlotte wonders if it is a conflict on interest to have a guidance counselor for a sponsor. I think someone is jealous because she will be confiding in Cynthia and not her. Charlotte puts her foot down and says that she is not comfortable with Cynthia being her daughter’s sponsor.

Maddie thinks they should take Wes’s grandma to the funeral. Time for an escape plan. First, they need a car. Maddie goes to the man’s next door and Maddie pretends to be his granddaughter. She tells him she needs to borrow his car and she does it. They checked off everything on their list and they are free. Escape complete.


They are in the car and his grandma wants to know what’s going on between them. Wes says they are just friends and she asks if Maddie doesn’t think Wes is cute. She admits he is cute. His grandma tells her, “Don’t be afraid to try”.

Margarita goes to Trish’s room. Trish is crying and tells her to leave her alone. Trish admits that she feels like she can’t do anything right and Margarita apologizes. She tells Trish she will give her another chance. YAY!

Wes, his grandma, and Maddie are at the funeral. His grandma is paying respect to the family and Wes and Maddie are behind having a conversation. She tells him she wishes she could make things better 4 him. Wes tells her she already is.


Margarita’s son tells Trish she should be proud of herself. Trish has another flashback of her and her mom fighting. She told her mom she is having a baby and her mom is telling her she needs to seek help. Trish tells her mom that she can handle it and will be fine.

Back at the funeral, Maddie tells Wes how awesome his grandma is. She is even comforting the woman’s husband.


She is really comforting him.

Trish is talking to her sponsor. She tells her about her progress and new job. Her sponsor is proud of her and asks if she told her mom about it. Trish didn’t, but will tell her everything after her shift. She hopes that maybe she will get more visiting time with her daughter. We see another Trish flashback. She is throwing pills away and still struggling with her meth addiction.

Margarita made her husband his favorite meal. She wants to show how grateful she is for him and her family giving her a second chance. This was such a beautiful moment.

Cynthia goes to visit Maddie at Springtime Meadows. She tells her about her mom and how she doesn’t want her to be her sponsor. Maddie doesn’t understand. Cynthia agree to be her temporary sponsor, but suggests she doesn’t tell her mom about this.The door bell rings and Maddie opens the door. It’s the drug dealer that she saw at Wes’s ex girlfriends place.She doesn’t want to let him in but Wes says to. He is Wes’s brother.


He wants to know where his grandma is because his mom wants to know who her power of attorney is. Everything is stopped when Trish comes in and says that her baby is missing.

-Perfectly Perez

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Haruhonpo:Chocolate Sweetheart Classic Bag Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Haruhonpo. All opinions are my own.


As a busy woman always on the go, I find it difficult to find quality bags that have enough room for everyday necessities but that are also stylish. I am always looking for versatile bags that I can take everywhere. So, when I was sent a Haruhonpo bag that can be used in various ways like a diaper bag or everyday purse I was ecstatic.


When I first opened the package, I was surprised by the awesome but simple packaging! I chose the Chocolate Sweetheart Classic bag. The first things I noticed when took the bag out of the packaging was the soft fabric and the cute heart design . Along with the awesome fabric, the bag is very durable and comes with a small zipper bag that can hold my iPad and a medium size insulated bag that can hold a drink or a snack inside.



Storage space, style and functionality play huge parts in choosing and purchasing a bag that you can actually use everywhere you go. I can personally say that this bag met all of those qualities. I love using my new Haruhonpo bag when going on new adventures such as family picnics and outdoor beach days. I was able to fit a reusable water bottle, two books, a laptop, sunscreen, lotion, makeup, an iPad mini, an iPhone and snacks all in this bag while still having room to put much more.

If you are looking for a functional everyday bag, Haruhonpo is the place to check out. They have multiple styles, sizes, designs and functions. Be sure to check out Haruhonpo bags on their website .

Make sure to follow Haruhonpo on Twitter and like on Facebook.

-Perfectly Perez

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How To Be Single Review

Don’t be afraid of the single life, embrace it!

It’s always a pleasure to watch a rom-com that has a great story and the perfect cast. I feel like most people whether they are single or in a relationship can relate to this film. When you are in a relationship, it may be easy to lose yourself. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are dependent on someone else. Dakota Johnson who plays Alice takes us on her journey of  finding herself and exploring the single life. This film is like a rollercoaster bumpy yet thrilling. I believe How To Be Single is my favorite romantic comedy of 2016 because it is so relatable, has a great cast, and has a great message.

We are introduced to Alice and her boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun). They have been together for 4 years and she decides that they need to take a break. It’s not that they are having relationship problems or anything, but Alice thinks she needs to learn how to be by herself for a while. I think the relationship between Alice and Josh reminds me of a first love. You can’t imagine being apart or even being with anyone else. Most of the times it works out, but sometimes it doesn’t. Alice is going to take us on her journey to the Big Apple. Nicholas Braun’s character is centered around Alice’s growth, but we don’t get to see him as much throughout the film. For not being seen as much as different characters in the film, I love Nicholas Braun’s performance. He makes his presence known even when he isn’t in the scene. He is able to carry a weight with  every character, including those that don’t even know him.

In New York, Alice works as a paralegal and meets Robin (Rebel Wilson). They are definitely opposites. Alice is more reserved, but she is open to trying new things. Robin is hilarious and carefree. When Robin finds out Alice is single, she wants to make it her mission to show Alice the “right” way to live a single life. According to Robin, single life = partying, no strings attached, and drinking! I feel like there is a pressure when you are single. People are always trying to set you up and find “the one” for you. I feel like this definitely adds pressure to live a life that is carefree because there will always be judgment.  Sometimes “the one” may actually be yourself and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Robin’s first lesson is sleeping with someone with no strings attached. Robin introduces her to a the bartender Tom (Anders Holm). He is very straight forward and admits that he is just looking to have fun and isn’t looking for anything serious. They hook up. They are great friends for each other.  We are introduced to Lucy (Alison Brie). She needs to use Tom’s Wi-Fi at the bar and she is looking for her perfect match. She is trying online dating and none of the guys that she is meeting are her one. She and Tom have a unique relationship. She is probably the first girl who doesn’t seem interested in hooking up with him. I love how the most unlikely people to be friends end up helping each other in learning more about themselves and each other.

Alice is living with her sister Meg (Leslie Mann) who is a single doctor. She tells everyone that she doesn’t want kids, but it’s ironic how a baby actually helped her realize that she wanted to be a mom. She uses a sperm donor and gets pregnant. They always say you find love when you aren’t looking for it, and she may have just found it in  Ken (Jake Lacy). He is younger than her, and Meg doesn’t think it’s serious at all. She wants a quick one night stand and definitely gets more than she bargained for. They are total opposites, but challenge each other. She thinks she can control everything, and he keeps proving her wrong.

Alice and Josh aren’t getting back together any time soon and she is definitely struggling. She meets David (Damon Wayans Jr.) and she is back in a relationship. Even though they start dating, I think she continues to make progress in her mission to find herself. This shows that she doesn’t need to be single to learn more about herself.

I  really enjoyed watching the friendship between Alice and Robin. I think they learned so much from each other and don’t think they could have grown without each other. Alice is always focusing on finding herself and trying to have a moment when she says “oh I know who I am now”. I don’t think there is a moment, but you just have to live life. Robin makes her try new things and shows her how amazing single life can be. Robin plays it like she is all about single life and nothing else, but deep down I think she wants love. I think that is why they have an argument at Alice’s birthday party. They both don’t want to admit what is holding them back. Alice thinks being single will give her the chance to find herself. This is true, but I think if you’re in a relationship you can still find yourself. Robin is really fighting with Alice because she sees the love Alice has had and wants to experience that. I feel like she uses single life as her crutch. She wants Alice to step out of her comfort zone, when she is scared of stepping out of hers.

I loved the cast. They ALL portrayed their characters perfectly. When I was watching it, I felt like I could totally be having these conversations with some of my friends. It might not be the exact same situations, but I think everyone has their own definition of love. I love that this film empowered me to embrace being single and not to always concentrate on finding the one. I think the message of the film is to be happy. I believe that you have to love yourself before you can love someone. For me, this film focused on finding yourself no matter if you are in a relationship and to be open to love. Being single can be awkward and awkward to talk about and I really appreciated the comedy. I think the humor made the movie even better.

If you want to see a amazing rom-com with a perfect cast, you need to see How To Be Single. You will feel like the characters are so relatable. This film definitely gets two thumbs up from me.

-Perfectly Perez

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Shades of Blue “Undiscovered Country” Recap

It’s definitely a matter of life and death on Shades of Blue.

Harlee rushes to Sap and Marcus. Sap is still alive after falling stories! Marcus and Harlee are starting compressions. The ambulance arrives and Woz wants Harlee to stay with him to explain this to the police, but she rides in the ambulance with Sap. Marcus tells Frank Kovach’s girlfriend that she needs to police ask her what happened. She needs to say that she knew Frank was going to kidnap his son so she called the 64th precinct.

Stahl is working out when Molly wants to talk to him. She tells him about Frank and Sap. It’s time for them to do some digging.

Harlee is at the hospital with Sap. She keeps telling him that she is sorry and she tried to warn him. The doctors take him. Woz shows up and Harlee questions him. She thinks Woz pushed Sap and of course he denies it. They both need some space. Woz goes to the bathroom while Harlee stays in the hall. The doctor places Sap’s personal items down on the nurses desk and Harlee realizes that Sap’s phone is in the bag. She remembers that she left him a message and needs to get it before anyone hears that message. She grabs the phone.


The crew is at the hospital. Marcus and Espada are fighting. They can’t believe Sap would rat them out and have different opinions regarding the situation. They get into a fist fight. Marcus vs Espada! And the winner is Harlee. She breaks up the fight and reminds them they need to focus on Sap and the crew.


Woz steps in and tells them that they can’t jump to conclusions. They need to let Sap speak for himself. He tells everyone to go home and cool down. Harlee and Woz have a conversation. She asks him if he meant what he said about Sap telling his side of the story. Woz was like


Stahl goes to see agent Baker. She is at target practice and is not happy with Stahl. He was supposed to be watching Sap. He better convince her that he has a plan. He tells her that if Woz believes he got the rat, maybe he will continue doing his deals and get caught. He tells her that she should walk into the precinct acting like the FBI really lost an asset to make it seem like Sap was the rat. She likes the idea and wants to know more about Frank.

Marcus goes to see Sap’s friend Sofia. He thinks she had something to do with Sap working for the FBI. He is about to get physical and abusive, but notices a bruise on her upper thigh. He apologizes and tells her about Sap’s condition.

Stahl meets Harlee on the subway.


As you can see, she was so thrilled! He is questioning her about everything that happened with Sap. Stahl thinks Woz pushed him off, but Harlee tries to convince him that it was an accident. He tells her that he knows Frank and IS going to find out more about him.

Woz is alone with Sap. The doctor comes in and tells Woz more about his condition. Sap is in a medically induced coma. He could come out and remember every thing about the accident or he could come out not even remembering his name. The doctor leaves and Woz is talking to Sap. He tells Sap that he should have just come to him and he could have helped him.


After Woz said this, Sap had a pulmonary embolism. The doctors tell Woz to get out of the room so they can try to stabilize him.Woz goes in the hall and sees Sap’s Mom. She tells Woz that Sap stopped going to Temple 5 years ago. That was when he started working with Woz and the crew. Woz is about to leave when Sap’s mom says something about she knew things were going to get bad when those guys showed up. Woz is intrigued and wants to know more.

Stahl and Molly are looking up more information on Frank. They come across a name. MIGUEL ZEPEDA. They know there is connection between him and the 64th precinct. They keep on digging.

Nava and Cristina finally meet. He tells her that he is one of her mom’s friends.


Cristina you are so funny.

Loman and Harlee are talking. He tells  her that Sap had his gun. He switched with him when he was dealing with shooting the victim. That gun was part of 2 shootings in 10 days. He asks what he should say if they question him and Harlee says to tell the truth.


She doesn’t really care what he says. This whole situation is weighing heavily on her. She apologizes and tells Loman what to say. Loman says he wants to know the truth about what happened.

Woz is at the precinct talking to the Captain McManus. He is questioning Woz about the situation. Woz is calm and collected until Agent Baker walks in. She tells him that Sap had been under investigation by the FBI. They had reason to believe that his life was in danger. Stahl’s plan is working!

Sofia and Marcus show up at the hospital. Marcus is visiting Sap and his mom. She asks about Sofia and the mom says that she doesn’t look like someone her son would hang out with. Sofia leaves. Marcus asks if he can take a look at her house to look at Sap’s notes. He tells her they were working on a case together and his notes would be helpful. She says of course and gives him the keys.

Stahl goes too Rikers to see Miguel. He wants to know why Harlee came to see him. Stahl tells him he knows about his habeus corpus appeal. Miguel doesn’t give him any information. Stahl is pissed and tells him good luck with his appeal because Frank can’t help him anymore. Miguel had a great comeback.


Nava and Harlee have a conversation at the hospital. She appreciates him talking to Cristina and keeping her company during this hard time. She gives him some advice.


He admits that he is smitten with her. Harlee tells him that she is not a good person and he should stay away. You know he Nava listens!

Stahl and Molly are talking with the friend of the girl Miguel supposedly murdered. She says she doesn’t know anything, but Stahl plays the 911 call she made the day of Rita’s murder. He asks her why she never came forward with information? They leave and Stahl knows she is hiding something and sounds rehearsed. He knows Woz had something to do with this.

Marcus is going through Sap’s room. He is tearing everything apart. He is not finding anything. Then, he looks under the rug and finds this.


Woz finds Harlee in the hospital chapel. She tells him that she is worried about telling Miguel about Frank’s death. She doesn’t know if she can lie to him without him noticing. He tells her that she needs to convince herself first of her lie before going to see Miguel. She asks if that is what he did to her. Woz breaks and tells her that Sap came to him about talking to the feds and he didn’t have a choice. Woz says that Sap can never wake up because he has a story that the feds definitely want to hear. Woz says he did what he had to do. If Frank didn’t die there was a chance Miguel could get out. And that was NOT an option. Harlee asks if they will ever be free of their sins? Woz tells Harlee that he needs her to distract the FBI agent watching Sap. Harlee is pleading with him to give Sap a chance. He may not remember anything and he would have killed him for nothing. She wants him to promise that he wont hurt Sap again. He agrees.


Harlee goes to see Miguel. She tells him that Frank is dead. He is suspicious of her intentions. He thinks that she doesn’t want him to get out. She assures him that she had no part in getting Frank killed. And one of her own was injured too. She tells him that she will talk to his parole officer. She holds his hands and tells him everyone deserves a second chance.

Loman tells everyone that Sap is making progress and may wake up the next day. Marcus goes into Wox’s office. He tells him that Sap was talking to the feds. He shows him the immunity papers. Marcus says Sap was snitching for 2 weeks. Woz tells him not to jump to conclusions. Woz reminds Marcus that the FBI is very convincing. Marcus is having a hard time trusting anyone, but Woz assures him he can trust him!

Woz is at a storage room with a duffel bag. He puts explosives in the bag and heads to the hospital. He is sitting in the waiting room and Harlee comes to sit next to him. Woz tells her that Sap is tougher than he looks. The brain swelling is going down and he could be talking tomorrow. Harlee get s a text from Stahl and she meets him in the back parking lot. Stahl asks her why she was at Rikers. She looks surprised but keeps her cool. He asks who Miguel is and Harlee says Woz sent her to see him and doesn’t know much .Woz, put the explosives in a gift bag and secretly put them in front of the nurses desk. She finds them and the hospital is being evacuated. Woz sees this as his opportunity. Harlee knows what is going on when an officer tells her the explosives were found in the ICU. She is rushing to Sap, but it’s too late. Woz already put air in Sap’s IV and is already out of the building. Sap is gone!



-Perfectly Perez

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Bitten “Family, Of Sorts” Recap


The season 3 premiere of Bitten starts with Elena telling someone about her premonition. She tells them to promise that they won’t tell anyone. After describing her premonition, she asks what they see now when they look at her. She asks if the premonition will ever go away and stop being in her thoughts. Who is she telling this to?


Paige! She tells Elena that it won’t stop until it happens!

We go back to 7 months ago. Jeremy is in the basement. He is remembering everyone he lost including Logan. The pack comes in and Jeremy explains that there must be a new way. He relied on the strength in the family and it’s time to change that. He will rely on strength in numbers. He wants to grow the pack and eliminate the word mutt. The choice will be pack or not being at all.


Jeremy and Clay go to see Freddie Durst. He is back counterfeiting and has added his family in the business. Jeremy warned him about it. It would definitely not be good if a werewolf was in prison.  Jeremy gives him the option to join the pack and follow his rules. Freddy didn’t agree and was taken care of. He gave Freddie’s family a choice and they made the choice to join the pack. He gave his brother a phone and when he calls they better answer.

Nick is on his way to visit someone. He looks nervous as he approaches the door. He pulls out a teddy bear and we meet Logan’son Rocco.


He is so cute! Now, was I talking about Uncle Nick or Rocco? 😉 Of course, Rachel is still missing Logan. I think he would have made an amazing father. There is a problem with the fuse box and Rachel tells Nick not to worry about it. He reminds her that she can’t have any visitors. They are both looking at fake postcards that she sends to her family. Fake traveling the world isn’t as awesome as it sounds.

The pack  meets in the kitchen. They are eating and Elena says they can go find more information about Eduardo. Jeremy tells her that they are not needed there and she wants to go visit Rachel. He tells her that Nick is the one looking after her. Jeremy has definitely changed his ways of leading his pack and it is understandable after losing so many. Elena is a little annoyed so she distances herself and goes down to the basement. Clay meets her there and assures her that Jeremy is just creating the stability that the  pack needs right now. Since they are off work, they can have a mini vacation. Elena mentions looking at real estate and says it’s time to think about a family. Can you imagine a little Clay and little Elena running around? Claylena giving me all the feels.


Joey is back at Stonehaven. He has done some recruiting and is having a conversation about the pack with everyone. He notices a green laser sight. It is almost pointing towards Jeremy. He jumps in front of Jeremy and Joey is hit. He is killed. Time to find out who is targeting Jeremy and the pack.

We got back to the Yukon territory 1 week ago.A man named Sasha Antonov captured Freddie’s brother Leon. He asks who sent him here. He tells him he will tell him everything if he gives him a drink. He gets his drink so he starts talking. He tells him about Elena, the only female werewolf, and about the Danvers. He thought the Sorrentino’s were the leaders of the pack. He needs to get caught up. Leon is about to take a drink when Sasha kills him.

The pack is searching for the sniper. Elena finds some things left behind. Elena and Clay transform. Never get tired of seeing this.


They are chasing him through the woods. They come close, but he escapes. The pack returns to the place where Elena and Clay last saw him and try to see if the sniper is still there. Everyone splits up, and they catch the sniper. They are putting him in the car  and someone is watching them.

The pack is back at Stonehaven. Nick is having a hard time dealing with Joey’s death. He talks to Elena and tells him about why Joey was the strongest person he knew. When Nick cries, I cry.


Clay comes in and he is getting tortue weapons. Elena disagrees with Jeremy’s ways, but Clay tells her it may be necessary. If they don’t send a message then more will come after them. Nick, Clay, and Jeremy are trying to find out where Eduardo is. Nick is about to attack the sniper for killing Joey, but Clay stops him in time. He will not give any information, so it’s time to proceed with the torture. He finally tells Jeremy and Clay that his name is Pablo. He tells them where Eduardo is and says that there are 3 wolves with him.

They are talking about a plan upstairs. Jeremy tells Clay to kill Pablo even though he has been helpful. Clay doesn’t agree and suggests killing him after they know the information is true. Clay goes down to the basement to check on him and it’s too late. He killed himself.

A human girl named Katia meets Elena.


She tells her that her dad and brother want to meet and talk with her. Elena is about to go away, when the girl blackmails her. She says that she would scream and everyone would believe her instead of Elena.

Eduardo is talking with Bucky and saying he wants to kill Jeremy Danvers.


The pack shows up, but they are too late.

Sasha and Elena meet. She tells him she doesn’t know him and is about to alert her pack. How could he let a human know about werewolves? She is about to leave and Sasha announces that he is her father. They are her family.


-Perfectly Perez