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Best Moments From #GreaseLive

Grease Live had me singing and doing the hand jive all night long

Grease Live was the best musical I have seen on TV. Even if you’very never seen Grease, you could fall in love with the musical. The cast was perfect. Julianne Hough killed it as Sandy and Aaron Tveit was making all the girls fall in love with him and Danny Zuko all over again. I think just about everyone tuned in to see this.

I have so say, I have so much more respect for Vanessa Hudgens. She revealed that her father passed away the day before her big performance. She still went on and rocked it. She is one STRONG woman. She dedicated her performance to him and I bet her dad was proud! Thank you Vanessa for having the strength and courage to go out their and do the role of Rizzo justice.

I love that the songs stayed the same, but how the cast added their own flavor to it. They didn’t try to make it a remake and I appreciated that. The original Frenchy and Doody appeared in the musical. They brought back so many memories. I remembered the first time I watched Grease and made me appreciate their talent even more.

Here are some of my favorite Vines from Grease Live

Putzie was asking Jan to the dance. Loved this moment because her reaction was hilarious. Just about every girl can relate.

One of my favorote moments was seeing Boyz II Men perform “Beauty School Dropout”. They still got it!

Blanche was hilarious. Major props to Haneefah Wood. Aside from the main cast, she was definitley my favorite . This is what happens when you hear your song and can’t control yourself 😉

The gang was dancing to a great performance from DNCE. The cast really knows how to move.

My favorite song from the original movie was “Hopelessly Devoted To You” and Julianne killed it!

Vanessa Hudgens slaying all night especially this performance of “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”.

The final performance of “We’ll always Be Together” was perfection. I felt like the cat were truly having fun with this one because they knew they pulled off an amazing show.

Then when I realized Grease Live was over I was like

Grease Live gets an A+ from me. It had a great cast, humor, and amazing musical performances.

-Perfectly Perez


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