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Recovery Road “My Loose Thread” Recap

The past definitely comes back to haunt Trish on Recovery Road.

The episode begins with a Trish flashback. She is cutting wallpaper and digging on the floor. She tells her boyfriend at the time that she knows he is hiding meth from her. She is experiencing withdrawals. Then, we go back to present day. Trish is trying to wake Maddie up. It’s Trish’s first day at work at Margarita’s Jamaican restaurant. She definitely looks the part.


Trish is till trying to wake up Maddie and nothing is working. Margarita shows Trish the best way to wake up a teenager: roll them off the bed!

It’s time for group therapy. The group leader, Donna (Rebecca Metz), is trying a new exercise. Everyone has to choose an animal that represents their family. Maddie chooses a squirrel and a cat. She is the squirrel of course because she doesn’t care. It’s time for Margarita. Everyone is a lion except her husband. He is a turtle.


During therapy, Wes gets a text from a person named Asa. After he sees the text, he does not want anything to do with this activity for the day. WHO IS ASA? The group session finished and it’s time for Trish and Margarita to go to work. She introduces Trish to her son (Jordan Calloway). He is HOT!!


Maddie is meeting Cynthia at school…on a SUNDAY! Cynthia tells Maddie that this process won’t help unless she puts in the work. It’s time for Maddie to pick a sponsor. She decides to pick Cynthia. Cynthia can’t believe she chose her.  She tells her she needs to start with the 12 stages. Yes it’s a Sunday and Maddie already has sober homework.

Back at Margarita’s, Trish finally meets Margarita’s husband Mort (Max Gail). Trish is telling him just about everything about himself. She tells him how he and Margarita used to be roommates, but she snored too much. She talks about her new roommate Maddie. I love Trish!  Once Mort hears that she is also a recovering addict, he goes to talk to Margarita. He is not happy that she hired Trish. Margarita stands up for Trish and tells him she will work there.

Maddie and Wes are watching a tv show called Storms of the Heart. Maddie is bored and wants advice from Wes. She wants to know how he went 6 moths sober in this house. He says model planes. They start building one. Here is the finished product.


Cynthia calls Charlotte to tell her that Maddie wants her to be her sponsor and wants to make sure she is okay with Maddie’s decision. Maddie’s mom give the ok.

Maddie and Wes are in the park flying the plane. Maddie isn’t having as much fun so Wes let’s her fly it. Let’s just say Maddie won’t be winning pilot of the year any time soon. She asks why Wes is so closed off about his recovery. He admits that after his last stint of being 6 months sober he messed up so much. He had a great job and he messed it up and won’t ever be able to get a job like that again. They decide to go to visit Charlotte at work.

Time to check in with some of Maddie’s friends. Ellie (Haley Lu Richardson) is on her bed when Nyla comes over. They were supposed to go to the beach, but they are still drunk/hungover to go anywhere. They start talking about Maddie and how she has changed.

Back at Charlotte’s work, they are taking a tour. Wes tells her that he worked with one of her clients. It was his mentor. The topic of Maddie’s sponsor is brought up. Maddie’s mom still doesn’t understand what a sponsor is. Wes explains it to her and says it’s basically someone who helps with the 12 steps and someone you tell everything to including your ups and downs. Maddie’s mom has to re-think about Maddie’s decision to have Cynthia as a sponsor.

Trish is starting her job. She is having a hard time with waitressing. She is getting orders wrong, spilling things, and taking too many breaks. Let’s just say some customers aren’t paying for their meals 😉


Trish spills a drink on a customer and said she did her a favor because she was wearing mom jeans. Margarita hears this and  yells at her and tells her she can’t do anything right! Trish is having another flashback. It’s a young Trish and her mom talking to Mrs. Summers (Marianne Muellerleile), staff member at the school. She says that Trish needs to se evaluated by the district psychiatrist. We go back to Margarita’s restaurant and she tells Trish that her daughter is lucky not to live with her. Margarita tells her to get out NOW. Trish leaves crying.

Wes and Maddie are walking and talking about Maddie’s mom. He really liked her and thinks Charlotte is a great support for Maddie. Maddie asks if he has someone like that in his life. And he says it’s his grandma. Maddie tells him that they should go visit her now. They hold hands.



We are introduced to Wes’s grandma (Jenny O’Hara). She is fighting with an employee at her nursing home. She wants to attend a funeral for one of her best friends and the employee is telling her she can’t go. She is about to start an Attica riot, but Wes and Maddie get there in time. His grandma looks at Maddie and already likes her.


Wes’s grandma just says the nicest things!

Back at Ellie’s house they are still trying to figure out what is going on with Maddie. Only one possible explanation. BODY SNATCHERS. Ellie tells Nyla that she finished Maddie’s drink at the party because “No booze left behind” and it was water. That’s definitely not the Maddie they know.

Margarita’s husband and son are upset with Margarita. They tell her she didn’t need to be so hard on Trish. They remind her that everyone deserves a second chance. Trish deserves a second chance just like Margarita did. This hits Margarita and makes her reconsider.

Cynthia and Charlotte meet for lunch. Charlotte wonders if it is a conflict on interest to have a guidance counselor for a sponsor. I think someone is jealous because she will be confiding in Cynthia and not her. Charlotte puts her foot down and says that she is not comfortable with Cynthia being her daughter’s sponsor.

Maddie thinks they should take Wes’s grandma to the funeral. Time for an escape plan. First, they need a car. Maddie goes to the man’s next door and Maddie pretends to be his granddaughter. She tells him she needs to borrow his car and she does it. They checked off everything on their list and they are free. Escape complete.


They are in the car and his grandma wants to know what’s going on between them. Wes says they are just friends and she asks if Maddie doesn’t think Wes is cute. She admits he is cute. His grandma tells her, “Don’t be afraid to try”.

Margarita goes to Trish’s room. Trish is crying and tells her to leave her alone. Trish admits that she feels like she can’t do anything right and Margarita apologizes. She tells Trish she will give her another chance. YAY!

Wes, his grandma, and Maddie are at the funeral. His grandma is paying respect to the family and Wes and Maddie are behind having a conversation. She tells him she wishes she could make things better 4 him. Wes tells her she already is.


Margarita’s son tells Trish she should be proud of herself. Trish has another flashback of her and her mom fighting. She told her mom she is having a baby and her mom is telling her she needs to seek help. Trish tells her mom that she can handle it and will be fine.

Back at the funeral, Maddie tells Wes how awesome his grandma is. She is even comforting the woman’s husband.


She is really comforting him.

Trish is talking to her sponsor. She tells her about her progress and new job. Her sponsor is proud of her and asks if she told her mom about it. Trish didn’t, but will tell her everything after her shift. She hopes that maybe she will get more visiting time with her daughter. We see another Trish flashback. She is throwing pills away and still struggling with her meth addiction.

Margarita made her husband his favorite meal. She wants to show how grateful she is for him and her family giving her a second chance. This was such a beautiful moment.

Cynthia goes to visit Maddie at Springtime Meadows. She tells her about her mom and how she doesn’t want her to be her sponsor. Maddie doesn’t understand. Cynthia agree to be her temporary sponsor, but suggests she doesn’t tell her mom about this.The door bell rings and Maddie opens the door. It’s the drug dealer that she saw at Wes’s ex girlfriends place.She doesn’t want to let him in but Wes says to. He is Wes’s brother.


He wants to know where his grandma is because his mom wants to know who her power of attorney is. Everything is stopped when Trish comes in and says that her baby is missing.

-Perfectly Perez


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