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Telenovela Season Finale Recap

 There can only be ONE Ana Sofia!

Ana is late to work. Things just aren’t going her way this morning. Things can’t get any worse…right?  Paulo the P.A. turns Ana’s frown upside down. He brings her a bag of fan mail that is coming from a stalker.


Only Ana Sofia would be excited to have a stalker!

Ana and Xavi are having a scene together. They jumped out of the plane on time before it exploded. They kiss and they are literally stuck together.


Just like old times. Ana says its crazy that Kelly thought they still had something between them, but Xavi doesn’t think it’s crazy. He admits that he still thinks they have something. He asks her to coffee. If she shows up, they will talk about their relationship and if not they can continue to be friends.

Isaac is working on a new show idea. Roxi asks why he is thnking of a new idea. Isabela explains that’s how telenovelas work. Writers make a show then they start writing for a new project. Roxi wants to be apart of the new show and so does Rodirgo and Isabela. They show him their talents to consider when he is writing. Rodrigo can talk with a British accent; Isabela can take dance; and Roxi knows karate. I mean is there anything they can’t do.

Ana, Mimi, and Gael are talking about Xavi. Mimi can’t believe Xavi admitted he still has feelings for Ana. Ana describes it perfectly.


Gael thinks it’s too good to be true. All I know is Xavi better not hurt Ana again or he will RUE the day. Ana asks for their advice. Mimi says just go for it. Gael reminds her about James. Ana was hoping that something would happen, but she never heard anything from him. It’s like he fell off a mountain or something. She tells them she wants their honest opinions and they are about to give them, but Ana doesn’t let them speak. She makes her decision! She is going to her coffee date with Xavi.

Ana is at the coffee place waiting for Xavi. She asks a man if they can switch tables. If they are going to rekindle their romance, they can’t be sitting next to a trash can. She is waiting and he is still not there. The man leaves to use the bathroom and asks if she can watch his laptop. She calls Mimi to tell her how Xavi still isn’t there. She can’t believe that she fell for it again. She wants to leave, but is still waiting for guy to get out of bathroom. Oh someone stole the laptop?


At work the next day, Gael is pissed! He can’t believe Xavi stood Ana up. Mimi tells Ana that Xavi didn’t show up for work today. Maybe he was sick so he couldn’t meet her last night. Mimi says maybe he just changed his mind. Ana can’t think of that because her heart will break again. Ana thinks maybe her stalker took him. Gael and Mimi think she is crazy. She calls the police and tells them what happened and they don’t believe her. Ana has a meeting with the cast and crew of Las Leyes de Pasion. She tells them that Xavi is kidnapped. Mimi and Gael are signaling to everyone that’s not true. Isaac asks her to think of anyone who might hate her. She says no one hates her. The cast starts listing Ana Sofia haters one by one.  Ana admits that maybe Xavi just didn’t want her anymore. She decides to go home.

Gael and Mimi are trying to think about what really happened to Xavi. They both think he got back together with Kelly. They admit that she is great and would be dumb not to date her. Mimi realizes Kelly has been copying Ana. Every job Ana has had on the show, Kelly  did too.


They all realize Kelly is the stalker when Ana walks into her house and she Xavi all tied up. Ana knew it. Xavi is bound and gagged lol

Kelly starts describing when this all started. Her parents were never home so she was always with babysitters. They would always watch Ana on telenovelas. Since then, she has wanted to be her. Ana was the only constant in her life. She just realized she can never be Ana. WOW Kelly you are so smart.


So, she will be the next best thing…be Ana’s best friend. They do “forced” best friend activities together like painting their nails and brushing their hair. She should call Mimi to tell her that they are no longer besties. Kelly goes to get her phone. Ana and Xavi are finally alone. Xavi wants to tell her something. Maybe its an escape plan. Nope he wants to tell her that he wants to be buried in his black jeans in case he doesn’t make it out alive. Kelly is back with her phone so Ana calls Mimi. She says she is with KELLY and that she is no longer her BFF because KELLY is her BFF now.  Mimi got the hint. I mean why would they never be best friends. The cops are there and don’t believe them. They say maybe they just grew apart. Uh how rude! It’s time for the cast to save Ana.

Kelly decides she needs to kill Xavi. He is the only one who could ever come between them. Ana says she will have to kill her first before she kill Xavi. Ana vs Kelly.


These girls are strong. I mean they do have the same workouts.

The cast is at Ana’s house. They need to decide who is going first. They all decide that the strongestand baddest person should go first. Of course, that’s MIMI! Now, they need to find her a weapon. A wine backpack.


That has to work. Just as Mimi is going to rescue Ana, Kelly falls off Ana’s balcony and into the pool! Good thing that annoying bird was still in Ana’s placce. Kelly is arrested. Ana goes to talk to Xavi. She asks if he was going to show up for coffee. He says he was and starts to play her a song that he wrote for her. After his amazing performance, they kiss!

Las Leyes de Pasion is filming its last episode. Ana and Xavi’s characters are getting married and it seems like Ana and Xavi will finally be together. Gustavo asks if anyone objects and guess who walks in…James.


He is back from the dead. Wait… Ana didn’t know he was dead. Well, not dead but he definitely had to struggle. He fell off the mountain and then saved himself. The first thing he did when he got to Miami was get a snow cone. The next thing he is doing is trying to win Ana back. Who will she choose.

We see a preview for what the next season will look like!



-Perfectly Perez


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