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Shades of Blue “Undiscovered Country” Recap

It’s definitely a matter of life and death on Shades of Blue.

Harlee rushes to Sap and Marcus. Sap is still alive after falling stories! Marcus and Harlee are starting compressions. The ambulance arrives and Woz wants Harlee to stay with him to explain this to the police, but she rides in the ambulance with Sap. Marcus tells Frank Kovach’s girlfriend that she needs to police ask her what happened. She needs to say that she knew Frank was going to kidnap his son so she called the 64th precinct.

Stahl is working out when Molly wants to talk to him. She tells him about Frank and Sap. It’s time for them to do some digging.

Harlee is at the hospital with Sap. She keeps telling him that she is sorry and she tried to warn him. The doctors take him. Woz shows up and Harlee questions him. She thinks Woz pushed Sap and of course he denies it. They both need some space. Woz goes to the bathroom while Harlee stays in the hall. The doctor places Sap’s personal items down on the nurses desk and Harlee realizes that Sap’s phone is in the bag. She remembers that she left him a message and needs to get it before anyone hears that message. She grabs the phone.


The crew is at the hospital. Marcus and Espada are fighting. They can’t believe Sap would rat them out and have different opinions regarding the situation. They get into a fist fight. Marcus vs Espada! And the winner is Harlee. She breaks up the fight and reminds them they need to focus on Sap and the crew.


Woz steps in and tells them that they can’t jump to conclusions. They need to let Sap speak for himself. He tells everyone to go home and cool down. Harlee and Woz have a conversation. She asks him if he meant what he said about Sap telling his side of the story. Woz was like


Stahl goes to see agent Baker. She is at target practice and is not happy with Stahl. He was supposed to be watching Sap. He better convince her that he has a plan. He tells her that if Woz believes he got the rat, maybe he will continue doing his deals and get caught. He tells her that she should walk into the precinct acting like the FBI really lost an asset to make it seem like Sap was the rat. She likes the idea and wants to know more about Frank.

Marcus goes to see Sap’s friend Sofia. He thinks she had something to do with Sap working for the FBI. He is about to get physical and abusive, but notices a bruise on her upper thigh. He apologizes and tells her about Sap’s condition.

Stahl meets Harlee on the subway.


As you can see, she was so thrilled! He is questioning her about everything that happened with Sap. Stahl thinks Woz pushed him off, but Harlee tries to convince him that it was an accident. He tells her that he knows Frank and IS going to find out more about him.

Woz is alone with Sap. The doctor comes in and tells Woz more about his condition. Sap is in a medically induced coma. He could come out and remember every thing about the accident or he could come out not even remembering his name. The doctor leaves and Woz is talking to Sap. He tells Sap that he should have just come to him and he could have helped him.


After Woz said this, Sap had a pulmonary embolism. The doctors tell Woz to get out of the room so they can try to stabilize him.Woz goes in the hall and sees Sap’s Mom. She tells Woz that Sap stopped going to Temple 5 years ago. That was when he started working with Woz and the crew. Woz is about to leave when Sap’s mom says something about she knew things were going to get bad when those guys showed up. Woz is intrigued and wants to know more.

Stahl and Molly are looking up more information on Frank. They come across a name. MIGUEL ZEPEDA. They know there is connection between him and the 64th precinct. They keep on digging.

Nava and Cristina finally meet. He tells her that he is one of her mom’s friends.


Cristina you are so funny.

Loman and Harlee are talking. He tells  her that Sap had his gun. He switched with him when he was dealing with shooting the victim. That gun was part of 2 shootings in 10 days. He asks what he should say if they question him and Harlee says to tell the truth.


She doesn’t really care what he says. This whole situation is weighing heavily on her. She apologizes and tells Loman what to say. Loman says he wants to know the truth about what happened.

Woz is at the precinct talking to the Captain McManus. He is questioning Woz about the situation. Woz is calm and collected until Agent Baker walks in. She tells him that Sap had been under investigation by the FBI. They had reason to believe that his life was in danger. Stahl’s plan is working!

Sofia and Marcus show up at the hospital. Marcus is visiting Sap and his mom. She asks about Sofia and the mom says that she doesn’t look like someone her son would hang out with. Sofia leaves. Marcus asks if he can take a look at her house to look at Sap’s notes. He tells her they were working on a case together and his notes would be helpful. She says of course and gives him the keys.

Stahl goes too Rikers to see Miguel. He wants to know why Harlee came to see him. Stahl tells him he knows about his habeus corpus appeal. Miguel doesn’t give him any information. Stahl is pissed and tells him good luck with his appeal because Frank can’t help him anymore. Miguel had a great comeback.


Nava and Harlee have a conversation at the hospital. She appreciates him talking to Cristina and keeping her company during this hard time. She gives him some advice.


He admits that he is smitten with her. Harlee tells him that she is not a good person and he should stay away. You know he Nava listens!

Stahl and Molly are talking with the friend of the girl Miguel supposedly murdered. She says she doesn’t know anything, but Stahl plays the 911 call she made the day of Rita’s murder. He asks her why she never came forward with information? They leave and Stahl knows she is hiding something and sounds rehearsed. He knows Woz had something to do with this.

Marcus is going through Sap’s room. He is tearing everything apart. He is not finding anything. Then, he looks under the rug and finds this.


Woz finds Harlee in the hospital chapel. She tells him that she is worried about telling Miguel about Frank’s death. She doesn’t know if she can lie to him without him noticing. He tells her that she needs to convince herself first of her lie before going to see Miguel. She asks if that is what he did to her. Woz breaks and tells her that Sap came to him about talking to the feds and he didn’t have a choice. Woz says that Sap can never wake up because he has a story that the feds definitely want to hear. Woz says he did what he had to do. If Frank didn’t die there was a chance Miguel could get out. And that was NOT an option. Harlee asks if they will ever be free of their sins? Woz tells Harlee that he needs her to distract the FBI agent watching Sap. Harlee is pleading with him to give Sap a chance. He may not remember anything and he would have killed him for nothing. She wants him to promise that he wont hurt Sap again. He agrees.


Harlee goes to see Miguel. She tells him that Frank is dead. He is suspicious of her intentions. He thinks that she doesn’t want him to get out. She assures him that she had no part in getting Frank killed. And one of her own was injured too. She tells him that she will talk to his parole officer. She holds his hands and tells him everyone deserves a second chance.

Loman tells everyone that Sap is making progress and may wake up the next day. Marcus goes into Wox’s office. He tells him that Sap was talking to the feds. He shows him the immunity papers. Marcus says Sap was snitching for 2 weeks. Woz tells him not to jump to conclusions. Woz reminds Marcus that the FBI is very convincing. Marcus is having a hard time trusting anyone, but Woz assures him he can trust him!

Woz is at a storage room with a duffel bag. He puts explosives in the bag and heads to the hospital. He is sitting in the waiting room and Harlee comes to sit next to him. Woz tells her that Sap is tougher than he looks. The brain swelling is going down and he could be talking tomorrow. Harlee get s a text from Stahl and she meets him in the back parking lot. Stahl asks her why she was at Rikers. She looks surprised but keeps her cool. He asks who Miguel is and Harlee says Woz sent her to see him and doesn’t know much .Woz, put the explosives in a gift bag and secretly put them in front of the nurses desk. She finds them and the hospital is being evacuated. Woz sees this as his opportunity. Harlee knows what is going on when an officer tells her the explosives were found in the ICU. She is rushing to Sap, but it’s too late. Woz already put air in Sap’s IV and is already out of the building. Sap is gone!



-Perfectly Perez


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