Andra Day #RiseUpRitual Experience

No better way to start your day than to “Rise Up” with the beautiful and talented Andra Day.

The amazing people at Home 2 Suites by Hilton gave us the opportunity to meet the incredibly talented Andra Day. We won a contest on Twitter from @Home2Suites. We had to show our everyday  #RiseUpRitual and they chose us. We were trying to surprise each other because we love her so much and we ended up both winning. Gotta love being a twin! We were able to bring our parents along for the experience. They love Andra and her music too. Her music resonates with so many people of different ages. ROAD TRIP!


San Antonio -> Katy, Texas. We arrived at the Home 2 Suites by Hilton in Katy, Texas. We had never stayed at this hotel before and we were amazed as soon as we walked in. The staff were very friendly, welcoming, and so helpful. The staff really made us feel like the hotel was a home away from home. We checked in and went to our rooms.  The rooms were so spacious. Each room consisted of 2 queen beds, a full refrigerator,  and a fully equipped kitchen. To say we were impressed would be an understatement. We had a free night to ourselves before the festivities begun. We took in the scenery and got to meet some locals. The location of the hotel was perfect. There was a wide variety of restaurants and shops within 5 minutes. We went to sleep and tried not to be too nervous for the next morning.

On Sunday, we met some of the wonderful people who put this all together. They had a delicious breakfast waiting for us when we arrived. It was getting close to meeting Andra. We were trying not to be too nervous, but deep down we were really like this.


She was coming in and WOW she looks even more beautiful in person than she does on TV. She was so down to earth and so personable. She sat down with us and some other winners. Andra wanted to know about each of us and really showed an interest. When we were talking to each other, it was not awkward at all because she made us feel so comfortable and it felt like she was a friend. She was so open and gave such honest answers. We gained so much more respect for her as an artist. Sometimes artists/celebrities are portrayed  as divas when it comes to spending time with fans. We really appreciate her love for her fans. She shared what artists she wanted to collaborate with, how life is on the road doing interviews and press, and she even shared a funny story about her dad at the Grammy’s. After our chat, it was time for pictures!


We had to finally end our time together and we were like


It was getting close to the time of the concert. We were so excited. The lovely people involved with the contest provided our transportation to the event. We checked in and got our tickets. The ushers started letting people in the door and it was our first time in Warehouse Live. It was such an intimate venue. It was time for the opening act Desi Valentine. We knew a little bit about his music, but he blew us away. We totally fell in love with his voice. He has such a soulful voice and he performs with so much energy. Check his single “Asylum” on iTunes now

He finished his set and it was time for Andra. Everyone in the building was so excited that we all started chanting “Andra”. She came out and was dressed in these gorgeous pajamas.


I love that she stays true to herself and knows her style. She started her set and we could not stop singing along to every word. You know when you hear a song and you immediately get a feeling like OMG this is my favorite song…well we felt like that the entire concert. Andra’s voice is such a gift to the world. You can feel her emotion in every song and she is so vulnerable. We love when an artist shows emotion because it feels like they are letting us in and taking us on their musical journey.  We don’t want to spoil the set list for anyone, but her performances of “Rearview” and “Rise Up” were so perfect. We couldn’t help but shed a couple of tears. You know when you hear a song and your just amazed at the talent your hearing? We just took the time to appreciate her vocals.

If you have the chance, please go check out her concert! We DEFINITELY give her concert a 20 out of 10. Go be amazed and appreciate what a talent Andra Day is in person. We can guarantee that you will be singing along, dancing (even if you say you don’t dance), and feel uplifted when you leave her show.

For more information on Andra Day check out her website

Thank you to Home 2 Suites by Hilton, Andra Day, and everyone involved with this opportunity. Words can’t express how grateful we were.

-Perfectly Perez


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