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Telenovela “Caught in the Act” Recap

Mission keep Ana in the dark is a go!

Everyone is showering Ana with gifts. They probably just want to thank Ana for all her hard work on the show right? Well…not exactly. The cast is trying to keep Ana from seeing Xavi and his girlfriend Kelly (Fiona Gubelmann). Busted!


Time to take back all the gifts.


Correction. Take back all the gifts except the dog.

On Las Leyes de Pasion, Gael is trying to figure out who is having his baby. Is it Roxi? Is it Ana? Nope it’s Rodrigo!


Wow Isaac! You are making some big moves for the show and exploring different stories. I wonder what gave him the idea. Oh it was just a typo!

Ana is done with the scene and Mimi catches her speaking Spanish. Ana has come a long way. Remember when she could barely understand and speak Spanish? She is so fluent! Okay maybe not that far, but I feel so proud. She admits that she has been taking Spanish classes and starts showing off her skills to Mimi. Yeah she still needs some work, but she deserves the Most Improved Award!

Mimi and Gael are having a normal day and see this.


OMG! Are Ana and Xavi back together? Nope it’s just their stand ins. Ana says that she doesn’t have feelings for Xavi anymore. She would rather be married to Gael and have a sexless marriage. She tells everyone including Xavi that she is fine with his relationship with Kelly. Xavi tells her that they have been together for 4 months and that he wants to give her a gift. The only problem is that he doesn’t know what to give her. Ana suggests that they come over for dinner so she can get to know Kelly and help Xavi give her the perfect gift.

Roxi and Rodrigo are talking about the latest plot twist on the show. Roxi asks where the baby would come out of. The belly button duh! Rodrigo starts saying that he has always wanted a child and Roxi and Gael ask if any of his past girlfriends could have had his child. He thinks back and remembers a woman named Maria. He doesn’t remember why they broke up, but she suddenly left town and when he saw her a couple of months later she had gained a few extra pounds. OMG! Maybe she was pregnant with Rodrigo’s son! I have no doubt that they will find out the truth!

It’s dinner time. Ana, Mimi, Xavi, and Kelly are in the same room. Yeah not awkward at all. Kelly tells Ana a little bit about herself. She is a pediatric nurse, volunteers at the animal rescue, is a licensed pilot, and a Samba dancer. Wow Ana is all of those things too…on TV. But still. They have so much in common. Not even 10 minutes into the dinner and Xavi is on his phone. Kelly asks if he has always had an obsession with his phone. Duh… I mean it’s Xavi we are talking about. Ana says that you could tell him anything while he is on his phone and he wouldn’t hear it…unless someone said the word makeout.

The next day on set, Ana sees Xavi. She tells him that she loved Kelly and he tells her that Kelly loved her too. Xavi tells her that he is worried about their relationship because they were supposed to go away together for the weekend and she cancelled on him. He wants Ana’s help and let’s her tell him ALL his flaws so that he can make it work with Kelly. This is gonna be fun.


Rodrigo, Roxi, and Gael show up to Maria’s house. Rodrigo is nervous. He hasn’t seem her in 10 years. Maria opens the door like this.


He definitely remembers her. He asks why they broke up and she admits that she has been keeping a secret. Could he be a dad? She tells him that they can talk about it tomorrow on set and she is bringing her son Carlos too. He just so happens to be turning 10 soon.

Time to fix Xavi’s flaws. Step one: Get Xavi to not look at himself in every mirror he can find. I swear he is like this when he looks in the mirror.


I got to hand it to Ana…she can work miracles. They were up all day and night trying to fix his flaws and I think she did it. Xavi actually ignored his phone and listened to Ana when they were having a conversation. Kelly stops by Ana’s and she sees them together. She thinks that they slept together. Xavi better run and stop Kelly. Let’s just say the next day there was a lot of sad harmonica.

Rodrigo is finally going to meet his son. He is dressed in a dad outfit and is rocking it. Maria and her son Carlos are on set. They look nothing alike, but Rodrigo is trying to find something that proves that Carlos is his son. Wait Carlos isn’t his son? Maria admits that the secret she had been keeping is that she cheated on Rodrigo with an ex and got pregnant. Aw poor Rodrigo.

Ana meddled and feels like it is her responsibility to get Xavi and Kelly back together. She needs to go to Kelly’s house and explain everything. But she needs to borrow your car Mimi. Gladys, Mimi’s GPS, is giving directions in Spanish. Mimi wants to switch her to English, but Ana knows she can handle it. She puts in Kelly’s address and is thinking twice about Mimi’s offer to put it in English. She is on her way and is basically driving herself around because she does not understand the directions. She can’t decide whether to go left or right. So she goes both ways and crashes into someone’s yard. Yay it’s Kelly’s house.


She tells her that she needs to take Xavi back and says that he has grown as a person so much. Hey Xavi, what are you doing here? He had already won her back. He tells Ana that it means a lot to hear those nice things coming from her. Kelly thinks they have feelings for each other and breaks up with him. Wow that is probably the quickest relationship in Telenovela history.

Rodrigo is sad on set. Isaac changed the script so now Roxi has the baby. He feels like he will never find love and be a dad. So, Roxi let’s him hold the baby. He’s so cute. The baby throws up and Rodrigo let’s everyone know.


You mean all babies aren’t perfect little angels? Babies are gross. I guess it’s true what they say you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. And I think Rodrigo will appreciate Hugo for the great cat that he is.

Ana and Xavi are on set. They talk about their awkward thing with Kelly. They DO NOT have feelings for each other. Yeah keep telling yourself that you two.

-Perfectly Perez


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