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Bitten “Family, Of Sorts” Recap


The season 3 premiere of Bitten starts with Elena telling someone about her premonition. She tells them to promise that they won’t tell anyone. After describing her premonition, she asks what they see now when they look at her. She asks if the premonition will ever go away and stop being in her thoughts. Who is she telling this to?


Paige! She tells Elena that it won’t stop until it happens!

We go back to 7 months ago. Jeremy is in the basement. He is remembering everyone he lost including Logan. The pack comes in and Jeremy explains that there must be a new way. He relied on the strength in the family and it’s time to change that. He will rely on strength in numbers. He wants to grow the pack and eliminate the word mutt. The choice will be pack or not being at all.


Jeremy and Clay go to see Freddie Durst. He is back counterfeiting and has added his family in the business. Jeremy warned him about it. It would definitely not be good if a werewolf was in prison.  Jeremy gives him the option to join the pack and follow his rules. Freddy didn’t agree and was taken care of. He gave Freddie’s family a choice and they made the choice to join the pack. He gave his brother a phone and when he calls they better answer.

Nick is on his way to visit someone. He looks nervous as he approaches the door. He pulls out a teddy bear and we meet Logan’son Rocco.


He is so cute! Now, was I talking about Uncle Nick or Rocco? 😉 Of course, Rachel is still missing Logan. I think he would have made an amazing father. There is a problem with the fuse box and Rachel tells Nick not to worry about it. He reminds her that she can’t have any visitors. They are both looking at fake postcards that she sends to her family. Fake traveling the world isn’t as awesome as it sounds.

The pack  meets in the kitchen. They are eating and Elena says they can go find more information about Eduardo. Jeremy tells her that they are not needed there and she wants to go visit Rachel. He tells her that Nick is the one looking after her. Jeremy has definitely changed his ways of leading his pack and it is understandable after losing so many. Elena is a little annoyed so she distances herself and goes down to the basement. Clay meets her there and assures her that Jeremy is just creating the stability that the  pack needs right now. Since they are off work, they can have a mini vacation. Elena mentions looking at real estate and says it’s time to think about a family. Can you imagine a little Clay and little Elena running around? Claylena giving me all the feels.


Joey is back at Stonehaven. He has done some recruiting and is having a conversation about the pack with everyone. He notices a green laser sight. It is almost pointing towards Jeremy. He jumps in front of Jeremy and Joey is hit. He is killed. Time to find out who is targeting Jeremy and the pack.

We got back to the Yukon territory 1 week ago.A man named Sasha Antonov captured Freddie’s brother Leon. He asks who sent him here. He tells him he will tell him everything if he gives him a drink. He gets his drink so he starts talking. He tells him about Elena, the only female werewolf, and about the Danvers. He thought the Sorrentino’s were the leaders of the pack. He needs to get caught up. Leon is about to take a drink when Sasha kills him.

The pack is searching for the sniper. Elena finds some things left behind. Elena and Clay transform. Never get tired of seeing this.


They are chasing him through the woods. They come close, but he escapes. The pack returns to the place where Elena and Clay last saw him and try to see if the sniper is still there. Everyone splits up, and they catch the sniper. They are putting him in the car  and someone is watching them.

The pack is back at Stonehaven. Nick is having a hard time dealing with Joey’s death. He talks to Elena and tells him about why Joey was the strongest person he knew. When Nick cries, I cry.


Clay comes in and he is getting tortue weapons. Elena disagrees with Jeremy’s ways, but Clay tells her it may be necessary. If they don’t send a message then more will come after them. Nick, Clay, and Jeremy are trying to find out where Eduardo is. Nick is about to attack the sniper for killing Joey, but Clay stops him in time. He will not give any information, so it’s time to proceed with the torture. He finally tells Jeremy and Clay that his name is Pablo. He tells them where Eduardo is and says that there are 3 wolves with him.

They are talking about a plan upstairs. Jeremy tells Clay to kill Pablo even though he has been helpful. Clay doesn’t agree and suggests killing him after they know the information is true. Clay goes down to the basement to check on him and it’s too late. He killed himself.

A human girl named Katia meets Elena.


She tells her that her dad and brother want to meet and talk with her. Elena is about to go away, when the girl blackmails her. She says that she would scream and everyone would believe her instead of Elena.

Eduardo is talking with Bucky and saying he wants to kill Jeremy Danvers.


The pack shows up, but they are too late.

Sasha and Elena meet. She tells him she doesn’t know him and is about to alert her pack. How could he let a human know about werewolves? She is about to leave and Sasha announces that he is her father. They are her family.


-Perfectly Perez


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