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How To Be Single Review

Don’t be afraid of the single life, embrace it!

It’s always a pleasure to watch a rom-com that has a great story and the perfect cast. I feel like most people whether they are single or in a relationship can relate to this film. When you are in a relationship, it may be easy to lose yourself. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are dependent on someone else. Dakota Johnson who plays Alice takes us on her journey of  finding herself and exploring the single life. This film is like a rollercoaster bumpy yet thrilling. I believe How To Be Single is my favorite romantic comedy of 2016 because it is so relatable, has a great cast, and has a great message.

We are introduced to Alice and her boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun). They have been together for 4 years and she decides that they need to take a break. It’s not that they are having relationship problems or anything, but Alice thinks she needs to learn how to be by herself for a while. I think the relationship between Alice and Josh reminds me of a first love. You can’t imagine being apart or even being with anyone else. Most of the times it works out, but sometimes it doesn’t. Alice is going to take us on her journey to the Big Apple. Nicholas Braun’s character is centered around Alice’s growth, but we don’t get to see him as much throughout the film. For not being seen as much as different characters in the film, I love Nicholas Braun’s performance. He makes his presence known even when he isn’t in the scene. He is able to carry a weight with  every character, including those that don’t even know him.

In New York, Alice works as a paralegal and meets Robin (Rebel Wilson). They are definitely opposites. Alice is more reserved, but she is open to trying new things. Robin is hilarious and carefree. When Robin finds out Alice is single, she wants to make it her mission to show Alice the “right” way to live a single life. According to Robin, single life = partying, no strings attached, and drinking! I feel like there is a pressure when you are single. People are always trying to set you up and find “the one” for you. I feel like this definitely adds pressure to live a life that is carefree because there will always be judgment.  Sometimes “the one” may actually be yourself and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Robin’s first lesson is sleeping with someone with no strings attached. Robin introduces her to a the bartender Tom (Anders Holm). He is very straight forward and admits that he is just looking to have fun and isn’t looking for anything serious. They hook up. They are great friends for each other.  We are introduced to Lucy (Alison Brie). She needs to use Tom’s Wi-Fi at the bar and she is looking for her perfect match. She is trying online dating and none of the guys that she is meeting are her one. She and Tom have a unique relationship. She is probably the first girl who doesn’t seem interested in hooking up with him. I love how the most unlikely people to be friends end up helping each other in learning more about themselves and each other.

Alice is living with her sister Meg (Leslie Mann) who is a single doctor. She tells everyone that she doesn’t want kids, but it’s ironic how a baby actually helped her realize that she wanted to be a mom. She uses a sperm donor and gets pregnant. They always say you find love when you aren’t looking for it, and she may have just found it in  Ken (Jake Lacy). He is younger than her, and Meg doesn’t think it’s serious at all. She wants a quick one night stand and definitely gets more than she bargained for. They are total opposites, but challenge each other. She thinks she can control everything, and he keeps proving her wrong.

Alice and Josh aren’t getting back together any time soon and she is definitely struggling. She meets David (Damon Wayans Jr.) and she is back in a relationship. Even though they start dating, I think she continues to make progress in her mission to find herself. This shows that she doesn’t need to be single to learn more about herself.

I  really enjoyed watching the friendship between Alice and Robin. I think they learned so much from each other and don’t think they could have grown without each other. Alice is always focusing on finding herself and trying to have a moment when she says “oh I know who I am now”. I don’t think there is a moment, but you just have to live life. Robin makes her try new things and shows her how amazing single life can be. Robin plays it like she is all about single life and nothing else, but deep down I think she wants love. I think that is why they have an argument at Alice’s birthday party. They both don’t want to admit what is holding them back. Alice thinks being single will give her the chance to find herself. This is true, but I think if you’re in a relationship you can still find yourself. Robin is really fighting with Alice because she sees the love Alice has had and wants to experience that. I feel like she uses single life as her crutch. She wants Alice to step out of her comfort zone, when she is scared of stepping out of hers.

I loved the cast. They ALL portrayed their characters perfectly. When I was watching it, I felt like I could totally be having these conversations with some of my friends. It might not be the exact same situations, but I think everyone has their own definition of love. I love that this film empowered me to embrace being single and not to always concentrate on finding the one. I think the message of the film is to be happy. I believe that you have to love yourself before you can love someone. For me, this film focused on finding yourself no matter if you are in a relationship and to be open to love. Being single can be awkward and awkward to talk about and I really appreciated the comedy. I think the humor made the movie even better.

If you want to see a amazing rom-com with a perfect cast, you need to see How To Be Single. You will feel like the characters are so relatable. This film definitely gets two thumbs up from me.

-Perfectly Perez


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