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Younger “Jersey, Sure” Recap

It’s roadtrip time! Don’t forget the lollipops and truffle butter.

Time to wake up! Liza and Josh are still in bed. Liza is the big spoon today. Liza gets up to get ready for work when Josh tells her he has a new Instagram follower…Caitlin. Yes Liza’s daughter Caitlin. Liza immediately tells him to ban her…in YOUNGER terms block. The divorce hit Caitlin pretty hard so she just wants to give her time and make sure her and Josh have a future together. Liza is on her way to work and is talking on the phone with Caitlin about following Josh on Instagram. She tells Liza she will unfollow him if it makes her happy. Yes it will make her happy 😃

Diana, Liza, and Kelsey are trying to have a meeting with Jade about her tell all book. They haven’t seen any pages yet. Jade finally speaks and announces she has the perfect book cover. The picture will be taken right when she reaches her climax.


Yep that is so Jade. Kelsey tells her she needs to see pages for her book. She wants to meet her at a bar later that night to talk about it. Jade agrees.

Liza is at a “hipster bluegrass bar” watching Josh and his band. Here comes Michelle and Tom, Liza’s friends from New Jersey. Liza asks how they knew she was there. Duh Instagram. Michelle follows her daughter who follows Caitlin so there. Michelle is rocking her truffle butter shirt loud and proud.


They meet Josh and invite them over for dinner in New Jersey. Liza is trying to say they are busy, but Josh accepts the invitation.

The next morning, Liza is stressing out about dinner to Maggie. Maggie tells her she can go or not go it’s up to her. Time to play RISK.


She show Maggie why things are going to get crazy between her and Josh. She thinks he knows too many people from her old life and new life. Maggie says Liza is a spider well more like a fly.

Kelsey is waiting for Jade at the bar. She didn’t show up for the meeting. She is on the phone with Jade’s agent and is telling him that Jade needs to start producing. If she doesn’t give Kelsey pages, she is in breach of her contract. She will have to pay back her advance and his commission. He heard that and was like


Josh and Li arrive at Michelle and Tom’s house. It’s Josh’s first time in New Jersey.  Can you believe it? Michelle isn’t wearing her truffle butter shirt, but she is still talking about it. Josh feels bad because he knows she obviously doesn’t know the dirty meaning. Oh wait Liza doesn’t know what it mean either. She’s wants to Google it and Josh tells her not to so of course she Googles it.

Back at the bar, Lauren shows up. They are looking at Jade’s tweet and she is blowing her advance money. She keeps using the hashtag #ChestyPeters. How rude she is mocking Kels. Lauren tells her she’s not because she really thinks that’s her name. Jade keeps tweeting her hot new buys…40K python boots, douche burger, and a gold coke straw.

Michelle pulls Liza aside. She wants to know everything about Josh. Of course she has to ask about the sex. Liza is shy and doesn’t reveal too much. Michelle calls Josh Liza’s boy toy and Liza sticks up for her man. He is more than that. Michelle warns her and tells her that she is a divorcee and she is just looking for validation. Michelle is too much. Liza is annoyed so she eats Josh’s lollipop. They are outside and Liza is just ENJOYING the moment. Yep she is high. Josh says they should probably go. As they are leaving, Liza tells Michelle that she is dirty for loving truffle butter and tells her to Google it. Josh says don’t and again no one listens to Josh.

Kelsey and Lauren found Jade a party at the Gramercy Hotel. Kelsey tells her she needs pages and she needs them NOW.  Jade admits that there is NO book.


Josh wants to know whats up with Liza. She tells him about what Michelle said about their relationship. Liza admits that she worries that their relationship has an expiration date. Josh tells her that they should just get married and start having kids. WOAH. I don’t know if he was serious, but she got the point. He is serious about their relationship. They both decide that they don’t want to quit on their relationship.

-Perfectly Perez


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