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Shades of Blue “Equal & Opposite” Recap

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”-Newton’s third law

The episode opens with Harlee chasing a suspect. Of course, she catches him. They take a look in the trunk of his car and catch him with about half a million dollars worth of drugs. What is a guy doing with so many drugs? On the plus side, they stopped a drug deal, but on the downside Harlee got dog poop on her shirt. Guess it wasn’t such a clean takedown from Harlee.


She still looks good though 🙌🏼

Speaking of dogs, Woz has one know. Remember the dog that kept following him in the alley? Well, it’s his now. Everyone meet baby Woz.


Marcus and Saperstein are supposed to be patrolling in a specific area. But they aren’t together. Marcus is doing his job and Saperstein is getting Portuguese lessons. Marcus notices a black car that has passed 3 times. He approaches the car and asks why he is being followed. He goes to get Saperstein and tells him what happened. If anyone asks, they were together the whole time. They go to meet the rest of the crew on the scene pertaining to the drugs. They tell Woz what happened and he wants to know why they didn’t get any information on the guy. They didn’t even get his plates. They come up with an excuse. Woz is not having it.


Woz is talking with Harlee asking if anyone has been following her. He is concerned that the whole crew is being watched. Tess comes to tell Woz and Harlee that she knows who the drugs belong to. Raul Mendez. Woz is definitely going to be paying him a visit.

Harlee is at home. She just got out of the shower when Stahl calls. He wants to apologize for the way he acted in the last episode. She accepts his apology. She tells him to stop following her and the crew because Marcus spotted them. He says it’s not on his end. He tells her to get back to the precinct so she doesn’t miss anything. Wait… how does he know she’s still at home?


Harlee goes to have coffee with Agent Baker. She tells her that she thinks Stahl is surveilling her inappropriately. She doesn’t believe her and thinks she is making it up. She tells her if she really feels that way to give her proof before she brings it up again. End of that conversation.

Woz and Tess go to meet Raul. Raul tells Woz that he has something that belongs to him and wants it back. Woz tells him he should know not to resupply in bulk like that. Woz doesn’t give it back.


Stahl goes to see Donny in Internal Affairs. He tells him that the FBI is working on something pertaining to Woz and the 64th precinct. He tells him it would be great if he backed off on his surveillance detail. He tells him the detail was spotted. Donny wonders how. Donny knows it has to be someone from the crew. He asks Stahl if he has someone in the inside working for him. Stahl doesn’t give much away. But he gets Donny worried.

Harlee meets Stahl at a bakery. She tells him that Woz is expecting a delivery. She notices the cashier flirting with him and he doesn’t even acknowledge her. She tells him that he can clean up nice. Hope he didn’t take that as Harlee flirting with him. Stahl says that until the case is closed she is the only woman in his life. OMG 😱

Harlee gets back to the precinct to hear that someone broke Cristina’s tail light. His name is Manny. Marcus is about to tell her something about Manny, but she walks in to interrogate him. She thinks he stole Cristina’s car and crashed it. She tells him he messed with the wrong car today. He says didn’t steal it. He was just about to pick up his girlfriend. Then, his phone rings and it’s his girlfriend… Cristina.


Woz goes to meet Donny at an empty theater. They kiss and Woz notices that the door closes like someone just left. He forgets about it. Donny tells him that an FBI agent came in to talk to him. Woz gets worried and admits that he thinks the crew is being followed. Donny admits that he was the one who put the surveillance detail. Woz is upset and wants all the pictures his detail took. Woz is leaving and he sees someone stole his car. He notices a paper.


It was Raul!

Woz has been keeping an eye on Tess because he thinks she could be the rat. He notices that she left the precinct and follows her to a motel. He is waiting outside. Tess and Carlos are together. He is still waiting and decides to get out of the car. That’s when he notices Carlos’s car. He knocks on the door and he knows. He wants to talk to Tess. They are in the car talking about the situation. He can’t believe that she would cheat on her husband. Tess lets it all out and tells him that Drew has been cheating on her. She wants his advice on whether to leave or stay with him. He can’t make that decision, but he comforts her and tells her to end it with Carlos.

Harlee is still in shock. She can’t believe that Cristina would keep a secret from her. She is going through Manny’s phone and is looking at all his pictures with Cristina. Nava comes in and tells her he wants to talk to the boy. She says he’s not the bad cop. Challenge accepted. He goes in to talk to Manny. He asks if he realized Harlee’s last name. Manny realizes Harlee is Cristina’s mom.


Nava is trying to help him talk to Harlee. Meanwhile, Marcus is picking on Harlee about Cristina. He says that they probably already had sex and Cristina needs to get checked for HPV. That’s the last straw. She barges in and asks Manny if they are sleeping together. Manny says no and he uses the line that Nava gave him. Yeah that didn’t work.


Woz goes back to the precinct and finds his car. It has the word FAG on the windshield and it’s spray painted pink. He plays it off, but this means Raul knows about his secret and Donny. He is pissed. He decides it’s time to take care of Raul. He needs to find “soldiers” that will do the dirty work and help him set Raul straight.

Harlee is outside the precinct when Nava and Manny come walking towards her. Nava tells her that Manny isn’t going to press charges for assault. She gives Manny the keys to Cristina’s car and tells him to go straight to her house. And no telling Cristina about this whole situation. She can’t belive Cristina would lie to her. Nava asks if she told her parents everything when she was 16. She didn’t like most of us. She tells him she could totally picture him as a good boy in the boy scouts. It was actually the eagle scouts. The flirting is getting hot and Nava tells her she can owe him one. One what??


Carlos and Tess are talking at the precinct. Tess tells him they need to end whatever they have. He tells her to remember it wasn’t all him. If she wasn’t married, I think they could make a really good couple.

Woz is talking to his potential “soldiers”. He tells them that a prime real estate opened up and thinks they deserve it. Only thing is that it’s Raul’s. They are hesitant, but ultimately agree to help. Raul better watch out.

Saperstein goes to see his Portuguese lady friend and wants to pay her for all her help. She tells him that if he wants to learn how to cook Brazilian food she has a deal. One of her friends can teach him. Isn’t he so cute at trying to impress a girl?!

Harlee goes to see her former mentor Caddie.


He just got out of prison and he owes her a favor. She needs his help. They go to Stahl’s aparament to put a camera so Harlee can keep her eyes on him. Later that night, she goes to check on Caddie. He found pictures that Internal Affairs had and wants to know what she’s up to. Of course, Harlee doesn’t give much away. She tells him he can go to rehab and quit with the drugs. She asks when was the last time he was clean and he asks her when was the last time she was honest. INTENSE. Harlee starts telling him she doesn’t know who to trust and is scared of losing Cristina. Caddie took some drugs and has almost passed out. She takes his tool that is used to find cameras and wires.

Woz gets Raul. Raul mentions his secrets thinking he can threaten him. Woz don’t go down that easily.



He tells Raul that he is gonna go away and stay way. He can tell his seret because he is proud of who he is. But now he will have a video against him thanks to his “soldiers”.

Woz goes to see Donny to check out the pictures his detail took. He stops at two pictures. One is of Marcus and the other is of Saperstein. The timestamps show that they weren’t together the morning they spotted the detail. They are next on his rat list.

Harlee goes home and finds a letter from Cristina’s dad. She is hiding it and Cristina asks why she is being so sketchy. Harlee changes the conversation and asks about tail light. Cristina lies. She goes to her room to watch Stahl on her tablet. He goes to take shower and  she checks to see if he put a camera in her room. She finds nothing. Maybe she is getting a little paranoid. Stahl is practicing some pickup lines in the mirror. A woman walks to his door and Harlee turns off the footage. See he’s not creepy. I spoke too soon. The woman is an escort. He asks for her name and she tells him it can be anything he wants.


In the beginning, I was definitely shipping Harlee and Stahl. I think I have changed my mine. He is starting to look more and more like a creeper. I feel like he is hiding so much and can’t wait to find out.

And huge congrats to the amazing cast and crew for getting renewed for a second season. Yay for more Shades of Blue!!

-Perfectly Perez


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