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Telenovela “Sexual Awakening” Recap

Do you remember when your parents gave you “The Talk”? AWKWARD right? Well things get more awkward on Telenovela.

It’s bring your kids to work day on the set of Las Leyes de Pasion. Okay that just pertains to  Mimi. There is a Lyse outbreak that was totally not started by her kids 😉 The kids see Rodrigo’s cat, Hugo, and they attack. Let’s just say Hugo is still trying to grow his hair back from their last visit. Mimi is gonna be busy the entire day. So, who will take care of the kids? Isabela? She volunteers because she loves kids.


Yea I was laughing so hard too.

Mimi is worried about her son Connor who is played by the amazingly talented Sebastien De La Cruz. Ana Sofia says that she can get through to him. She walks up to him and tries to start a conversation and he walks away.

The men of Las Leyes de Pasion are getting ready for a photoshoot with Bella Novela Magazine. The are acting calm because they are not divas like the women. They are men and don’t care what they look like. HAHA Yea right! The photographer walks in and tells them that this particular photoshoot will be makeup and photoshop free. This is their reaction…


Mimi and Ana Sofia are snooping in Connor’s room. Everyone is trying to tell Mimi that Connor needs the sex talk, but she thinks he is too young. They are looking for anything to explain why Connor is acting weird. They don’t find anything. Mimi was right! Then, she sits on his bed and finds his “secret stash”. And look who is there.


Everyone takes it upon themselves to give Connor the talk. Xavi, Rodrigo, and Gael try to get through to him and nothing. You know what this calls for… a nun.


Ana Sofia, the nun, is sitting him down for the talk. She says that his childhood is over and it’s because he is growing up. Bye Felicia. Bye childhood.

It’s time for the photoshoot. The guys are feeling insecure. Xavi has his mothers chin, Rodrigo’s left bicep isn’t as strong as his right, and Gael has a zit. See HOT people have real problems too. Gustavo bears it all and is so confident. If he can be confident, they can too.


All the girls are in Roxi’s dressing room. Isabela is giving her tips on her first love scene and Mimi is asking for advice about Connor. They hear something in the closet. It’s Connor. Mimi is upset and now decides it’s time to have the talk with him. He storms off yelling that he hates her…and Ana Sofia.

It’s time for Roxi’s first love scene. Ana Sofia sees Connor and decides this is perfect time for the talk. The whole cast goes along with it, and he is actually paying attention. Isablea comes into the scene and just ruins the moment.


Mimi tells Ana Sofia that Connor wants to have a talk with her and ask her more questions. The cast of Las Leyes de Pasion sure knows how to make “The Talk” even more awkward, but it was effective. Good job guys!

You can catch up on the NBC app and watch every Monday at 8:30/7:30 PM CST on NBC

-Perfectly Perez


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