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Telenovela “Split Personalities” Recap

Girl’s Night Out Anyone?

Mimi’s husband Martin (Ricardo Chavira)  is getting out of prison. Mimi needs Ana’s help because he is on his way to set. Mimi remembers him as a nerdy guy and is shocked when she sees him. That is one HOT nerd!


What happened to Martin? He decided he would exercise more, get tattoos, and just be hotter. I am not complaining. He wants to talk to Mimi and show her that things can be different and they can be a family again. Mimi doesn’t know what to say. Ana and Gael need to get her out of their fast before she makes a bad decision. Gael’s got this. He tells Martin they have to go film a very important scene. Puppy Murder. Not your best lie, but it worked. Ana reminds Mimi that she needs to think about getting back with him. He went to prison for stealing money from his clients. Ana knows what she needs. Mimi needs a Mimi. Ana will be Mimi’s Mimi. First job on duty is put together a Girl’s Night Out! Sorry Gael.

The girls get dressed up and let the party begin! Ana makes Mimi’s signature drink…brain bombs.


Mimi keeps bringing up Martin and how much he has changed.


It’s okay Mimi. We’ll give you a pass because Martin is so HOT!!!

Since the guys weren’t invited, they are having a guy’s night. Maybe Gael will have fun. Gael wants to talk about a twitter troll. The guys admit they have had their fair share of trolls. People said Xavi wears too much man jewelry and Rodrigo is a HOT Mr. Potato Head. Ok they may be true, but twitter trolls need to learn when enough is enough. There the guys talks so it’s time to go out. But wait Gael wants to talk more! They agree as long as it’s quick.

Back at Ana’s, the hangover is winning! Ana doesn’t remember anything that happened last night. Why does Roxi look fine and not hungover?


The best thing about being young…recovering quickly from a hangover. Ana asks Mimi if she remembers what happened? Martin comes out of the bedroom. Oh dang girl!


How did Martin get there? I guess Mimi forgot that she texted him at 3:00am. Mimi’s Mimi is failing at her job. Ana tells her to separate. That’s too much Martin.

The guys wake up. Gael is still feeling insecure after reading the twitter trolls comments. It’s time they do something about it. “DOING IS DOING!” Yes Xavi!

Ana is making the ladies bacon sandwiches. Ana was kind enough to share her award winning recipe with us. All you need is bacon. YUM! Mimi is taking boob selfies. Ana catches her and Mimi says she’s taking it for her doctor and using the app iBoob. Yea right! We know it’s for Martin. A phone keeps buzzing. It’s Isabela’s husband. He doesn’t know where she is. Where is Isabela? Time for some back tracking. Ana remembers mannequin jousting and she was the champion. She finds a card in Mimi’s hair. That leads the women to Blaze. He tells them that they were there and Isabela left with a man in a suit. Did Isabela cheat on her husband?


The guys are confronting Brad, Gael’s twitter troll. Turns out he is a fan he just wrote those mean comments because he had a bad day. They tell him it’s not nice to say mean things. Gael is going to need more therapy sessions if it doesn’t stop. Brad says that he wouldn’t have cared about the comments because he is confident in himself! Brad I like you! We could all learn from him!

Mimi meets with Martin. He needs keys to her house because he is going to be staying with her. Nope Ana isn’t having it. Ha what are you gonna do NOW? Damn Martin and Mimi! They put that car in reverse real quick.

Isabela shows up at Ana’s door. Isabela has a cute family. She left with her husband to have dinner with her family. Never thought I would say this, but the women could learn a thing or two from her. Congrats on 14 1/2 years!!


Mimi and Martin are going to meet for dinner. Ana is there. She shows Mimi Isabela having dinner with her family. That is what family is supposed to look like. Maybe Martin can change, but Ana wants Mimi to know that she will support her decision. She looks at Martin and he already ordered and is eating without her. Maybe he didn’t change as much as she thought. She just liked the idea of being a family again. Mimi won’t make the same mistake twice.

-Perfectly Perez


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