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Lopez “Slave For A Day” Recap

George Lopez brought the laughs on ‘Lopez’!

George is putting his golf clubs in his car. His neighbor Steve (Jim Connor) calls him over. His neighbor wants him to trim his trees.

George reminds him that he wouldn’t have been able to afford his house unless George moved in. A Mexican in the neighborhood lowered the value. George is getting a call from Snoop Dogg. He invited him over, but first he has a meeting with his daughter’s (Ashley Zamora) headmaster.

He shows up at Bragmoor Academy. The headmaster is telling him that the tuition only covers a fraction of the cost they need to keep it running. I mean tuition is only $30,000/yr. The headmaster tells George how important fundraising is. They want to auction him off to be a slave for a day. Oh wait, they don’t call it that anymore. He gives George the guilt trip. He reminds him of when he took his wife’s kidney and then divorced her. Yeah it didn’t help with the Bragmoor community. His daughter would be proud if he did it. George is leaving the school and is excited to tell Erica when another parent thinks he is the valet. BREAKING NEWS: Not all Mexicans are valet workers.

George goes to see Snoop. George is excited to hang out with him, but Snoop wants him to hang out with his maid. George finally decided to leave after 2 hours.

George goes to lunch with his best friend Maronzio. He is also George’s opening act. They are talking about everything that happened in the day. They see  Mayor Villaraigosa and he half waves at him. What?


George says since his divorce  he isn’t getting along with his daughter and others. George Lopez is officially suffering from white man problems. George had been complaining about stereotypes and now he just did the same. He told the Mayor, “Vamanos Vato”. He thought the Mayor was a valet. Maronzio took a video and  it is going viral.

George visits his old neighborhood in San Fernando, California. He goes to a Mexican restaurant. He tells some of his friends that he needs to try and lay low. He needs someone who will look out for him. Manolo (Anthony CiTRiC Campos) is the winner since he didn’t have any warrants!

George has a meeting with his agent. His agent is in Dubai so he has to deal with Olly (Hayley Huntley). She tells him that he could possibly have a residency in Las Vegas. He is 80% popular among “blacks and Hispanics”. And 30% of white people and Asians don’t think he is relatable.

He goes home to see his daughter Erica. He tells her about the auction and she is not too excited. She asks why they just can’t donate a Chateau or something like the other families. She doesn’t think he will sell at the auction.


It’s time for the auction. He tells Manolo to stay there in case he needs to escape. Erica asks him if she  should have invited her mom. She could have seen him be the star of the night. Oh wait!


Snoop showed up at the event with George’s new girlfriend prospect Sonia.


He found her on Twitter.  The Mayor is there and wants to bid on him to pay him back for his comment earlier. Steve also wants to buy him so he can finally trim the trees. Desperate times call for desparate measures. Maronzio is going to use George’s money to bid on him. George sells for $50,000. Steve knew he would buy himself so he just upped the price.

The next day, he is driving up and Steve has a petition that is signed by many neighbors about trimming his trees. George tells him to talk to his new gardener Manolo. Let’s just say George won’t be trimming his trees any time soon. George gets a call from Olly to see if he is in. He agrees even though he doesn’t understand what he is in for.

-Perfectly Perez

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Total Divas “Clothes Quarters” Recap

Families are like fudge…mostly sweet with lots of nuts!

The episode starts in Evansville, Indiana. Paige is doing a photo shoot. Of course, she looks fierce. Alicia Fox, Paige, and Rosa are walking in the hall. Alicia is telling them that her mom wants to visit. She can’t handle it because her mom will never want to leave. They go to eat and Paige is super excited to see grilled cheese pizza.


Bryan, Nikki, and Brie are having breakfast. He wants them to try some food called “dutch babies”. They start talking about their lingerie line they want to start “Birdie Bee”.  They want to make it a business that also gives back to someone in need. How awesome is that!

Nattie and Mandy are at the WWE Performance Center. They are training and talking about their upcoming family trip. Nattie is worried about how her dad will act because she thinks he is very unpredictable.

The Bella Twins are in New York. They are co-hosting the Today Show. After their hosting duties are over, they talk business. Well, Nikki tries to and Brie is talking about baby morph. I think we can all agree that Bryan and Brie would have the cutest babies!

Mandy and her family are the first to arrive in Sanibel, Florida. The house that Nattie rented is gorgeous. Mandy is trying to use this trip to get her parents back together, since they are separated. Nattie and her family arrive shortly after. She goes to see how Mandy and her family are doing. Nattie wants Mandy to tell her if her dad acts out. She asks the same. Oh gotta love family.

Nikki and Brie are stopping for lunch in New York. Nikki tells her that they have a meeting with Daymond John (Shark Tank). Brie is a little hesitant at the idea. She wants to be hands on in their project and is scared that investors will just want to takeover their company.

Let the family games begin.


It’s time for dragon boat racing. The Neidhart’s are getting their game faces on.

The Neidhart’s lost! What?


Nikki and Brie go to Mood Fabrics. Brie wants to attend their sewing school and show Nikki that she can actually make some lingerie items. It doesn’t go as planned. Nikki won’t be letting Brie live this one down for a while. They leave and Brie is upset.

Everyone heads back to the house. Nattie’s mom is getting a massage and her dad has to check on the “Norman Bates” massage therapist. Come on Jim, he is just working out the kinks 😉 After their massage, they go fishing. Nattie’s mom is a pro. She is catching fish after fish and Jim hasn’t caught anything.

Meanwhile, Mandy is talking with her mom. She wants to know if her parents will ever get back together. There is a chance. Later in the day, Mandy is taking a walk on the beach with her brothers. One of her brothers tells them it’s never going to happen.

Nikki still isn’t letting Brie live it down. She thinks she is a better businesswoman than Brie. They are meeting with Kara Ross. She gives them awesome advice and basically tells Brie that “Birdie Bee” won’t be as successful if they do it her way. Later in the day, Brie goes to see Nikki in her hotel room. She apologizes. She knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and do everything themselves, but she felt like Nikki would throw it in her face. Nothing better than an awkward Bella hug.


Mandy and her  family are having a talk. Mandy tells her parents that she notices they haven’t fought the entire trip. Her dad tells her and the rest of the family that maybe they just aren’t compatible anymore. Maybe they will get back together or maybe they won’t, but they will always be there for each other. Mandy realized that it’s not her decision to make them get back together.

Everyone is having dinner together in the house. Nattie’s sister tells Mandy’s family that she wants a dragon boat rematch. This trip turned out to be amazing for both families. Nattie appreciates Mandy’s realness. They can both learn something from each other. Mandy makes a toast. She thanks Nattie for inviting her on the trip and thanks Nattie’s entire family for being so welcoming.

Nikki and Brie are meeting Daymond in the Empire State Building. He admits that he wasn’t really excited when he heard they wanted to meet with him. But after hearing their idea he likes it. He calls in one of his designers and she makes a sketch of a sample. It looks amazing. Watch out because the Bella Twins are taking over the business world.

Nattie is walking on the beach with her family. She realizes that she acts like a soccer mom and her parents are her kids. She needs to learn to step back a little and just enjoy her unique family. Family is everything!

-Perfectly Perez


Author Of The Week: Alessandra Torre




Author Photo

Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of eleven novels. Her books focus on romance and suspense, all with a strong undercurrent of sexuality. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, co-hosted Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for




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Chloe Madison. That’s me. A former NYU princess who just fell from grace, right off my pampered Manhattan throne and onto the unforgiving steps of Nicole Brantley, socialite and queen bitch. Now, I walk her dog and mix her smoothies. Try to navigate my own problems while fixing all of hers.

I want what every New York girl wants. A career, an apartment, and true love, preferably in a smoking hot package.

It turns out I’ll have to fight for all of it.

Purchase your copy of Love, Chloe today!

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Love, Chloe Teaser

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Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads ~ “Beautiful. Inspiring. Ridiculously entertaining. I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of this! With a strong Sex and the City vibe, Torre takes us on a fun, entertaining, and angsty journey of self discover and love. Passionate, outgoing, hilarious, and very well written, LOVE, CHLOE is one of Torre’s best work! People aren’t always what they seem, and Chloe Madison is about to get her wake-up call.”

Jessica Sotelo (Angie & Jess’s Dreamy Reads) ~ “Alessandra Torre takes a huge leap outside the box with Love, Chloe, a captivating, romantic story of self discovery that follows fallen socialite, Chloe Madison. Chloe, born into wealth and privilege, unexpectedly finds herself homeless and unemployed after all of her family’s assets are seized by the government, just before she discovers her longtime boyfriend’s infidelity. While her situation seems dire, the story that evolves is a fun, surprising one, wrought with magnetic, snarky characters and humor ridden dialogue all swathed together by Alessandra Torre’s sharp writing style. This book chronicles Chloe’s newfound view on life, on love, on people, on New York and her voice, as well as her perspective, is deliciously consuming.”

Mara’s Bookshelf ~ “Love, Chloe is a refreshingly sassy sexy read and I loved and enjoyed every little bit of this book. Yes, even the desperate ex, the un-parent-like parents, but most of all, Chanel! Alessandra Torre is an exceptional writer and she shows it with every story she publishes. Love, Chloe is a must read for everyone who is going through a tough life. Let Carter and Chloe inspire you with their journey in life and love and give you hope that everything will turn out for the best.”

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Be on the lookout for Alessandra’s next book…

Moonshot releasing July 4th, 2016.

Sign up goes live for Moonshot on April 26th


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‘The Hard Way’ by Katie Ashley: Cover Reveal





Title: The Hard Way

Author: Katie Ashley

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: May 31, 2016

Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser at RBA Designs

Cover Model: Drew Ater

Cover Photography by: Eric Battershell



KATheHardWayBookCover6x9_MEDIUM.jpgCaleb Hall has always been the golden boy of the gridiron. Because of his talent at football, coupled with his father’s wealth, he’s always gotten his way. But when a night of drunken debauchery lands him in hot water with the college athletic board, neither his influential father nor his charming grin can save him. He finds it a total buzz kill when he is sentenced to community service with troubled youth at an inner-city shelter. But his nightmare is only beginning when his greatest high school regret is the very one in charge of the program, and she has him by the balls in more ways than one.

For Avery Prescott, senior year was a nightmare of epic proportions, and Caleb Hall played the lead villain. After she fled her small town for college in the bright lights of Atlanta, she thought she had escaped the painful memories of her past. She never could have imagined Caleb would waltz through the door of the outreach program she presided over. But Avery has news for Caleb—she isn’t the same shy, doormat of a girl she was in high school. Since she holds Caleb’s football future in her hands, she’s more than ready to make payback a real bitch.

Will they stay in the defensive zone or discover that sometimes life’s greatest lessons are learned the hard way?




Author PhotoKatie Ashley is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, Olivia. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Shakespeare, Harry Potter, Designing Women, and Scooby-Doo.

With a BA in English, a BS in Secondary English Education, and a Masters in Adolescent English Education, she spent eleven years teaching both middle and high school English. As of January 2013, she became a full-time writer.







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Recovery Road “(Be)Coming Clean” Recap

The cast of Recovery Road deserve an award  for their performance in this episode. It was seriously the best “real and meaningful” episode I have seen on TV.

The episode begins with a Cynthia flashback. Young Cynthia (Angeline Appel) is caught making out with a married man named Mitch (Matt Raimo) in an ambulance. We go back to the present day. Cynthia told her fiancée Paul the truth. He is upset. Wes it digging for the gun and can’t find it. It was definitely a jam packed opening sequence.

It’s time for group at Springtime Meadows. Wes  is celebrating 6 months of sobriety and Maddie is celebrating 30 days of sobriety. Craig asks Maddie if she wants to say anything. She wants to know where Rebecca is. Craig is trying to explain as much as he is allowed to and Maddie tells him to shut up. Craig raises his voice at her. Craig is even hotter when he is upset. He has some advice for everyone.


Cynthia shows up. She wants to talk to Craig. Vern is about to interrupt their meeting when Maddie asks him for his help. She is worried about Rebecca and wants to go find her. Cynthia tells Craig that she called off her wedding. Craig says he can’t be in a relationship with her.Cynthia is crying and has a flashback. She was with Mitch. She asks him if he was really going to leave his wife for her. Cynthia realizes that this may be a pattern of hers. She goes to see Paul and tries to fix everything.

Maddie sees Craig and asks for the keys to the van. He gives them to her and instead of giving the keys to Vern, she heads to Craig’s office. She is unlocking his file cabinet to find out what really happened with Rebecca. She finds out that she left because Craig caught her with her pills and had a small box that was used for self mutilation. The scene shows the meeting that occurred between Rebecca, Craig, and Donna Marie. Craig asked why she would hurt herself and wants to know where she got the drugs. She admits she got them from Doug. Craig tells her she can stay if she goes through a detox for 10 days. She doesn’t think she can do it and decides to leave. Maddie goes through Doug’s file and take pictures. She sees her and opens it. She finds out that a relationship with Wes isn’t allowed and that her mother was the one who alerted Cynthia to do the locker search. Maddie notices that Craig is coming and has to think of something. She sits down and acts like she wanted to talk to him. She apologizes for yelling at him about Rebecca. She leaves.

Wes is at the police station. He got scared after the gun was missing so he is telling them what happened. They go to the site where Wes hid the gun. It’s there. He swears it wasn’t there when he checked. The police promise that they will alert his probation officer.


Cynthia goes to see Paul. He is in her office at school. She tells him she made a mistake and it’s a classic pattern for addicts. He tells her that she needs to resign for her failure 2 tell him about Maddie drinking on campus. They yell at each other. He calls her a whore. He tells her not to mention it to anyone or else he will just deny it. He tells her he can lie too. Cynthia is having a breakdown. She goes into her drawer and find Maddie’s bottle of Vodka. She drinks it.

Maddie and Vern are at Doug’s place. They want to know where Rebecca is. Maddie tells him she knows he was the one who gave Rebecca the drugs. He talks about Rebecca like he knows her the best.


He tells them that she wanted to start over and went to the east coast. They leave and Doug lied to them. Rebecca is upstairs. She told him to lie for her. Doug and Rebecca are talking. He wants her to go to a meeting. She agrees.

Maddie goes to see Nyla and Ellie. Nyla has to tell Maddie something. She admits that she knew where Maddie went when Maddie thought she lost her car. Nyla says she felt bad because she let her drive when she was drunk. She tells her that the night is worse than she thinks. Maddie doesn’t want to talk to her ever again.

Vern sits with Trish. He asks her if she wants to talk. The doorbell rings. Vern gets it. The executive producer of Fool House and a camera crew show up at Springtime Meadows. She tells her that they want Trish to be part of the show. Trish does not seem excited. They tell her they are going to try it again and this time they want to see ENERGY. Vern is about to talk to Trish, but tells him to “back that ass up”. Trish was born to be on reality TV.


Maddie goes to see Cynthia to talk to her about Charlotte’s secret. She finds Cynthia drunk on the floor. She is hysterical. Maddie wants to call Craig, but Cynthia begs her not to call him. Maddie wants to call her sponsor. Cynthia tells her she doesn’t have one. She tells her to call Gina. Maddie grabs Cynthia’s phone and calls Gina. She asks her if she can come to help her. Gina is in Miami and can’t make it to California. Gina tells Maddie to call someone she trusts. Maddie doesn’t seem to trust anyone at this point. She calls Vern and no answer. She calls Wes and no answer. She calls Charlotte and she is on her way.

Everyone at Springtime Meadows is trying to convince Trish to stay and not do the show. Trish tells them that it has always been her dream to be on TV and she has the chance to win $300,000. Vern tells Trish’s sponsor Maureen to convince her. She is about to talk and Vern keeps interrupting her. Laurel has something to tell Trish.


Trish decides to leave. Maureen is about to say something and Vern interrupts her again.


Charlotte shows up to help Maddie. Cynthia doesn’t want to get up. She knows everyone including Charlotte seem to hate her. Charlotte admits that she doesn’t and gives Cynthia some tough love.

Maddie and Charlotte get her to the car. Maddie is impressed with her mom. Charlotte wants to tell Maddie the truth, but Maddie interrupts her. She tells her that sometimes you just have to help someone who needs it. I think Charlotte understands that Maddie forgives her. Maddie takes the keys to Cynthia’s car and tells her she can get it back when she is 90 days sober. LOL Charlotte and Cynthia are going to have a slumber party. Cynthia is at Charlotte’s house. Charlotte brought her some food and something to drink. She can’t believe that she messed up 12 years of sobriety. She is crying. We see another Cynthia flashback. She is talking with Gina. She is upset because she messed up her sobriety. Gina reminds her that falling down is a part of recovery. Cynthia wants to start over in California. She tells her that a problem follows you wherever you go. Cynthia wants to move to California ALONE. She is leaving everyone behind including her son Ethan.


Gina is booking a flight to see Cynthia. Cynthia’s son walks in. He wants to know why she is leaving. Gina tells him she is going to see his mom. He wants to go.

Maddie and Wes text each other. They both need to talk. Maddie texts him an address.

Cynthia and Charlotte are talking. They are opening up about everything with each other. Cynthia admits that she is sponsoring Maddie. Charlotte already knew.She wants to thank Cynthia for giving Maddie the support she didn’t know how to. Cynthia admits that she has a son.

Rebecca’s mom sees Craig. She asks him where her daughter is. She is being rude with him and Craig give her a piece of his mind.


Mrs. Granger tells him that he shouldn’t be scared of Rebecca’s dad, but to be afraid of her. She threatens to shut Springtime Meadows down and make sure Craig will never have a job unless he finds her daughter in 48 hours. Craig kicks her out. You know things got intesnse when Craig took off his glasses.

Maddie is at the cemetery visiting her late father. Wes shows up. They go sit on a bench. Maddie tells him that she isn’t having a great day and admits that she doesn’t know if she is a virgin. She let’s him know everything that has gone on in the day. She tells him that she really likes him. Wes admits everything that he dealt with in the day and tells her that he really likes her. He wants Maddie to be the keeper of his sobriety and she wants the same. They know they aren’t supposed to be together, but they are willing to take that risk.


Everyone is getting dinner ready. Vern can’t believed they lost 2 people (Trish and Rebecca). Maddie and Wes arrive. Maddie tells everyone that she has something to say. She admits that she wasn’t having a great day and had the urge to drink. She admits it was both a good and bad day. Bad because of everything that happened and good because she didn’t use. She realized something and had to tell everyone.


“Lean on Me” starts playing. It was sung by the cast and it gave me the chills. It just made me realize the ups and downs that everyone has gone through. Eveyrone was having a good dinner and then the door bell rings. It’s the cops. Wes in under arrest for the murder of Keith Wallace (Diesel).

-Perfectly Perez

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The Family “I Win” Recap

“”One, two, three, four, five, Once I caught a fish alive, Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Then I let it go again.”

35 years ago. Hank is running home. He had cuts on his face. He was being bullied and his mom told him that things would change when he got older. It’s called justice.

Present day. Hank is lying in a hospital bed. He is humming the nursery rhyme his mother would always sing to him. He wakes up and sees Nina. YAY. She wants to know who did this to him.


Bridey is talking to Gus. She tells him that she will find out if it’s the real Adam. She took a coffee mug from John and a used Q-tip from Adam.

Claire is watching the news. It says that Claire and Governor Charlie Lang’s race is close. Willa is talking to Claire and going over her schedule. Willa tells her that Adam’s teacher is coming over.


John comes home and he has injured his hand. He says he got hurt by a neighbors dog. Is he telling the truth? Adam is sitting at the table when he looks at the mail. His kidnapper sent him a postcard. Adam, Claire, and John meet with Clements. Adam explains that his kidnapper had a “good boy list”. He promised to take him places if he quit trying to run. Clements names the list something new…CATCH THE BASTARD.


Doug and Jane are on a road trip. He is mailing something. Is it another post card?

10 years ago. Claire and John are fighting. They hear a voicemail from a woman named Jen. She is calling to remind them that Adam is supposed to be at the little league game by 9. Oh and don’t forget the orange slices. John agrees to use the dishwasher and they stop fighting.

Present day. Nina comes over to the Warrren’s house. She tells John that Hank accused him of beating him. He denies it and Nina sees his hand. She advises him to call a lawyer.

Nina and Clements are discussing Adam’s case. They want to know why the kidnapper is sending all the postcards. They both agree that “Anger makes smart people stupid”. Nina is looking at John’s case with Corey. She doesn’t know if he really did it. She wonders why John would leave the bat?

The Warren’s are talking about John and want to know what happened. The security system was turned off. Willa thinks Danny did it, but Danny says it wasn’t him. What to do now?


John Warren was arrested for the aggravated assault of Hank Asher. Willa and John are in the hall when the press is there. Did Willa call them?

Hank goes to a cake shop. He wants to buy a cake. The employee asks if he wants a message on the cake. “I WIN” is put on the cake. Hmm…

10 years ago. Willa is riding her bike to the local baseball field. She finds John on the bleachers. He has been drinking. She is about to take him home, but he is too drunk.

Bridey shows up at Willa’s work. She wants to be apart of the campaign. She can give good spin. Bridey gets to the Red Pines Tribune and starts a twitter campaign. #PapaBear.

Willa is talking to Claire and John about the situation. She thinks he should take a plea or else it could really hurt the campaign. John can’t believe what Willa is saying. Claire steps in and tells her that John will not take the plea. Willa reminds her that this decision could lose her the race. Being Governor or John. Claire surprisingly chooses John. Danny is asking Adam about the security system. He knows it was him.


Nina and Clements are trying to find Adam’s kidnapper. He sent Adam another postcard. They think he is headed to New York. Clements goes to New York to try and see if he will be there.

Doug and Jane are still on their roadtrip. Jane is asleep and wakes up when Doug is getting pulled over. Is this it? Will the police finally catch Adam’s kidnapper. They take them to the station because they want to make sure the minivan isn’t stolen. Doug is getting nervous as they have to continue to wait there.

10 years ago. Willa decides to call Nina to help John. Nina tells Willa to go home because she can make sure John is ok.

Clements checks in with Nina. He is updating her on his status in New York. He asks how her therapy session went. The therapist had some advice for her…”Do yoga and not shoot people”.

Danny surprises Adam. He is going to teach him how to drive. Danny admits that Claire was the one who taught him how to drive. He tells Adam that Claire used to pretend that there were brakes on her end. He is doing that too right now with the way Adam is driving. Adam closes his eyes and pushes on the gas. Danny is trying to get his attention and is yelling at him to step on the brakes.

Doug is trying to convince Jane that it will be best to sneak away. As they are about to leave, a police officer tells them to wait. They are cleared.

Claire shows up at the police station to see Nina. Claire tells Nina that John did not hurt Hank. Nina questions Claire and asks her is she really knows what John is capable of.


Claire goes home. She finds a bat with #PapaBear on it. She calls John. John and Willa come to join Claire outside. They are staring at the amount of bats on their lawn.


10 years ago. John wakes up from a long night of drinking. He is at Nina’s place. He goes to her room when she is dressing. He apologizes and see’s her wall filled with pictures dealing with Adam’s case. Nina says, “When I can’t sleep I think”. John leaves. Nina hears a knock on the door and it’s John. This was the start of Nina and John’s affair.

Claire is taking a shower. John joins her. He thanks her for never doubting him.

It’s late at night and Danny and Willa are in the kitchen. They are both drinking some non alcoholic beverages and Danny says that Adam is really messed up.

Clements calls Nina. He tells her that Adam’s kidnapper didn’t show. She wants to know why he didn’t show up. She doesn’t think he is a smart criminal so why can’t they find him? Clements cheers her up when he tells her he got her a souvenir. He got her a keychain that says Christina on it.


Nina goes to visit Hank at his house. She claims that she just wanted to make sure he was okay. She notices that his hands are blistering. Did he use the bat? Nina notices a piece of art.


It reminds Hank of him and his mom. Nina wonders how it wasn’t broken considering that everything around it including the table was broken. He says it’s just sturdy. Nina is leaving and knocks it over. Guess it wasn’t that sturdy.

A few days ago. It’s the night of Hank’s alleged attack. We see Hank and John yelling at each other at night. They did not get in any physical altercation. John closes the gate and Hank is about to leave. He notices Adam’s bat. He takes it and starts hitting things in his house. He is the one who injured himself.

10 years ago. John is getting home from Nina’s. He tells Willa that he slept at a hotel and he is okay now. He goes upstairs and Willa hears his phone. It’s a text from Nina.


Claire comes down the stairs and asks Willa if she has seen his phone. She pretends to look for it when she is actually deleting the message. She gives it to Claire.

Present day. The press is on the lawn waiting to hear from the Warren’s. The charges were dropped. John thanks those who supported him and wants to remind people that he will do anything to keep his family safe.

Willa is at the bar. She sees Bridey. She doesn’t say the words thank you, but she tells Bridey that there may be a role for her in the campaign. Bridey notices the way Willa is standing and holding her purse. Bridey kisses her and Willa finally let’s go of her purse. What is going on between these too? I need to know more.

Nina and Clements are trying to figure out how Adam’s kidnapper can be traveling to so many places. They realize that he is probably having people mail the postcards. A guy mails one and says that a man is playing some game with his son.

Nina thinks that maybe the kidnapper just misses Adam. Doug and Jane are home. He gives her a stuffed animal. It’s a whale for their unborn child. Doug goes down to his underground bunker and puts the whale alone in there.


Nina goes to the Warren’s. She tells Claire and John that she knows how to catch the kidnapper. She needs to use Adam as bait.

Bridey is looking for Gus. She tells him that the paternity test has come back. Bridey tells Gus that it’s not Adam!


As usual, I have so many questions. Could it still be the real Adam? Is John Adam’s biological father? What is going on between Willa and Bridey? Is Claire being genuine with John or is she just trying to get on his good side so he will support her on her campaign? Hank is hiding something about his past, but what is it? And I just want to know more about Doug? Is he really the kidnapper? I don’t know how I can wait a whole week for another episode!

Let me know your theories in the comments!

-Perfectly Perez



‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’: Movie Review

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a hit and will leaving you wanting part 3!

Nia Vardalos will make you fall in love with the Portokalos family all over again. Keeping the same characters as the original movie definitely made the movie that much more enjoyable. And the additions were fantastic. Some of the new cast members included: Alex Wolff, Rita Wilson, John Stamos, and Elena Kampouris. In this movie, Toula and Ian have to try and find their spark again, while their daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris) makes a big decision; which college she is going to.Toula also has to deal with being the person who is supposed to fix every problem in the family. Meanwhile, an unknown mistake proves to add another challenge for the Portokalos family. And on top of all that, a wedding must be planned. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 exceeded my expectations and will leave a lasting impression. I definitely give it 5 out 5 stars because the family is so relatable, they tackle important/current issues that many people face, and the cast is PERFECT.

The movie is centered around family, which makes it so relatable. Being part of a big family I can understand what it’s like to have do deal with your family wanting to know each and every thing that is going on. Since the beginning, Toula has had to deal with her family in her personal life. Can you imagine your family talking about your/their sex lives. It can sometimes be too much to handle, but I wouldn’t change my family for anything and I think Toula can relate. We are introduced to Toula and Ian’s daughter Paris. She needs to decide what she wants. Does she stay close to home or leave her hometown? Whatever her decision, she shows how important it is to follow YOUR OWN dreams, despite what others want from you.

Although this movie is categorized as a comedy, it was so powerful and dealt with some serious topics including marriage, coming out to your family, and parent-child relationships. I think the way Nia used humor to introduce these topics was phenomenal. People always say that when you get married you and your significant other lose the spark you once had. I think Nia, John, and the rest of the cast show how this is not necessarily true. Yes, you may have to work a little harder on remembering the moments of why you fell in love, but it may be worth it. The question becomes are you willing to work on it. I think if you’re really in love with a person you should try. I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the family members struggles with the decision to come out as gay to the family. It can be a hard topic to talk about, but I believe honesty is always the best policy. I love the way this movie handled this topic, and I hope people can who are struggling with coming out can feel more comfortable after watching the movie. We also get to see parent-child relationships throughout the film. The movie focuses on Ian and Toula’s relationship with Paris and it also continues to focus on Toula’s relationship with her parents. No matter what age you are, I don’t think you will ever stop trying to please your family. Toula still put her family above everything, but she can feel like her parents are watching her every move and keeping track of how she is as a mother. I think Toula and the Portokalos family teach us how to embrace our family and to be confident in our own decisions. Despite having to deal with tough issues like letting go, the humor and exuberant Portokalos bunch made every scene worth watching.

Nia Vardalos and John Corbett have amazing chemistry. They continue to portray Toula and Ian’s relationship perfectly.  I love this movie because you could be someone who may not have seen the original and still fall in love with this movie. If you saw the first and were a fan, don’t worry they add some must of your memorable Portokalos traditions. Windex is back. Gus will still tell you how just about everything originated from the Greeks and Alexander the Great. No matter what was going on, they still had each other and Dancing Zorba’s. I love that the movie focused on using the colors of blue and white, which are the colors of the Greece flag. Even though I’m not Greek, it showed how you should be proud and learn to embrace your culture. Never be afraid to be you.  Aunt Voula is back and ready to take charge. In the first movie, she was always the one that you could count on to push you to pursue your dreams. She is the person in your family that you can tell anything to and can always count on. I missed seeing Nia on the big screen and was glad when she announced that she would return for this movie. I love everything about her portrayal of Toula.Nia is one of my favorite actresses and never fails to take her acting talents to the next level. Since, she wrote the movie and is somewhat based on her life, her portrayal is so believable and so impressive. Elena Kampouris surprised me in the film. Better watch out for her. She is so talented and fit in perfectly as Ian and Toula’s daughter. At only 18, her acting abilities are outstanding. Everyone in the film makes it so authentic.

In the end, I think the characters realize how important family is. You are bound to have your ups and downs, but you will do anything for them. I think they all learn to love each others attributes and flaws, instead of pointing them out. Life is too short not to enjoy being with your family. I hope everyone goes to see this movie because it will bring you and your family closer and help you learn that sometimes you just have to step and realize you can’t control everything. I went to go see this with my family and although we are not Greek, my dad came out of the theater and said how much the Portokalos family reminded him of our family. The Portokalos family will always have a special place in my heart.

-Perfectly Perez