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Teen Wolf “Lie Ability” Recap in 5 Edits

Did you miss Teen Wolf Last Night? Here are 5 edits that will catch you up!

Team Theo were trying to get Lydia, but hellhound Parrish was not having it. Theo got hold of Lydia and told Parrish to back off, but he didn’t listen. Theo sent his pack to attack and Parrish was not phased at all. He was like CAN’T TOUCH THIS!


Not even 10 minutes in and things were already getting HOT in Beacon Hills. It was definitely

Fifty Shades of Layden.


Kira was still struggling with controlling the spirit of the fox. She was going full Pikachu.


Scott and Liam needed help saving Lydia. They couldn’t pass the mountain ash. Scott knows one person who can help… Meredith. She showed him the way to find Lydia. They were just following the yellow brick road.



Stiles found Lydia, but getting her out was the problem. The hellhound saved the banshee. Parrish was able to contain her screams and saved her. They took Lydia to see Deaton and things got scary. For a second, I didn’t know if she was going to make it. Natalie Martin sees her daughter and Lydia tells her that Stiles saved her. He swooped in and saved our girl Lydia like



-Perfectly Perez





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